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  • Reply to: The Tradition of the Piasa and the Mysterious Rock Art of the Mississippi   3 min 46 sec ago
    Comment Author: Robert Bast

    The myths of North America and other continents are strong proof that a monstrous winged lizard lived within the memories of mankind. The only counter-evidence to pterosaurs living just 10,000 years ago is the dating techniques that are championed by orthodox scientists.

  • Reply to: The ancient text that describes Jesus as a shape-shifter   47 min 53 sec ago
    Comment Author: johnblack

    As you say Saiko. Science today is not ‘free’ – and it has never been. It is bind to corporations, powerful religions, governments but even academic and scientific lobbies.

    Anything that may compromise their power, the status quo or change the ‘balance’ is not accepted. Whatever we see as ‘breakthroughs’ in Science is only because the above Institutions want it to.

    And as you say, all of this is because of lack of morality, because today’s ‘God’ is ‘Materialism’. I love the quote by Arthur Schopenhauer:

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

    I have written an article relative to this topic on Ancient Origins:

  • Reply to: The ancient text that describes Jesus as a shape-shifter   1 hour 48 min ago
    Comment Author: Saiko

    "So why hasn’t such a fascinating text led to further research, interpretations, or discussion among scholars? "

    On the one hand the status quo in our society is the claim that the scientific method is the guide. But that claim is, to put it simply, a lie. The scientific method prescribes researching/investigating without prejudice or default assumptions. Yet that approach is rarely taken in any of the fields labeled science.

    The default guide is materialism. A philosophy around which a canon has been developed. Texts such as this aren't given any serious consideration because that canon deems things such as it describes didn't happen and are, in fact, not possible. Those who think otherwise or even just open to the possibility will find themselves quickly maligned (or worse) by those indoctrinated with the aforementioned canon. A "those" that includes many who are viewed as the authorities,
    default religion is not

  • Reply to: Moses: Myth, Fiction or History?   2 hours 11 min ago
    Comment Author: anuikibiship

    YouTube Moses crosses red sea. There is video evidence of wrecked chariots littered across the ocean floor. Iso this website nasi occult inspired? It's anti biblical and semetik

  • Reply to: Oldest-known Human genome sequence sheds light on interbreeding with Neanderthals   3 hours 13 min ago
    Comment Author: Arttau

    Actually it makes a lot of sense. Since all modern humans who left africa have a neanderthal admixture the population mixing should have happened when the migragtion from Africa started,, which is 60,000 years ago. Also, that was a time when the technological advantage of modern humans was not yet pronounced', a time when the two populations could co exist as equal and there was a place for co operation rather than displacement.

  • Reply to: Moses: Myth, Fiction or History?   3 hours 24 min ago
    Comment Author: Geob

    Sarcastic AND sardonic. Nice. If it's a good academic journal, the abstract will contain the references the reader needs to decide if an article is worth the cash. And your safe in the knowledge that it's part of a peer review process. It would just be nice to see a bit more of the working out, that's all. As it stands it might compete well with Ridley Scott's new film  as a great story, but can't be taken much more seriously.

  • Reply to: 2.8-Billion-Year-Old Spheres Found in South Africa: How Were They Made?   5 hours 12 min ago
    Comment Author: david kulak

    I take interest in most unexplained finds.

  • Reply to: Ten enduring mysteries of the Longyou caves   5 hours 20 min ago
    Comment Author: FreeMan

    Tsurugi, That is excellent info thank you.

  • Reply to: Civilizations Out of Nowhere   5 hours 58 min ago
    Comment Author: Geob

    Actually, I thought it looked like a really big aubergene. The key thing is it doesn't look like a light bulb. 

    And wasting precious moments of ones life "researching" Sitchin is pointless because he's just wrong. Luckily he is so blatantly wrong that goons like the ones on Ancient Aliens can happily pick out the bits that if you believe this stuff is most convincing but to everyone else is simply amusing. I mean honestly:planet Nabiru or whatever it's called. Try explaining that to any real astronomer without getting laughed at. If Sitchin's most ardent supporters can't get a sound bite out that doesn't sound daft, why would anyone bother reading the books? Unless I was desperate to believe that for some reason actual experts are unable to see something a man with no demonstrable expertise has magically discovered. I did read Chariots but found it as I said, a wierdly dated thing and admittedly skimmed the bit after his silly captions on the pictures. 

    Still, it's all harmless fun and possibly the safest thing to have a bit of banter about because in the end no one can actually prove anything! I actually never miss an episode of Ancient Aliens, Georgio is a legend and soon I might need a bigger TV just for his hair!

