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  • Reply to: The Origin of Lunar New Year and the Legend of Nian   4 min 53 sec ago
    Comment Author: Aliya Osho

    Same prehistoric traditions, same spirituality and beliefs all around the world, preserved till nowadays from the first human civilization The Stone Civilization of Ancient Bulgarians, people of Sun God Bal. In my country as well in the end of winter people use to decorate themselves with red woolen laces for keeping good health and vitality. They add to them as well the white colour laces for purity and innocence and call those laces martenichki. In the end of winter Bulgarians also use to decorate their domestic animals with those martenichki and food and flowers for keeping them alive and healthy during the year. The prototype of the Chinese lunar calendar is the Ancient Bulgarian calendar first human calendar, datedback to 5504 BC and officially recognised by UNESCO as th oldest calendar. This calendar is consisted of different animals for every month, hour and year.

  • Reply to: Enduring Mystery Surrounds the Ancient Site of Puma Punku   6 min 17 sec ago
    Comment Author: Guesto

    Studying this amazing stonework could get us an inkling as to the tools that made it.
    Puma Punku, Tiahuanaco, Ollantaytambo, Samaipata.
    When the world at large will get to grips with the fact that other civilizations roamed the Earth well before our own, it will be breaking news. As in, breaking the limits in which the "scientific community" resides, where theories are being piled up on theories. And breaking careers of limited "scientists", too. Being a scientist involves keeping asking Why?, which seldom if ever is seen nowadays.

  • Reply to: Preventing the Evil Dead from Arising, Ancient Practices Alive in Present-Day Romania Part 2   6 hours 13 min ago
    Comment Author: RobertR

    All these "tales" are known as jokes in Romania."Old women tales" for children. Are not to be taken serious even by the story teller.
    Romanians are orthodox and the true orthodox belief is that "dead are not arising" from their coffin unless the case when this is the God will.
    Arising from dead as "strigoi" or another form of malefic creature is not an orthodox belief.
    If such cases had really been recorded through history those are only illusions from the devil.

  • Reply to: Lao Tzu: The Founder of One of the Three Pillars of Traditional Chinese Thought   9 hours 34 min ago
    Comment Author: Dennis Brody

    Lao Tzu's full story can be found in the Urantia revelation

  • Reply to: The engineering marvel of the Pozzo di San Patrizio   11 hours 45 min ago
    Comment Author: Joe Stitzel

    cool ! open to public ? more pics please, where to see them ?

  • Reply to: Is the Assyrian Nimrud lens the oldest telescope in the world?   12 hours 3 min ago
    Comment Author: Joe Stitzel

    part of telescope ? Not ! no focus, no vision, no use for that.. probably used for starting fire, harness sun, a great realization for them, But is there any ancient tablet writing to back that up ?

  • Reply to: Exposing the Secret History of Giants and the Underground Hyperborean Gallery in Romania   12 hours 30 min ago
    Comment Author: hemdal

    goliath had 4 brothers.... thats why david picked five stones.... also later davids heros slew several other giants in the canaan valley.some of these were called kings and some had 6 fingers and toes and double rows of teeth.

  • Reply to: Did the Vikings use crystal sunstones to discover America?   13 hours 9 min ago
    Comment Author: tmobley1

    Yes this is very plausable because as you go north and cross and increase your degrees in relation to latitude lines from the equater. As you travel away from the equator if you travel fast enough the sun does not stay out as long. Even if the ancients did not have clocks a human fist can measure with some tolerances within an hour. So using a full fist for each hour a person can estimate thier amount of time the sun is up and will stay up, after high noon.  

  • Reply to: The Legendary Powers of a Seventh Son of a Seventh Son   13 hours 13 min ago
    Comment Author: Anion

    Kelly, you're just becoming a teenager, that's all. Hormones and growing up are going to play a little havoc for a while, and that is completely normal and every adult in the world has gone through it--and gotten safely through to the other side. Don't be scared. It'll be okay. You're just growing up, and that can be hard sometimes and can make us feel like we don't know ourselves anymore or something is wrong with us. Talk to your parents, or to any other responsible adult with whom you feel close (I had some great talks with my stepdaughter when she hit that age, because I was a mom figure who wasn't as "scary" or embarrassing to talk to as her actual mom). Believe me, they can really help, and they want to help.

