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  • Reply to: Should Humans Drink Cow’s Milk? Part 2 - Digesting Milk in Ethiopia   29 min 48 sec ago
    Comment Author: Rob Roy

    Genes are a social construct, April. Shame on you for this ist/phobic article! :^)

  • Reply to: An Ancient Australian Connection to India?   8 hours 57 min ago
    Comment Author: IJ

    Unless you can find a DNA link all this conjecture is useless, the Aboriginals of Aussie are nothing even remotely close to tamil's...regardless of migration trails.

  • Reply to: Rauðskinna: The Famous Icelandic Book of Black Magic   10 hours 47 min ago
    Comment Author: Dr. Smallberries

    [sigh] This is the wrong direction. Why the fascination with dark objects that serve only to lower your vibration? Do you want to be stuck down here forever? It's your choice, of course. Note that "white magic," the obverse side of that coin, is just another descriptor for advanced spirituality. Black magic points the other way, the wrong way -- the long-path way. Vast evidence exists all around you that showcases the pitfalls of following this insane path. Make a better choice.


  • Reply to: The Top Three Scientific Explanations for Ghost Sightings   10 hours 53 min ago
    Comment Author: Dr. Smallberries

    "Scientists" and high-priest professors are so pre-Hillary.


  • Reply to: Legends of Spring Heeled Jack, the Uncatchable Demon of Victorian England   10 hours 56 min ago
    Comment Author: Dr. Smallberries

    This was actually a lower-vibrational entity somehow loosed in our reality, eventually returned to where it belonged (by someone as yet unknown). Vibrationally, it was similar to what some have called "Mothman."


  • Reply to: The Search for a Legendary Land: Does the Truth of Plato’s Atlantis Rest on a Shifting Sea Floor?   10 hours 58 min ago
    Comment Author: Dr. Smallberries

    No. It rests in Antarctica.


  • Reply to: The Relic of Bir Hooker Proof of a Race of Giants? - Part 1   11 hours 2 min ago
    Comment Author: Dr. Smallberries

    That is actually the finger of a giant ape, the ape itself captured and caged by primitive humans.


  • Reply to: The Relic of Bir Hooker & The Giants of the Past - Part 2   11 hours 17 min ago
    Comment Author: jagganatha

    Relics like this usually are faked to make money from people. And yes they can easily be faked , and appear real where and when you want to believe they are genuine. I seem to remember that the Piltdown Man was held to be genuine by science for many years....and was far more dificult to fake, but we have to remember just how very skilled egyptian craftsmen have been these past few millenia!

    This finger was not ever delivered to the Cairo Museum for examination, when its owner certainly would have taken it there himself at some point, and the argument that without it the family would lose a means of income hardly stands up, if all you are going to do is show it to a single solitary tourist once in a blue moon now, does it. Plus you needs must pay thoose who tip off searchers and make the arrangements, and is there anybody else coming forward with the same story? NO. so that's that then

    Me, I'm not too sceptical, and I fail to understand how it is that the masses of photos of giants from Israel, captioned usually in Hebrew, that litter you tube are not under discussion here!

  • Reply to: The Relic of Bir Hooker & The Giants of the Past - Part 2   11 hours 25 min ago
    Comment Author: Jeff Clark

    We know that these giant skeletons existed because former Smithsonian
    trustees have admitted to their wrong-doing. And the Smithsonian was taken to court for this back in 2010. The guy who brought the Smithsonian to court for this won the case.
    And just because you weren't made aware of this is no big deal because this type of thing is always announced on a small scale because the establishment doesn't admit to wrong-doing on a wide public scale. I see this all the time.(Like did you know that D.A.R.E. took cannabis off its list of 'gateway drugs? Or did you know that Georgia has legalized medical cannabis? Probably not,because these things are not going to be announced in the headlines in a major way. It will be in a very quiet manner.)
    I saw the guy who sued the Smithsonian and he had the giant femur bone that the Smithsonian trustee owned and who passed away back in the 1930s and in his will and on his deathbed he felt very guilty for taking part in the Smithsonian's cover-ups. This was basically what won the case for the guy suing the Smithsonian was the legal document of the will.

  • Reply to: The 130-Million-Year-Old Human Fossil Heist   14 hours 14 min ago
    Comment Author: Ashley Cowie

    Thats one of those questions that antagonise scientists, because as you point out, it is ‘not-impossible’. Highly unlikley, but not impossible.

  • Reply to: The 130-Million-Year-Old Human Fossil Heist   14 hours 15 min ago
    Comment Author: Ashley Cowie

    Thats exactley what they are buddy. But not eveyrbody thinks so!

