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  • Reply to: Arbatel: The Magic of the Ancients – An Occult Grimoire with a Positive Message   15 min 59 sec ago
    Comment Author: ancient-origins

    Thank you for your comment. The last paragraph has been edited to make the dates a little easier to follow. 

  • Reply to: Early Slavic shrine discovered in Slovenia   1 hour 42 min ago
    Comment Author: Slavica

    one comment above yours has the correct (and working) link … looks like the original link got rotten. sorry :-)

  • Reply to: Orbs in Space: An Unconventional Phenomenon, and the Tether Experiment   3 hours 6 min ago
    Comment Author: CrimsonCrow

    Actually, not saying I agree or disagree with the idea of these "orbs", space debris does and can not cover all of these cases. Even scientist admit they don't. Actually, the tether case itself is a good example. if it had been debris, it would not all be the same shape. Claiming the lack of a atmosphere means you can tell distance isn't entirely right. Objects will still seem smaller the farther away they are because of how you actually see something....reflected light, nothing to do with a atmosphere. That just doesn't make sense. And when objects are observed changing directions, not the tether case but others, that is impossible in space without a propulsion system of some type.

  • Reply to: Ancient Technology Top 10   3 hours 9 min ago
    Comment Author: Howard West

    THE DENDERA LIGHTS or Ancient Sandblaster

    Yes. There the Giants of Dendera stone reliefs that can be seen in the Hathor Temple 300 miles south of Cairo, Egypt. Some researchers’ claim that these images depict an ancient form lighting system. Egyptologists think that they are carvings that represent aspects of Egyptian mythology and actual show the birthing of a snake from a lotus flower. However, both of these theories are wrong. They are ancient sandblaster used to carve and surface stone. Did you know that an artist with a sandblaster can carve a crystal skull in about three days and leave no tool marks? The link below tells the rest of the story.

    The Winds of Egypt

    Moving THE BAALBEK MEGALITHS the Dam easy way.

    Located at Baalbek in Lebanon are the largest megalithic stones ever carved from the solid rock of a quarry. It seems that thousands of years ago they were shaped into gigantic rectangles and moved over a kilometer.

    The precision with which these megaliths have been carved is incredible and it is nearly impossible for modern Egyptologist to conceive of a way to do it today. How they were moved and placed within the construction of the greater Baal-Jupiter (Zeus) Temple plaza is now explained they did it like the Egyptians did.. The links below tells the rest of the story.

    Water in the Desert, Ramps verses Crocodiles

    The Legacy of Isis, Metzrayim

    Resurrection of Osiris

    THE BAGHDAD BATTERY or Alchemist Tool

    These strange artifacts were originally discovered in 1936 during an archaeological dig near Baghdad. A small jug which was 6 inches in height and contained a copper cylinder and within this was suspended an iron rod. Wilhelm Konig found one in the basement of the National Museum of Iraq. He published a paper that suggested that these ancient for plating with precious gold onto silver. Konig thought that an electrical system was used: wrong. Oh you can contrive a very small electrical current with a weak acid.

    But there a far better and much faster system of plating that can be done with the same components. It is call amalgamation. Simple, coat your copper with quicksilver, add a small amount of classified sand with micro-fine gold in to the jug ( pay the shipping and I will send you some sand with two cents of gold in it ) add water attach your wires to the mercury clad copper and plug. Shake well every hour for two days and all the micro-fine gold will then be on the copper cylinder and look solid gold with two cents of Gold . However, I do it with a copper, gold pan . The link below tells the rest of the story.


  • Reply to: Ancient Humans Bred with Completely Unknown Species   3 hours 41 min ago
    Comment Author: Dave Schindler

    If it's Hear, hear, why do we say there, there?

  • Reply to: Early Slavic shrine discovered in Slovenia   3 hours 44 min ago
    Comment Author: k8mcgee

    Can’t find doc – says page not found


  • Reply to: Orbs in Space: An Unconventional Phenomenon, and the Tether Experiment   8 hours 52 min ago
    Comment Author: Steven Barr

    You would think that the good folks at NASA would have commented on all those "UFOs", but they didn't because all that stuff flying around the tether is satellites & space junk. The distances are illusion as there is no atmosphere. There are literally thousands of things flying around your planet right now - quite terrestrial in origin.

  • Reply to: Scientist dismissed after soft tissue found on dinosaur fossil   11 hours 35 min ago
    Comment Author: Terry Collmann

    "Its IMPOSSIBLE for it to have SOFT TISSUE still."

    And your scientific qualifications to know this to be true are what?

  • Reply to: Giant 7 – 8 Foot Skeletons Uncovered in Ecuador sent for Scientific Testing   13 hours 21 min ago
    Comment Author: Jonathan Strauss

    Where the F are the photos to support this story?? the FIRST thing that should be done or should have been done is secure photographic evidence, everyone has a cell phone with the capacity for taking photos, there is no reason an article like this should be put out without also providing photographic evidence of the so called find and burial site etc.Common sense especially if you don't want the information to be buried. Until then this story is a joke.

