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  • Reply to: The Mystery of Egyptian Tomb KV55 in the Valley of the Kings   17 min ago
    Comment Author: mickeymouse

    The first thing i saw when looking at the pic of this skull was Akhenaten.This was my first sense when looking at the skull.Then from reading that he was such a divisive and radical figure that he was dumped there on purpose and with no real identifying artifacts because he was not to be remembered.Just as he was erased from all or most of the temples and monuments all over egypt.

  • Reply to: The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts   2 hours 48 sec ago
    Comment Author: Peti Miklos

    You are Luciferian in your beliefs Garry Rayner as are the members and agents of the Illuminati. Lies and deception are their means to destroy belief in the One True God Yehovah. And the only "aliens" are the Fallen Angels and Demons, which you as a Luciferian would be aware of. We do not need your lies, We need only the truth !!!!

  • Reply to: The Ancient Art of Magic, Curses and Supernatural Spells   2 hours 5 min ago
    Comment Author: David Schrock

    Have you ever wonder is there are spells that can affect you in some way? I was interested, so I looked for information on everything from this section. The roqya char3iya is an evolving science (as modern medicine) a lot of people complain about the lack of results in relation to the care with roqya Chariya and found that those who do sorcery to achieve their end, and they have evolved developed other techniques and witchcraft processes, for cons, most not evolved raqis in their methods and are satisfied if only reading the Koran to treat their patients. Here you can find more information

  • Reply to: Alexander the Great: Was he a Unifier or a Subjugator?   3 hours 52 min ago
    Comment Author: Stephen Thompson

    Macedonia was known as a kingdom and their rise to power put an end to the classical age of the Greek City States.

  • Reply to: Ten Mysterious Undeciphered Codes and Inscriptions   7 hours 24 min ago
    Comment Author: mario

    The voynich manuscript stands out among all these texts because the work done to decipher it has now reached unprecedented levels of collaboration.

    I personally don't think this document is genuine in the sense that it contains a hidden message: it's too focused on delivery. Having said that, every one has an opinion on this document, and if it does have a message, I hope to see it decrypted like the Copiale Cipher, which I found amazing.

  • Reply to: Civilizations Out of Nowhere   8 hours 42 min ago
    Comment Author: tmobley1

    I have personally watched videos and read books written by Graham Hancock, for the last year.
    His theory suggests around the world there are towns on coastlines, that are currently  under water. The flooding was estimated about 10,000 years ago. These are videos of underwater dives conducted by Graham--documenting the man made structures.

  • Reply to: Codex Gigas (the Devil’s Bible) - the largest manuscript in the world   9 hours 37 min ago
    Comment Author: Marina Wiseman

    Went to the library, what good is it? Can't read it, less you know Latin.
    It should be online somewhere in English.

  • Reply to: The Toraja people and the most complex funeral rituals in the world   11 hours 23 min ago
    Comment Author: Liz Argulla

    awesome article! :)

  • Reply to: 3,300-year-old Egyptian woman with hair extensions discovered in Armana   13 hours 40 min ago
    Comment Author: RAW Hair London

    No matter what era, race, colour or creed, hair extensions are every girls best friend!

  • Reply to: The Cerveteri Necropolis, Etruscan City of the Dead   15 hours 26 min ago
    Comment Author: Laura. Cullen

    What is being done to discover history, builders, purpose, etc of the hundreds of stone passages and 'storage' rooms all throughout New England?? Developers are bull dozing many into oblivion and vandals working their magic on others. What is wrong with Smithsonian, university archaeology departments? Once gone, can't get back. Why is this marvel being ignored??

  • Reply to: The Art of Amarna: Akhenaten and his life under the Sun   15 hours 46 min ago
    Comment Author: Howard West

    Akhenaten was before his time! The priesthood of Amun, seemed to have had a problem with the Pharaoh, Akhenahten, and his flagrant display of this field of engineering through the creation of a city dedicated to technology. This city included outside displays of the magical powers of Aten. A power that was well known centuries prior to that city's building. Tutankhamen's, adviser, Horemheb, had convinced the boy King that all the displays of this technology needed to be removed.