  • Reply to: The human skull that challenges the Out of Africa theory   6 hours 5 min ago
    Comment Author: PaddyJohn

    English would be good........:)

  • Reply to: The human skull that challenges the Out of Africa theory   6 hours 7 min ago
    Comment Author: PaddyJohn

    I never subscribed to the 'Out of Africa' theory. 'Caucasians' are physically, biologically and mentally different to African human-types. If we did, how come the Australian Aborigines, who are supposedly the oldest living race on Planet Earth having been the second peoples to exit Africa (the first peoples have long disappeared without trace apparently I believe) then how come the Aborigines didn't morph into 'Caucasians' ? Why are they still very black? Why are Africans still black? Same example also applies to the 'Humans morphed into humans from apes' theory - for which there is still NO DIRECT PROOF - : If humans morphed into humans from apes, then why are there still apes?

  • Reply to: The Ancient Art of Magic, Curses and Supernatural Spells   6 hours 11 min ago
    Comment Author: Michael seabrook
  • Reply to: Civilizations Out of Nowhere   6 hours 50 min ago
    Comment Author: Tsurugi

    Chariots of the Gods does speak for itself.

    Your comments on Sitchin imply you haven't read his books....sounds more like you've just read the books(or more likely, the blog rants) of people who don't like Sitchin's books. So did you read actually read Chariots? The book does indeed speak for itself, but only if you actually, you know, read the thing.


    What's shocking(excellent choice of word there, sir) is you apparently think that's what a lotus plant looks like.

    Your concluding statement, "...all of his[Sitchin's] translations are completely contradicted by people who can actually understand Sumerian," is simply amazing.
    First of all, no one fully understands Sumerian. Among those few who have some understanding of it, no pair of them will, if given the same text to translate, produce identical translations. They all contradict each other to a certain extent.
    And yet, none of them completely contradict all of Sitchin's translations. Much of what he translated has in fact been corroborated by the translations of others.
    Conversely, most of the "contested" points found between Sitchin's and others' translations are found to be contested amongst all translations. Meaning, where Sitchin's work disagrees with that of the experts, the experts disagree with each other as well, rendering the disagreement with Sitchin's work no more or less meaningful than their disagreements with each other.

    Basically, that final sentence was so absolutely false in every possible way, it seems like any change would have necessarily made it less incorrect.

  • Reply to: Civilizations Out of Nowhere   6 hours 55 min ago
    Comment Author: johnblack

    Geob, have you read all books of Stichin? Have you researched all the topics that he is referring to (and I talk about researching and not wikipedia ...)? If you utterly dismiss an author it means that you haven't probably critically read all of his books and you base your opinion on others.

    Well Stichin has many assumptions in his books and he clearly refers to them as assumptions. But he also have many valid points. You cannot compare Stichin with Daniken!

  • Reply to: The Great Pyramid of Giza as a monument of creation - Part 4: Fire Element   7 hours 54 min ago
    Comment Author: djwra

    Nice work done, but guess more research needs to be achieved...

    From my field of study - astronomy, there is one vast astronomical value of the Great Pyramid and the purpose of the chambers as the arrows of one huge clock pointing to Orion (Osiris) and Sirius (Isis) on one side and some interesting constellations on the other side (Kephren never built this monument, it is speculated only by the Keph* inscriptions which point to some much bigger picture...)... Many, many years ago...

    Also, the tip of the Pyramid is missing... Might have the Pyramid been the transmitter of the energy also, and not just the generator? Obelisks might serve as the antennae?

    PS Mladen Vrlec, who has asked you about anything on the matter of Tesla's nationality (I sincerely hope that what you wrote is not what they teach you in schools???)? Because of the people like you, stupid nationalist ignorant fools, he renounced of his Serbian and Croatian heritage both and became American citizen.. Don't you see that Nationalism is the most primitive expression of human ignorance? Look what it has done to our peoples, Serbs and Croats, ''once brothers'' (you should check that ESPN documentary).. We are all one, all the humans, all the life,... this is what the Pyramid teaches us... Open your mind please!!!



  • Reply to: Unravelling the mystery behind the megalithic stone walls of Saksaywaman   8 hours 9 min ago
    Comment Author: inventor

    This topic have been discussed Before in this forum, but I think it fits well into this discussion as well. There are many different myths about how sound made stone fall apart. Also many ancient Buildings have certan harmonic frequencies, that would thenhave to be shared by repeated elements of the construction. Yet again, many of these building or structures are made of homogenous granite.

