Ten Things the Ancients Did Better than Us

Ten Things the Ancients Did Better than Us

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9. Astronomy

Ancient Astronomy Knowledge

From star constellations painted on ancient Greek ceramics to Native American rock art depicting solstices , star charts in ancient Japanese tombs , Australian Aboriginal dreamtime stories reflecting known astronomical events , and a 10,000-year-old megalithic calendar in Scotland, there is no doubt that ancient civilizations around the world possessed an extraordinary understanding of the cosmos and its movements. But just how they were able to so precisely and accurately record cosmological events without the technology we possess today still eludes scientists in many cases.

What is certain is that recent discoveries have revealed just how advanced ancient cultures were when it came to astronomical knowledge, and that they were far from the primitive people they were once thought to be.

10. Weapons

Greek Fire

While there is no doubt that modern-day weapons are far more superior to their ancient counterparts in their ability to unleash mass death and destruction, there exist a number of powerful ancient weapons that still elude scientists as to their construction and capabilities.

Greek mathematician, engineer, inventor, and astronomer, Archimedes (287 - 212 BC) is reported to have created a heat ray weapon (sometimes called the ‘death ray’) to defend against ships attacking Syracuse, an historic city in Sicily. According to 2nd century AD author Lucian and centuries later, Anthemius of Tralles, the weapon was made of large reflectors (possibly made from polished bronze or copper), which were used to focus sunlight onto approaching ships, causing them to catch fire.

Although its existence has been hotly debated among historians, a number of tests have accurately proven that such a weapon is possible. In 1973, the Greek scientists Ioannis Sakkas set up 70 mirrors with a copper coating, which were pointed at a plywood model of a Roman warship at a distance of 50 meters. When the mirrors were focused accurately, the ship burst into flames within seconds.

By April Holloway


I noticed you have Roman roads and aqueducts mixed in with the constructions of the people before the Maya's and Aztec's? Steel? We should for the sake of our children and their future which doesn't look very good right now. For the future we should differentiate from what we were taught in our time back there in the Public Schools, about humans being new to the Earth, about pyramids and constructions in Central America being done by Egyptians and Maya's and Aztec's. People who had no tools nor idea of how to do what was done, then. Done, by an advanced civilization, maybe tens or hundreds of thousands of years old. Even, the giants of that day. If we are to advance another step forward we must look back at the past with new ideas and with the truth taking precedent. It doesn't hurt to say I don't know, what hurts is the lie that tries to explain the impossible.

agree , Romans cement use was due to the availability of volcanic dust , aluminum within the dust is responsible for the watertight effect, you are right saying Egypt and Peru should be set apart these construction were not done by humans , the technological level of hard rock cutting surpassed what we can do today , possibly aliens the best were in Puma Punku with fantastic craftsmanship

I had to laugh at your use of the word "craftsmanship" since it denotes "man" when you clearly think aliens are responsible. It's not that I doubt the existence of aliens, it's that I doubt their intent. A space fairing race would need vast amounts of resources to be well space fairing. Meaning to reach us they would need to extract a large amount of resources to move on so it really makes no sense that they would take a bit help out the natives then leave. Also even if there are good matured aliens you can bet there are not so nice ones. So why is it we never see any effects of the latter? It's always some benign beings with only good intent towards us. Yes it may be that they no longer need those resources but by that point in their development they don't need anything and would certainly see the downside of any interaction with other far far lesser animals.

One final question is why is it so difficult to believe these people were much better at doing what they did everyday all day as we are at doing it? At least as good as what we do? Yes our tech is better but 95% of the crap we put out will be useless in 15 to 20 years. Many naturally think we do everything better. I do not believe this and feel credit should be given where credit is due. To the people that did it. In fact that's all they did. No TV, internet, shopping or any of the other activities we think so important today. The rock cutter had one job, to cut rocks all day everyday. The reason we can't figure out how they did it is because no one has ever sat down for 10 or 15 years and thought about nothing but getting a pile of rocks to fit together.

Plus if alien were actually here to help why do you suppose they would do it for us? Build a wall that they knew the natives could not repeat. It's as if your suggesting they trolled the natives. "Here let me show you how to do that........well of course you can't do it we are aliens."

So what was their intent? Because when you consider what happened to those tribes and places that everyone says aliens visited, so far it doesn't look like they taught them anything of value. Certainly not how to save themselves from any real crisis.

You need to read "Voices from Legendary Times by Ellen Lloyd to get a broader understanding of what You are talking about.....


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