    A Cleansing that began with the purging of the city, called, the Horizon of Ah-ten, in which the Pharaoh, Akhenahten, and his queen Nefertiti, loved the pomp and ceremony where they would bask in as the queen Nefertiti, showed off the power of this technology, therefore, when Horemheb, became pharaoh, he took great pleasure in the disassembling of the city's displays, even to the point of hiding the stones inside the Pylon of Karnack . However, centuries later an earth quake would shake and crumble Horemheb's pylon to reveal the stones of that forgotten city, thousands of jumbled stone blocks that held a lost technology.

    Henri, Chevyer started the excavation of the Horemheb pylon in 1926, even so, those thousands of stones remained disjointed without a cipher for many years. However, in 1965 a group of archaeologists, including R. W. Smith began a program, to reassemble a representation of that city through photographs and a computer referencing programs. A curriculum, that would reveal the secret power, that belonged to the Aten enigma.

    This giant jigsaw puzzle showed Aten with three attributes, first light, secondly, heat and thirdly, in this case the Ankh’s true representation, a simple mirror. Mirrors that were used to reflect the light of the sun: and when those mirrors were used in conjunction and their reflected light was redirected to the same point, it produced, heat, which was Aten's, second attribute, A technology that is now known as solar furnaces, these mirrors were made of gold or of copper with a silvery, mercury finish. Reflectors that were common in other technologies of Egypt, such as in their communication system, and these mirrors were a powerful tool in Egypt's concealed science. The city of, Aten was a problem for, the priesthood of Amun, the city, revealed too much knowledge that belonged to Egypt's elite ,

    Miraculously, the reassembled blocks of that dismantled city showed, that the heat of the, Aten system had many uses. However, it was an exchange student to Egypt from Syracuse, by the name of Archimedes, that would show the power of Aten to the world, especially the Romans. Archimedes is said to have, “single handedly defended the city of Syracuse” in 212 BC, by constructing a system that is now called solar furnaces. Mirrors that were used to focus the Sun's light by more than one thousand fold onto the Roman ships. Today the power of, Aten has gone high tech and is used too create electrical power out of thin air.

    Akhenaten Reputation Redeemed, Egypt proposes 1.8 GW Solar Energy Project.

  • Reply to: The Search for the Lost Library of Ivan the Terrible   16 hours 36 min ago
    Comment Author: Geob

    Fascinating article! But c'mon! Where did the secret door go!? Where did the secret door go!?

  • Reply to: Ten Mysterious Undeciphered Codes and Inscriptions   19 hours 20 min ago
    Comment Author: george blue

    Danube Valley civilization and Dispilio tablet is they were large and complex enough were probably forms of accounting for trade or logistics. That is the initial approach i'd take when looking at these.

  • Reply to: What Ancient Secrets Lie Within the Flower of Life?   20 hours 14 min ago
    Comment Author: Joanne Perry

    So well said, I could not have put it better myself.

  • Reply to: Entire Neanderthal genome finally mapped – with amazing results   20 hours 42 min ago
    Comment Author: Finn-Jerry

    Isn't DNA supposed to  universal thereby it's making use of  panspermia to propogate? Although the idea of slipery-slimy tenticals around my body could feel nice it doesn't turn me on. A beautiful angelic,angel like interlectual alien on the otherhand .....

  • Reply to: The Viking Berserkers – fierce warriors or drug-fuelled madmen?   23 hours 21 min ago
    Comment Author: Viking Power

    I forgot one thing; why did I attack the car? It`s riddicolous, it`s a car, who does that. Well, it was there, blocking my way. That was the only reason I remember, suddenly something blocked my way and I was determined to remove it with brute force. I dont think I even relized it was a car until 5 miutes later. Yes, I was very drunk. Ps: I dont drink anymore, been years. It`s better that way.