  • Reply to: Aquae Sulis: The Epitome of Roman Syncretization with the Celts   15 hours 51 min ago
    Comment Author: Caroline Lawrence

    Best interpretation I've come across so far. The bearded face on Bath's pediment is so obviously NOT a gorgon!

  • Reply to: Orbs in Space: An Unconventional Phenomenon, and the Tether Experiment   16 hours 7 min ago
    Comment Author: Abracadabra

    This whole Columbia 'orb' phenomena is debunked already a long time ago. It's exactly what the radio-operater says: 'just debris' coming from the Space Shuttle. The fact that it seems to fly behind the tether is an illusion of the video recordings. I've seen videos of experiments where they very easilly can reproduce that. Don't waste your time researching that. Things aren't always what they seem.

  • Reply to: Scota: Mother of Scotland and Daughter of a Pharaoh   16 hours 18 min ago
    Comment Author: SI-OSIRI

    I think all your arguments are out in left field. Let me "suggest" a new and old perception of the Celtic Lands and their ancient origins i.e., the Tuatha De Danann: see two books, A) "Gods and fighting men..." by Lady Augustus Gregory: and B) "The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries," by Y.W. Evans-Wentz, doctor thesis, Oxford, 1911, see 1981 reprint. In other words, the Celtic Lands are all about the Unseen Universe---long story for another day.

    Happy Holidays,
    SI-OSIRI (son of OSIRIS)

  • Reply to: Marcus Gavius Apicius: Top Gourmand of the Roman World   19 hours 22 min ago
    Comment Author: aruvqan myers

    Sweet jumping Jesus, the Vehling translation is the crappiest translation, go for the Flowers and Rosenbaum translation. Much more accurate, and the 'recipes' aren't screwed up by being modernized for popular taste.

  • Reply to: The Ancient Civilizations that Came Before: Self-Eradication, Or Natural Cataclysm? – Part I   1 day 4 hours ago
    Comment Author: Arcanek

    Actually, he skippedclass that day, and he and his friends concocted that story to tell their parents when they asked how was school today. Unfortunately, they had asked the class dunce what happened in school.

  • Reply to: World's Oldest Writing   1 day 4 hours ago
    Comment Author: Howard West

    ledom Said: I was attempting to get more involved. Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet has a specific meaning. I was attempting to related that meaning through the corresponding old testament story of a constellation that in turn resembled the letter.


    H. West: I never thought of a connection from the stars of the heavens to the Hebrew Alf-Bet. I knew the stars of the heavens were once called the “Way” or the Guide. With the 12 tribes symbolizing the zodiacal constellations and “The Battle for the Control of Mankind” in the Northern Horizon circle.


    I, therefore, took a different “tack” to my conclusions. Both the Hebrew and Greek alphabets have the same order as the northern Semite alphabet of the Hittites, the Greek and Hebrew alphabets also mirror the early Ugaritic Cuneiform symbol because they were all alphanumeric/ heliographic codes.


    These alphabets allowed the most used letters to have the simplest symbol that corresponds to 1, 5, 10, 2, 4, 6, 9, 50 and 100. Here is the kicker; the message or text being copied could be totaled, so that when it was received a line cipher was given with the numeric total of the message or line by line, therefore, if the totals did not match up? The mismatch allowed the error to be discovered and allowed message be re-sent or corrected. There are at least two places where this principle is still used, first with Hebrew text scribes and computer code writing so that the errors in the written code can be found if the computer or software has a malfunction and which allows the line cipher to locate where the error is so that error can be fixed. It is a long story, therefore here are a few blog links to my conclusions.



    Arithmomancy the Past and Future Told by Numbers and Light

    Princess Entiu-ny

    The Golden Shields of Solomon and NASA

    The Wings of Pegasus

    Medusa and Hydra Unraveled



  • Reply to: Native Americans revive squash from seeds found in an 800-year-old pot   1 day 8 hours ago
    Comment Author: Jane Harward

    How can I buy squash seeds?

  • Reply to: Press Announcement: Radar Scans Reveal Hidden Chamber in Tutankhamun Tomb with 90 Percent Certainty   1 day 9 hours ago
    Comment Author: Richbloor

    Any news on what they plan to do next??

  • Reply to: Hoard of 5,000 Anglo Saxon coins worth over $1.5 million discovered by metal detectorists on Christmas dig   1 day 11 hours ago
    Comment Author: Edd

    To me, it’s silly to report a find to anyone if it’s on my property.  If I searched someone else’s property at their request, I’d report a find to them, naturally, but not to any “official”.

  • Reply to: Hidden hoard of more than 6,000 silver coins found in forest in Poland   1 day 11 hours ago
    Comment Author: Edd

    “He turned the find over”


      Why would anyone do that?  I could understand letting a property owner know of the find if it were found on property belonging to someone besides the finder.

  • Reply to: 1,300-year-old fortress-like structure on Siberian lake continues to mystify experts   1 day 13 hours ago
    Comment Author: Gregg Stanley

    You suggested that Siberia was somehow more temperate than North America since it had less ice. I don't think the amount of ice in an area establishes temperatures. Perhaps North America simply had more precipitation than Siberia. Or, and this is less likely, Siberia had summers that were warmer allowing more ice to melt.


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