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  • Reply to: Out of Place Artifacts   10 min 7 sec ago
    Comment Author: Needsun

    The ice core data and the possibility of the occasional reboot peaks my curiosity.  

    The cyclical glacial periods or "ice ages" occurring every 100,000+- years would certainly recycle everything on the surface. 


  • Reply to: The origins of the ancient Coptic Church of Egypt   16 min 57 sec ago
    Comment Author: Robert W Ahrens

    History is written by the winners, which is why Eusebius got to write his "history" of the Church. Unfortunately for him, modern scholars have the luxury of finding and reading sources his readers would probably not have had - which often show his writings to be false.

    Historians try not to allow such basis as you describe to affect their conclusions, and they do attempt to base their conclusions on probabilities which make the conclusion more likely.

    Someone who still calls the Gospels as written by Matthew, Mark, Luke & John are behind the times, and ignoring the scholarship of numerous scholars who have concluded that the Gospels are unattributable to those august personalities, regardless of how much they'd like them to be.

    According to your comment, history could be anything, depending on your biases and prejudices.

    Sorry, historical scholarship doesn't work that way.

  • Reply to: The origins of the ancient Coptic Church of Egypt   1 hour 13 min ago
    Comment Author: Karla

    History is subjective....meaning it is open to interpretation of the observer. Napoleon said :History is a lie that has been agreed to". Like the blind men and the elephant, we each examine different parts of the elephant and think we know what it is....but do any of us really know? My truth is different from others because I perceive the world through the veil of my own experiences, just like everyone else does. So, if some understand the story of Jesus as part of their truth.....who can deny that from their point of view their perception is valid?

  • Reply to: What is Bigfoot?   1 hour 19 min ago
    Comment Author: Roberto Peron

    With any species of any organism there are environmental and regional adaptations.  Many bigfoot researchers do hold the theory that there are more than one species of bigfoot.  Sadly, the hoaxsters are out there and all they really accomplish is muddying the waters and diverting attention from real research.  Ah yes, everyone wants their 5 seconds of fame!  

  • Reply to: Out of Place Artifacts   1 hour 27 min ago
    Comment Author: Roberto Peron

    Needsun thank you for the link.  There are literally hundreds of mysterious finds throughout the world.  One thing we are fairly certain of via ice core samples taken by the University of Indiana and others, is that "something" happens on this planet ever so often and it appears to be a planetary event not a localized event.  Whatever it is bascially knocks us back into the "stone age" so to speak.  Nature can be a very good destroyer.  How long do you think our asphalt highways, steel and concrete buildings and homes, plastics, etc.  will endure such an event?  Not long I assure you.  

    Some discoveries are cover-ups and that is NOT a conspiracy theory.  They go against everything we know so they are hidden away in order to keep order.  Other discoveries are unexplainable so they are carted off in anticipation that perhaps some day we will be able to explain them.  Not really a cover-up but simply a matter of we just don't know what they are or mean.  Other discoveries are purposefully destroyed by amateurs or the self righteous fanatics because it goes against their beliefs, religion, etc.  Still, others are uncovered and then covered back up again only to be forgotten as we can't explain those artifacts either and they are out of place and go against conventional theory.  What I'm saying is these odd discoveries are NOT  all "victims" to some grand scale cover-up.  

    "If we want to know the truth, then we must follow the evidence wherever that evidence leads and no matter what it upsets or whom it offends."  But this is ONLY if we want to discover the real TRUTH.


  • Reply to: The origins of the ancient Coptic Church of Egypt   1 hour 49 min ago
    Comment Author: Robert W Ahrens

    "According to Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea, as well as Coptic traditions, Saint Mark the evangelist, who wrote the earliest of the four New Testament gospels, ..."

    Eusebius was a well known and acknowledged liar-for-Jesus. Much of what he wrote must be taken as of dubious real historical value. Almost the entire critical field of biblical study now recognizes that none of the names associated "traditionally" with the Gospels reflect the true writers.

    With this as the beginning of this article, i stopped reading, as it is obvious the rest will be of similar value, historically speaking.

  • Reply to: Out of Place Artifacts   1 hour 49 min ago
    Comment Author: Roberto Peron

    You're not not the only one pissed off over this riparian.  We waste billions on Mars, comets, etc.  We know more about space than we know about our own oceans.  It is almost as if we DON'T want to know our true history, where we REALLY came from, or anything else, sadly.


  • Reply to: The origins of the ancient Coptic Church of Egypt   2 hours 48 min ago
    Comment Author: Geob

    Year one students in theology at secular universities would be able to tell you that what you managed to Google is rubbish. It was simply part of the establishment of the times effort to use propaganda to discredit Christianity. Realise that at the point in history we're looking at, being a Christian meant that you were a dangerous radical. There were similar articles about Christians meeting to drink the blood of infants being put about. Every society has a media with an agenda, even in the Roman Empire.

  • Reply to: The origins of the ancient Coptic Church of Egypt   3 hours 1 min ago
    Comment Author: Karla

    When you find your own does not matter what others believe, so proving whether Jesus existed or convince others that their beliefs are wrong....does that matter to your own truth? Do you want to avoid being alone in your belief that Jesus did not exist so you have to try to convince others to believe as you do? Why is it important to inflict your own beliefs onto others and try to disrupt their own understanding of their truth? In the big picture, it does not matter what others believe unless you have serious control issues, wanting the power to persuade others to believe as you do, when it is the symbolism in the story of Jesus that matters and when you understand that symbolism, you are a true seeker wanting to know the are able to see beyond the physical to the metaphysical. Look for the symbols in the story and look beyond the story...then you understand, it does not matter whether Jesus really existed or not, it is what is in the story that really matters. For example, Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday....what does that mean to you? Nietzsche's "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", where Zoroaster returned to his cave and found his quests worshiping the donkey.....what does that mean? Try to see the forest and not just the trees.