  • Reply to: The Viking Berserkers – fierce warriors or drug-fuelled madmen?   23 hours 35 min ago
    Comment Author: Viking Power

    Very interesting, I`m a norwegian and since I was 7 there`s been this `thing` that follows me. It starts with me getting annoyed, it gets worse and worse, I grind my teeth and I can almost hear my blood pumping. And after a while it fuels itself. And then everything turns black and I go nuts. Pure anger with no fear, I could lower my head and run straight into Mike Tyson, wouldn`t even give it a second thought. As I got older I learned to control it, but if I drink alkohol, take cover. Run, get away. I once attacked a car while drunk. And won. I beat it into submission with my bare hands. It`s eerie how similar it is to the berserkers, makes you wonder about genes and such. Crazy stuff.

  • Reply to: The Search for the Lost Library of Ivan the Terrible   1 day 22 min ago
    Comment Author: Sunniva1947

    If there really were books from the Alexandria that would be so awesome. I can really understand  someone  devotes all his time to this.

    Its not like the search for el dorado or the seven golden cities. 

    This is real. The books must be somewhere an maybe they contain not so much knowlege as we hope, but still...they must be somewhere.

  • Reply to: The Early Temples and Monuments of the Alban People in Ancient Azerbaijan   1 day 34 min ago
    Comment Author: Rouben Galichian

    In the title of the above mentioned article posted on 22 January 2105, the writer refers to Ancient Azerbaijan as the region north of the Arax River and in the last paragraph he/she mentions the Christian monuments located there, which are said to belong to the ancient Alban people.

    It is correct that the Albanian tribes lived in the area in pre Christian times but during the the 7-9th centuries AD they converted to Islam. The region was ruled at medieval times by various Seljuk and Oghuz Turkic and Mongol rulers until the 17-19th centuries when Muslim Khans ruled it under either to Ottoman or Persian rule. During this time some of the Armenian Meliks (Landowner families) living in the inaccessible regions of Karabagh retained their relative independence. During this period the region was known as the Khanates of Shaki, Gyanja, Talish, Salian, Baku etc., under the generally known name of Shirvan. The name Azerbaijan was given to the region in 1918, under pressure from the Ottomans and the Ultra Nationalistic Musavat party leader A. Rasulzadeh.
    Therefore I suggest you note the following and erroneous and misleading information in your article.

    1 - From ancient times until 1918, the name Azerbaijan referred to the Persian north-western province, located south of the Arax River. In no document or map the region north of the Arax river has ever been named Azerbaijan. A quick look into ANY map or history book will confirm this.

    2 - In the last paragraph the writer mentions the names of the churches of Agoglan (correct Armenian name is Tsitsernavanq), Agtala temple (Monastery of Akhtala), Yenivang temple (Monastery of Noravanq), Sanain temple in Western Azerbaijan (Sanahin Monsatery and University, north Armenia), Gancesar Monastery (Gandzasar- the seat of the Armenian Catholicos), Qoshavang temple (Goshavanq Monastery and University, west of Lake Sevan in Armenia) and Dadavang Temple (Dadi Vanq Monastery). These are listed as Albanian Temples and not churches and monasteries.
    Please note that all of these monuments were built during the 11th to 18th centuries, when the Albanians people had already accepted Islam. The question arises - WHY WOULD MUSLIM ALBANS BUILD CHRISTIAN CHURCHES AND MONASTERIES?

    Would it not be proper to provide the name of the people who actually built and maintained them and left hundreds of inscription on the stone walls of these buildings? The Armenians?

    Rouben Galichian - Guest

    PS - For further detailed analysis please the following books available form Amazon etc.
    Rouben Galichian - The Invention of History, London. Gomidas Inst., 2009 and 2010
    Rouben Galichian - Clash of Histories in the South Caucasus. London, Bennett and Bloom, 2012
    Rouben Galichian - Countries South of the Caucasus n Medieval Maps, London, Gomidas Inst., 2007

  • Reply to: The Search for Cibola, the Seven Cities of Gold   1 day 35 min ago
    Comment Author: Sunniva1947

    I wonder if these  goldcities were real, maybe very much downsized. They could have been real in part, the Inca s en Aztecs loved goldplating.

    But I think they were plundered long time ago by people who did not feel obliged to make their king richer than he already was.


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