    All those parameters above give one possibility at hand, that sound was used when shaping these stones. A homogenous granite would have a limited size distribution of the different crystals that it is made up of. This would mean that there would be three different harmonic frequenses, one each fitting each type of crystal. These Crystals would adsorb the sound of their harmonic frequency and start to vibrate at a greater and greater amplitude until they would break.

    Also a full size stone as a whole,whould have such a harmonic frequency, and if a number of stones would be the same shape and size, they would have the same such frequency. This would also imply that it would be possible to crack a full size stone at a given cross section with suffcient energy input at the critical frequency.

    Looking at the structures in Peru, I would imagine the possibility of the final finishing being done using sound to grind the stone surfaces together into this close and even contact.

  • Reply to: Ten enduring mysteries of the Longyou caves   9 hours 14 min ago
    Comment Author: Tsurugi


    When I first found out about the Longyou Grotttoes a couple of years ago, I became extremely fascinated and spent a lot of time digging up whatever I could find on them. I knew from previous experience that if one really wants to find information about stuff in China, one good way to do so is to conduct the searches in Chinese, rather than English. There is a huge amount of info from China available online but almost none of it is translated.

    With the help of copy/paste(to construct search queries composed of Chinese symbols), Google Translate, and a friend of mine who is from China and is fluent in the language, I collected a great deal of information regarding the Longyou Grottoes. Far more than the little that is available online in English.

    So, do I have information that others here do not? Yes, I think so. But is it information that you and others are unable to access? No, it is not. I speak not a word nor recognize a single symbol of Chinese. Knowing that, I gathered the tools and help necessary to overcome that problem, and thus aquired the information I sought. You or anyone else could also do this, so it is not information you are unable to access, if you are willing to spend some time working at it.

    But since I'd already put in the work and had the information, I set out to share some of it in these comments.  :)


    P.S. What I read did indeed specify that the grotto pools had fish in them before they were pumped out.

    i.e., NOT just most villages.....THESE CAVES   ;D

  • Reply to: Civilizations Out of Nowhere   9 hours 31 min ago
    Comment Author: Jefraize

    I agree. Much critical evidence has been swept away by the ravages of time, but recent discoveries around the world make it clear that we're still pretty clueless when it comes to the bigger story of who these people were, where they came from, how they lived, and what became of them.

    When considering the "appearance" of "fully formed" civilizations, it's important to bear in mind the dual meaning of the word "appearance". The lack of research into the earliest periods of human development has left us with an information void so vast that nearly any theory will fit.

    I join you in your call for more research, especially into this critical period. Progress happens when courageous researchers move beyond calcified dogma and wild-eyed speculation, open their minds, and do the work.





  • Reply to: Rama's Bridge: Where Modern Science And Ancient Myths Collide   9 hours 53 min ago
    Comment Author: Tsurugi


    BC(Before Christ)\BCE(Before Common Era) and AD(Anno Domini)\CE(Common Era) are exactly the same in every aspect. They are based on the Gregorian calendar. They refer to the same parts of it; i.e., before Year 1, and Year 1 onward. And the Gregorian calendar's pivotal Year 1 is set solely in reference to what is believed to have been the birth of Christ.

    The only thing that was changed were the labels. An absolutely meaningless, shallow stupidity. It just makes it easier for people to lie to themselves that there's nothing to do with Christ, or to remain totally ignorant that it has anything to do with Christ.

    In the face of facts they don't like, mainstream science promotes ignorance and denial. Which is why I spend a lot of time on alternative archaeology sites and such.

  • Reply to: Rama's Bridge: Where Modern Science And Ancient Myths Collide   10 hours 34 min ago
    Comment Author: Tsurugi

    Wait....what?? You think Christian beliefs are not labeled as "myth" or "legends"? Actually, they're more often called "fairytales" or "primitive bronze-age superstitions" or something similairly derogatory. "Myth" and "legend" would be an improvement.

    Find any mainstream scientist and ask him what he thinks of the creation story in the Hebrew/Christian biblical texts. That should disabuse you of the idea that the beliefs of the Catholic church, Christians, or Jews are in any way given special treatment or held to be factual while all other religious beliefs are labeled "myth" or "legend".

    Hell, simply perusing the commentary on this website easily demonstrates that you could not be more wrong in that regard. Ancient religious beliefs and documents are more likely to be treated with respect if they are not associated with Catholicism/Christianity/Jewish beliefs.


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