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North American werewolf real? or just pop fiction?

Well as im sure you all know the werewolf aka lycan or shifter have a lot of films and books writen about them, but is it based on some rare speaise or mutation? is it possable for a human to as those in the lycan comunitys say “P-Shift”? well there are my differnt things that cuase werewolf phonamna and i know manny people have studied and even reasuched the possabilitys, but i intend to find the truth behind the vale of superstition and the teenage twilight, and teen wolf “werewolves” becuse i belive it isent just a mutation or a phycalogical issue and not all “furrys” and other cosplay fans  and there has to be some fact behind the myth. if anyone reads this and has REAL information to share your welcome to! ill just post any new theroys. as for all the “furrys” and teen wolf fans i mean no offence i just wanna find the truth, and mabye myself!

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