    You're okay, kiddo, and you'll be happy and energetic again. You're just riding through some stormy seas as you grow from a girl to a woman. It happens to us all.

    Take care, and try not to worry.

  • Reply to: Ancient Meaning of the Autumnal Equinox   13 hours 28 min ago
    Comment Author: tmobley1

    I think the procession on this table is a really cool thing. My question is how often in these signs does the earth axis change and cause floods?

  • Reply to: Architect presents radical new theory that Stonehenge was a two-storey, wooden feasting and performance hall   14 hours 10 min ago
    Comment Author: tmobley1

    I will agree that during the harvesting season there is definate reason to celebrate. I will also agree that the stones could support weight. I do agree that cone and pyramid style structures were popular during the Neolithic period and the Bronze age. I do believe that just like the pyramids the windows and carefully placed tiles or floor markers could have shown where the sun was on the solstices. This site proves my thoughts,   …..   I believe this was an observatory. It is too bad that there is not much physical evidence.

  • Reply to: From Chrome Plating to Nanotubes: the ‘Modern’ Chemistry First Used in Ancient Times   14 hours 32 min ago
    Comment Author: jh

    It's kind of hard to fuck up radiocarbon dating. We just need an isotope and we can and have done a very very good job at dating things and people. This isn't using human forms of dating but dating based on geological facts and science.

  • Reply to: Wilgie Mia, the oldest continuous mining operation in the world   16 hours 6 min ago
    Comment Author: Djavad seif

    Dear Sirs

    Kindly send me any information

  • Reply to: Great Pyramid DECODED as Solar System -This changes history!   16 hours 32 min ago
    Comment Author: Barry Sears

    Are you aware that the constellations are individual sections of the body. Each of the parts represent anatomical connections. When you put all of the parts together they form the complete body of Nut known through traditional Egyptian messages. The theory however dates back much further and is recorded in some of the ancient vedas, this concept was known as Kaala Purusha ( Purusa ) or cosmic man. This concept is carried through much of history. Most cultures refer to the Celestial body, here in New Zealand Ranginui, biblically the heavenly Father. Like wise the World body is referred to as a spiritual partner, here in New Zealand Papatuanuku, the Holy Spirit, now known generally as Mother Earth.

  • Reply to: Mars water surprise in Curiosity rover soil samples   16 hours 49 min ago
    Comment Author: Barry Sears


    Greetings April,

    Lovely article. We are in communication with various space agencies. The New Perspective has identified the basic building blocks to life, following the simple template from head to tail. We have discussed this on the site and we have expressed how the Earth is formed from head to tail as discovered by our ancient civilisations. All animals on Earth change to this basic pattern. The next phase to this identification is explaining how the life cycle of the planets work. Your article fits very nicely into our explanation and so we thought we would introduce you to this small article. The point of direction here, is the reference to the phase of water of which the planets pass through. This is a most magical zone for the planets as it allows for the creative energies of the Celestial template to express itself as life on Earth. This too was discovered by our ancient observers, to see the interpretation of the Celestial radiance, one only has to look at the unique characteristics of the correlated zone on Earth. Here is an article explaining the life-cycle of the planets:-


    We hope you enjoy it. 

  • Reply to: World's Oldest Writing   16 hours 52 min ago
    Comment Author: Barry Sears


    It is fascinating to consider an alphabet could apply to the constellations, when in fact a language is quite true. It has been revealed that the original design of the constellations actually relate to three specific levels. The original design you may know as Kaalapurusha represents this. The first level is the correlation to the human anatomy. The months around the celestial belt relate to parts of the human body. The second and apparently lost correlation, is that the Worldly symbols actually relate to the World and the zones around the equatorial belt. These symbols also relate to the parts of the body, each symbol has a dynamic related to the parts of the body. ie aries horns top of head, bull neck.... These were characteristics related to the different zones of the World body. It was considered the stars were a pattern for the World and this is the third level and established a connection to the Celestial body .

    The head of our body connected to the head of the World body and this connected to the head of the Celestial body. This was a language that spread around the World and is still alive today. Take a trip around the equator and follow the design set by our ancient ones. Start at Leo the sphinx.    