  • Reply to: The 130-Million-Year-Old Human Fossil Heist   14 hours 30 min ago
    Comment Author: Ashley Cowie

    Thanks very much Ajay. Did you register on

  • Reply to: The 130-Million-Year-Old Human Fossil Heist   15 hours 32 min ago
    Comment Author: Ajay Kumar

    Thanks for posting this amazing article on this website. i anded on your article from search engine i thought why i am here Becuase google suggested me this article. So after reading this article i want to make registration and be a loyal reader

  • Reply to: Secrets Behind the Namibian Fairy Circles May Finally Be Solved   19 hours 45 min ago
    Comment Author: Selvador

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  • Reply to: Incredible Megaliths of India: Star Maps and Headless Goddesses – Part I   20 hours 56 min ago
    Comment Author: Edward Palmer

    In this post, you five the history of the megaliths. I did not know about the history of the megaliths even did not know about the purpose of the megaliths. Just because of website I learn lots of the good things and the importance of the megaliths.

  • Reply to: The 130-Million-Year-Old Human Fossil Heist   1 day 1 hour ago
    Comment Author: kvr

    this looks as if they are marine flipper bones and not human at all....sometimes collectors have more money than brains.....

  • Reply to: The 130-Million-Year-Old Human Fossil Heist   1 day 1 hour ago
    Comment Author: Abhilasha Singh

    Not that I do not agree with the scientific accuracy of this but could it be possible that human pisiforms did protrude 130 million years ago? If skulls differ in shape then why not the hands as well.

  • Reply to: The Library of Pergamum: A Contender for the Greatest Library of the Ancient World   1 day 1 hour ago
    Comment Author: Birdog

    Great Article Veronica. Well researched. It is time we deconstruct the eroneous myth that the Moslems destroyed the Library of Alexandria when in fact, Islamists were as cosmopolitan as the Greco Roman crowd of the day. Pergamum, and later the Iberian libraries, cannot be ignored. Western intelectualism owes a great debt to the scribes of Pergamum and Cordova.
    The people of Alexandria were no slouches and knew when attacks were emminant, so the library collections were likely moved to Pergamum for safe keeping before invasion. The children of Mohammad were very tolerant and interested in science and the arts during this era and were actually living side by side with Christians and Jews during the Golden Age of Islam (abt. 640 to 1492ce).We should all pray for another such era. At the end of this golden age of Islam in Iberian Spain, when Isabel and Ferdinand's house of Aragon cast the last of the Moors and Turks from the the land, the zealous good Christians also deported hundreds of thousands of Jews, Pagans and non Catholic Christians. With no where to go and stripped of their possessions, refugees were shipped off to North Africa and Italy. Tens of thousands died of starvation, disease and exposure or became a meal for lions and jackals. Let the truth be told.

  • Reply to: Could Frozen Seeds Save the Future? Scientists Bring a 32,000-year-old Seed Back to Life   1 day 15 hours ago
    Comment Author: Renegade Prophet

    The doomsday seed vault is for the coming doomsday from Planet X!
    The entire government are evil treasonous criminals! The day of the next false flag using the nuke the evil government stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be annihilated by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day globally for the past decade. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but by then 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government and their evil alien masters!

  • Reply to: Archaeologists Discover that Earliest Known Arabic Writing Was Penned by a Christian   1 day 17 hours ago
    Comment Author: Shabda

    Both were born in India, long before they ever journeyed to Ur. In India they predate Judaism by thousands of years however. Brahma and Saraswati = Abraham and Sarah. India colonized the world long before any other cultures did. The Vatican (formerly Vatika) is a Shiva Lingam. Hindu culture existed for thousands of years before the first Sumerian city states were built. Indians predated the Aryans. I won’t even get started about Krishna vs. Christ. There is no such being as Jehova as the one member was talking about because Hebrews has no vowels. YHWH would be much closer, however, he is no God, he is the demiurge, a dualistic being, the same as Satan. No difference. These concepts predate all of the Abrahamic religions and are not only firmly rooted in Indian culture, but that culture spread into Aryan culture in Persia, which is where the root of Judaism came from via the Zoroastrians that conquered Jerusalem and brought the inhabitants home with them for many generations. The various dynasties in Persia would never simply conquer a group or a culture, they would then work that culture into their own culture. Another thing that was first done by Indians. The point is that the Hebrews were shown a benefit if they adopted some of the concepts of Zoroastrianism, and they did exactly that. Now, concerning all of the various religious intolerance that is in this thread, it is time to grow up and let it go. Islam exists, and it was actually responsible for a HUGE amount of learning and scientific knowledge that did not exist before its golden age. Europe was centuries behind the Islamic world. Anyone can have any opinion they want about a religion, but when you start calling it and excuse to murder and rape, you have gone completely off the deep end, and there is NO excuse for that! If you have THAT bad of a reaction to it, perhaps you would be better served by seeking out a professional psychologist that you could go to to work out those issues that plague you. Christianity has never been a religion of peace, so pack up that double standard because it simply will not fly here! The history is by no means secret. Every religious grouping has dirty little secrets that they would rather not be spoken of, but this site is based on history, so the historical events will always be brought up regardless of any person’s religious views or opinions.


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