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  • Reply to: The sacred symbol of the Djed pillar   3 hours 22 min ago
    Comment Author: Andreas Ost

    Anytime someone uses Wikipedia as a source, rational folks dismiss the entire article.

  • Reply to: Analyzing Mummy Genes: Were Ancient Egyptians closely Related to Middle Easterners?   4 hours 28 min ago
    Comment Author: Andreas Ost

    Looks like serious researchers are getting over the bigoted invented Afrocentic hysteria. "genes do not determine race"?? then what does? Wannabee imagination & Invention?

  • Reply to: Origins   7 hours 9 min ago
    Comment Author: Naoki Kato

    According to the published map of the Gobekli Tepe site, the giant monolithic T block, located in the center of the T type circular rock, is almost facing the north, but there are slight differences in orientation for each circular site.
    According to the Science Advances article published in 2013.4.8, "polar movement" is rapidly becoming rapid in recent years, and it is said that the cause is the melting of the ice sheet due to climate change. According to Science Adavance magazine, the movement is said to be at the level of 10 cm a year. This will be 1 Km if you age 10000 years ago of the age of Gobekli Tepe. In order to carry out farming in groups at the first stage, an accurate calendar was necessary. Although the calendar is determined by astronomical observations, it was assumed at the time that the ice age ended, there was a shift from the melting of the ice sheet to the rotation balance of the earth, and the axis changed in a short period of time.
    At the Gobekli tepe ruins there are several circular stones, estimated to be the result of rebuilding several times to make an accurate calendar, corresponding to the moving axial displacement.

    Since I am an Oriental Buddhist, I do not have an idea that is not affected by the description of the Bible. It seems that the story of a sentence is a picture in your head. When I read your sentences I was able to have a concrete image. There were several types of visitors from outside the Earth. It seems that the first visitor about 30000 years ago made a "hybridization experiment" with the human nature of the Neolithic era and made "Choosen of God". Approximately 10000 years ago, visitors of other species trying to break "Choosen of God" made from hybrid experiments will be consistent with the analysis of contemporary Turkish and surrounding ruins of the Middle East. However, heterologous hybridization is still limited to one generation from the difference in the number of genes. You can also understand from the case of breeding of a horse and a donkey. It is necessary to think separately from one crossing species made from some breeding experiments and the ancestor of the present majority of human beings. As a missionary, visitors taught agriculture to humankind 10,000 years ago and urged settlement. A calendar is necessary for agriculture.

    . The calendar needs astronomical observation. The T-shaped megalith of Gobekli Tepe of Turkey is a celestial observer that determines the calendar and confirms the direction of the constellation. At the same time, we also had a function to show the zodiac sign of visitors as missionaries to the humanities of the Neolithic Age.
    The last ice age, the coldest period is 20000 years ago. The Neolithic era man who was in the mid latitude near Turkey also needed to have cold weather equipment. Visitors as missionaries, using rock drilling techniques, created a vast underground city and offered residents accusing more than 10,000 Neolithic people temporarily underground. In the underground city, many cold air holes were drilled, wells providing drinking water were drilled, and by burning fires inside, we could get warm. There was space to keep livestock, and food was obtained. Upon the end of the glacial age, the use of the underground city ceased to be abandoned. Later Christians merely reused underground cities dug in the prehistoric era in order to escape persecution.

    If you pursue something truly about the origin of mankind over time. Even if the climb is different, everyone reaches the same summit. You and I are in a completely different environment. However, something truthful, seriously striving to pursue is the same. I hope to work with you in the future.

  • Reply to: Remote Sensing Satellite Uncovers Astonishing New Evidence of Viking Presence in Newfoundland, Canada   17 hours 20 min ago
    Comment Author: Nick D

    There are some very disparate assumptions made in this article, that span different time periods, entirely different cultures and scripts. There are some Linear A elements with and Cretan hieroglyphs - but what they are doing in this article I have no idea, but then again there appears to be modern, archaic scripts all mixed together! Some observations.
    Ancient trade networks could have been over some considerable distance, there are some ambiguities that can't be explained, such as: Linear A in Scandinavian silver mines, cocaine and tobacco in Egyptian mummification, but then again this could be a modern-day forgery and misinterpreted chemical analysis. Best stick to the facts for example, Lapis Lazuli mines are in Afganistan, that found its way into Minoan artefacts, that suggests the silk road existed circa 2000BC, doesn't mean that merchants went this entire distance, rather goods where traded through adjacent trading towns. The Minoans traded within the med, then came the sea people (plundering everying), the Phoenicians re-established trade to at least Spain. There is a Celtic string of trade between spain, to Britanny, and the British Isles. There is some iconography and archaeology linking trading islands across the med and the seafaring nations do have some shared culture/technology/history, but then again they traded with each other. As today, best follow the money that people will go to great length to acquire or in ancient times metal, unique single source commodities (papyrus, ivory, glass). Before as now, bulks are moved by ships. The Phoenician may have had magnetite, basically, iron that's been hit by lightening, pop it in a wooden bowl you have a compass, they shared some culture with the Minoans.