    If you are interested in seeing an updated realignment of this original concept, the World body from head to tail and the Celestial body from head to tail, Here is a link to a series of articles and if you can grasp this pattern a new language will be available for you to discover.


     Cheers Barry

  • Reply to: Atlantis   16 hours 56 min ago
    Comment Author: Barry Sears


    I got caught up in a little reading about Atlantis and found a site with several new underwater cities recently discovered, plus this site which seems to offer quite a voice on the subject.

    If you consider for a moment how the World body fits the ancient zodiac chart as we have expressed I would like to show you where the zone appears now, within the shperical helical realignment. There is a drawing shown on the human body connection article.


    The anatomical globe diagram indicates where the region of aquarious or the month of February connects to the World body today. 

  • Reply to: The Stone Head of Guatemala that History Wants to Forget   16 hours 59 min ago
    Comment Author: Barry Sears

    The zodiac is about anatomy. Each sign represents a part of the body from the head to the feet. The signs each represent the parts of the body. This was communicated World wide to the regions accessible at the time. This assisted global studies and the study of each region and it's unique characteristics. These World characteristics were used to build the complete zodiac. 

    It was believed that our body was a template, of which the creative energies came from above and so has this form, of which the World was also subject to this pattern. The twelve constellations of the Celestial body, connect to the twelve zones around the World body and also connect to the twelve divisions of our body.

    Ancient civilisations shared this major discovery and each region selected places to record this pattern. These sites changed and developed and finally produced many major historical monuments still alive and telling the story today. The region of discovery has the sphinx of Leo and the scales of the Buddha and others who express the balance of the World. Virgo expressed by the Virgin Mary and told by Mr Christ. In the other direction Stonehenge is Cancer all the way to the head region of the World. Easter Island finds the head and face, now see how the horns of Ariesconnects now with Canada... where the largest antlers are found. See how all of our animals around the World, fit into this pattern and tell the story as our ancients discovered. 


  • Reply to: Genesis-Revelations The life cycle of the World   17 hours 12 min ago
    Comment Author: Barry Sears

    Thousands of years ago the naked eye was used to see and consider the Celestial order. The basic idea is that is was considered the template or creative energies for life on Earth.

    The fundamental construction of the bible is the simple explanation for the life-cycle of the World. At the time one of the major issues was the connection of the World to the Celestial and this amazing discovery. Each side of Israel were the recognised connections of Egypt to the lungs of Leo and the construction of the sphinx and on the other side the scales of Libra, the pivot point for the World anatomy. The simplicity of the concept seems to have been lost. 1/ The Celestial pattern connecting to 2/ The World pattern influencing 3/ The human form and connection.

    The Virgin Mary connects to the womb anatomically and this was recognised and announced by Mr Christ.(see gallery zodiac pictures) The whole notion of the trilogy is the recognition of the three scales of life, life on Earth, the World body, the Celestial pattern.

    As represented in the zodiac signs our World animals express this pattern form head to tail and it is almost so obvious it doesn't seem true.


  • Reply to: Genesis-Revelations The life cycle of the World   17 hours 13 min ago
    Comment Author: Barry Sears

    As energy, the New Perspective identifies how life on Earth has sprung to life to the template of the radiance of the Celestial pattern. The combined energies of the Celestial body act as a pattern for life on Earth. This simple pattern, the basic building blocks were recognised and passed through time by the teachers of the past. The simple Celestial body influences the World body and the pattern to life on Earth. The World body seems so simple now, when you see the head to the tail. It seems strange how our ancient ones plotted this concept but did not have the map of the World to see the actual complete form. 

    It is an amazing time of discovery, to see how so much of history fits this pattern, from head to tail. Most importantly we identify how animals fit into this pattern and have evolved intricately as variations from head to tail. The largest antlers from the top of the World head. The best nose of the sword fish from the nose of the World. The strongest neck of the buffalo from the neck of the World. The claws and grasping forearm animals from South America. The red breasted robin from the breast of the World. Big bodies, the elephant and hippos, rhino from the body of the World, the beating of the chest. The wings, the tails to the springy thighs of the Kangaroo from the thigh region of the World.....  



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