  • Reply to: Ancient DNA Analysis Reveals the ‘Mythical’ Heritage of Modern Greeks   17 hours 52 min ago
    Comment Author: Mr. Socrates

    There is absolutely no proof that Egypt, China, S. American or Chinese civilizations were begun by caucasoids. None what so ever. Stop pushing a nonsense agenda about "white conquerors" or some crap.
    Sumer was begun by near eastern Arab types. If you say they are "caucasoid" than that's your opinion but there is no way you can characterize ancient Chinese, Mayan or Indus people as caucasoid. You aren't pushing facts, not at all.

  • Reply to: Ancient Journeys: What was Travel Like for the Romans?   18 hours 38 min ago
    Comment Author: Nick D

    I read that the postal service could get a message from Canterbury (UK )to Rome (Italy) in 4 days flat, almost as good as airmail today. Incredible.

  • Reply to: Analyzing Mummy Genes: Were Ancient Egyptians closely Related to Middle Easterners?   19 hours 26 min ago
    Comment Author: Ahmad Qadafi

    So a small sampling of Egyptians from a late antiquity somehow is proof that the very first Egyptians were related to Middle Easterners? Dynastic Egypt began in the 4 Millennium BC, this study uses Mummies from 14 century BC and later. That's an over 2000 year distance. Can't make such a strong claim based on such a discrepancy in time especially given the history of Egypt. The Hykso's weren't the only non-Africans to migrate to Egypt.

  • Reply to: Shaka Zulu: The Story of a Ruthless Ruler   22 hours 59 min ago
    Comment Author: Nasir Muhammad

    This page didn't have anything to write about so they dredged up a story with dubious authenticity to fill the space.

  • Reply to: Please introduce yourself   1 day 12 hours ago
    Comment Author: JacobGordon

    Hi there, My name is Jacob. I have recentlly joined the community.

  • Reply to: Do Adam and Eve Fit into the Evolutionary Story?   2 days 10 hours ago
    Comment Author: Guillaumé

    I question the value of this article, I just didn’t gain anything from it.

    I do question both evolution and creation. Anybody got other ideas? I thought not. Why can we not just accept that there are some questions that do not have answers as many have asked but have had no reply since man came into being. So just give up already.

  • Reply to: Do Adam and Eve Fit into the Evolutionary Story?   2 days 13 hours ago
    Comment Author: Karl Goldman

    When analyzing ancient literature you have to do it in reference to the period it was written. The Bible was written 2000 years ago. Common man did not have a context for science yet. So when an entity spoke to man he may not have understood the complete meaning. And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. This easily could have meant that we are formed from the compounds found in the earth which we are. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. This could mean that man was created in a unique DNA image. With new techniques we can today create synthetic life forms. If we ever get around to creating a sentient life form how will we explain to them how they were created? You were created to live, die and pay taxes?

  • Reply to: Do Adam and Eve Fit into the Evolutionary Story?   2 days 18 hours ago
    Comment Author: William Bradshaw

    Both creation and evolution are correct as you will discover from my research. Adam and Eve, as mentioned in the Bible, were created during a breeding experiment around 7,800 years ago. Lillith was a reject from said breeding experiment due to her insolence.

    Tetraploid humans did these breeding experiments because they wanted a race of human beings that would be subservient and obey "God”, their tetraploid human master. They could not have a race of humans that would overwhelm them and kill them off in the future. 

    The tetraploid humans created several different versions of human beings and chose the Semitic peoples for their administrators. They even created a higher level caste version for kings and queens known as “divine right to rule”. These were humans who were devoid of rhesus monkey genetics or RH- blood. The end game of the tetraploid humans is to destroy all goyim (humans who were not genetically modified) on Earth such that only the human beings remain as they would obey "God”, their tetraploid human master.

    Read more about these ancient breeding experiments:

  • Reply to: The symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000-year-old history   2 days 22 hours ago
    Comment Author: Ella

    Gord is so wrong about everything, based on his ignorant comment. Everything he writes hatefully about never applied to Führer Hitler & the third Reich. The real evil of the 20th century was joseph stalin & communism.

  • Reply to: Stone Age Men Could Kill with One Swing of Their Club   3 days 3 hours ago
    Comment Author: Rene

    Ancient Humans - regardless of species - were highly competitive, combative, protective, defensive, and aggressive. They were territorial and also willing to send out scouts to explored other areas and report back what they found. Early man must have had social hierarchy's and rules.Some had to be the leaders, decision makers, and also the Clan Chief. One clan knew of the others existence - and they very possibly traded for women and other things that were difficult to get. There also had to have been "medicine men - women" that could help heal wounded members injured while trying to take down a Mammoth-Mastodon, Woolly Rino, and other great sized beasts... as well as those who clashed with other Clan's. Knowing how to construct weaponry for hunting and fighting - that was assured to be lethal - shows the intelligence and ingenuity of earliest man. Also understand - the women were not helpless - they too could fight like cornered wild cat and were highly protective of the children.

    Personally, I admire the tenaciousness of these early predecessors and their ability to survive and thrive in a wild untamed deadly environment. We owe them respect for they set forth the great epoch of human evolution that is still ongoing.

  • Reply to: Stone Age Men Could Kill with One Swing of Their Club   3 days 3 hours ago
    Comment Author: Charles Bowles

    So white men could swing a bat upside another persons head and kill them, WOW, that is amazing, because I thought that people had extra HARD heads...WOW

  • Reply to: Bone Analysis Takes Us One Step Further to Confirming the Santa Claus Legend   3 days 9 hours ago
    Comment Author: Guillaumé

    My understanding is that Father Christmas is many  (thousands, possibly) of years older than any Christian saint.The two should not be confused or mixed up together. Yule has traditionally, nothing to do with Christianity. Father Christmas was not flesh, blood and bone but a facsimile for something entirely different to our current understanding.

  • Reply to: ‘Ancient Alien Expeditionaries’ Reality Check   3 days 19 hours ago
    Comment Author: Naoki Kato

    I support your idea.
    If you pursue the truth, everyone will come to the same place.

  • Reply to: Remote Sensing Satellite Uncovers Astonishing New Evidence of Viking Presence in Newfoundland, Canada   4 days 18 hours ago
    Comment Author: BigSkookum

    stories of blue-eyed Indians around the Gulf of St. Lawrence, particularly its north shore, are often ascribed to Basque fishermen dating local girls and siring offspring... I don't usually think of the Basque as fair.... and friends of mine from Labrador ('Markland") say their Metis mix includes Norwegian, they were vague about when that was; there was a big whaling industry around there in recent centuries so.....

    Lack of funding in Canada for Norse-era research means most of those sites established by satellite imaging won't get investigated anytime soon. I don't know if anyone has quizzed Mi'kmaq elders for tales about any long-ago settlers who were driven out (as Vinlanders were, at last the one group of them), but it seems a necessary area for investigation - and a look-around of the Miramachi and Baie de Chaleur and Gaspe for possible sites.

    Farley Mowat's "West-Viking" is pooh-poohed by the academic community but is fairly straightforward as a compendium of bits of various sagas which mention landings to the west (not always Vinland by name). In one case, voyagers came to a large village where the presiding chief was a Norseman, a famous poet from the old country, who had lived there for years. When they offered to take him back, he replied that he had left for good reason and had had enough of kings and wars and famine, life was good here, he had many grandchildren, whyever would he leave?

    The sagas say there was another settlement farther south from Vinland called "Hope" ("von" in modern Icelandic, not sure if the word is the same in Old Norse) and many people had gone there; it was warmer. Makes perfect sense to me that if you were from Norway or Iceland - or Greenland - and new about warm, fertile places farther south than Vinland then you'd more likely head there; especially Greenlanders once the time to vamoose came.....

    BTW about the Cabot Strait issue, sailing south along the outside of Nova Scotia doesn't make much sense if you can portage from the Northumberland Strait to the Bay of Fundy (the Amherst-Moncton isthmus) rather than take on the open Atlantic - in the opposite direction from the Gulf Stream... those sites on the south shore of Newfoundland that have been identified were maybe locations were ships returning to the south would berth in before heading back to L'Anse-aux-Meadows and home to Iceland/Greenland. OR they could well be other settlement sites, the Burin Peninsula is excellent pasturage and reminded me of the Irish coast when coming in on the ferry to Placentia from Cape Breton

    Dig sites even if they could be determined around Prince Edward Island would all have seen tillage of the land in the last couple of hundred years.... ditto the shores of the Bay of Fundy and Cape Breton......

  • Reply to: Recently Discovered Scratched Stone in Denmark Could be One of The Earliest Maps in History   4 days 19 hours ago
    Comment Author: Kyle J Dahl

    I always chuckle to myself when an archaeologist is not sure of what has just been found, so they call it a religious artifact. Could it be that 1,000 years from now, that generation will look back at all the sports stadiums built around the world and think 'must have been a religious gathering place where they prayed to their gods'?

  • Reply to: Rh-Negative Blood: An Exotic Bloodline or Random Mutation?   4 days 20 hours ago
    Comment Author: usafsam

    So Mr genius here is a mystery for you. I am A+, part Native American of paternal lineage of the Frank who's name was Clovis with a Maternal lineage to the very first St Clair. I am related to every royal family of western Europe going back to Niall. I hooked up with an O+ male of Viking descent and our child is A-. A fluke or a genetic throw back? How common is it for 2 Rh+ parents to produce an RH- child? This offspring's blood is so desired the Red Cross calls about every other week begging him to donate since he turned 16.


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