  • Reply to: The origins of the ancient Coptic Church of Egypt   3 hours 11 min ago
    Comment Author: Geob

    This article isn't about Jesus. It's about the Coptic Church. The liturgical texts of which proved useful in translation of ancient Egyptian. There's very little evidence at the level you demand for William the Conqueror. Show me the bones of Julius Caesar. Everything we know about him is written down. It gets a bit boring when anti-religious people expect forensic levels of evidence because it's "religion". Confirmation Bias yet again. There would be no point in  such articles because unless people with opinions like yours agreed with it, you would ramble on endlessly in the comments about why it was rubbish.

  • Reply to: The origins of the ancient Coptic Church of Egypt   3 hours 51 min ago
    Comment Author: Luccas

    As good of a story as any

  • Reply to: Out of Place Artifacts   4 hours 51 min ago
    Comment Author: John Dale

    I love the story. Its better than mine. I always said wolves followed people but stayed out of the light of the fire at night and the day the wolf overcame his fear of fire he inherited man.

  • Reply to: Glass beads link King Tutankhamun and Bronze Age Nordic women   5 hours 34 min ago
    Comment Author: John Dale

    The long object is most likely a scabbard for a dagger.

  • Reply to: Out of Place Artifacts   5 hours 35 min ago
    Comment Author: Needsun

    My apologies for the length.

    Experts contend that modern humans have only been roaming the earth for 200,000 years.  There is a mountain of evidence being covered-up suggesting that modern humans have been around for much longer.

    Here is a link to what I’ll call Archeological Stories.   I’m not saying that any of them are fact.  What
    I am suggesting is this; if even one or two of them are true, then the modern dogma jammed down our throats by academia has been an outright lie.  Not a mistake, not an oversight, a lie.  What’s worse is
    knowing that all of the experts are complicit in the cover-up.  By their own silence, by not exposing the
    truth, is aiding and abetting science run amuck.

    The “King Crawley” Head 

    In 1921, an Arkansan named Rowlands was digging in one of the many gravel pits on a line of small hillocks known as Crowley’s Ridge, located two miles north of Finch. At a depth of 10 feet, Rowlands’ shovel suddenly struck something large and solid. The abject appeared at first to be a boulder, but excavating around it. Rowlands soon discovered that it was a large rock-sculptured head of a man. It stood about four feet high, and the figure had a squared, protruding chin, small, tight-lipped mouth, short nose, and a fum, wed brow and stare accented by two flat “buttons” of inlaid gold for eyes. Two more gold discs ornamented the figure’s ears, and a heart-shaped plug of copper was embedded in the chest. The top of the head was covered by a carved hood that draped down the nape and attached to a piece around the neck. Near the head, in the same layer it was unearthed, Rowlands dug up a number of smaller objects: a gold ring, a small coffer made of volcanic pumice (which does not exist in this region), and tiny carvings of men, animals~ moons and stars.

    The head and artifacts soon became a local attraction, and the newspapers dubbed the glowering figure “King Crowley.” Several investigators authenticated the find, though they could not explain its presence in the ten-foot layer of gravel — geologically dated at 175,000 years old.

    The head and objects were sent to the Arkansas Natural History Museum in Little Rock. The museum curators, who also examined the artifacts and had double-checked and documented their discovery, were confident enough in the findings’ authenticity to place them on public display. At the same time, however, some of the small carving samples were mailed to the Smithsonian in Washington. The Smithsonian — being a far more conservative institution —described the carvings as truly “Unexplained items,” but could not reconcile the antiquity of the strata in which they had been brought to light. Finally, after 15 years of vacillating on the subject, orthodoxy triumphed: The Smithsonian concluded that the Crowley Ridge artifacts could not be 175,000 years old as this contradicted established theory on the age of human civilization, and therefore declared the artifacts fakes. Conforming to this prestigious conservative pronouncement, the Little Rock museum promptly took the stone head and other objects off display, and eventually sold them to unnamed private collectors. The “King Crowley” head was shipped off to California, and the rest of the collection was similarly scattered to the four winds. Today. the location of even a single object is unknown.(From Strange Relics from the Depths of the Earth, by J.R. Jochmans, Forgotten Ages Research Society, Lincoln Nebraska, 1979 )

    It took 15 years??  Seriously? 

  • Reply to: What is Bigfoot?   5 hours 56 min ago
    Comment Author: riparianfrstlvr

    i read your post and watched the Patterson films. i remember them back then. i was ten in 67. i never was really all that skeptical. and after reading your account, watching that film again and all the other account around the world, it almost seems that there are more than one species, or many subspecies of the same species. like us. there are Russian bison and there are American bison, they are nearly identical yet you can see subtle yet visible differences. put them side by side they would be more visible. i for one believe you saw one of them. but that guy in the vid where he has his kids and wife and huntin' buddy. was he the one using plywood foot prints?. the footprints on the side of the road in the patterson film impressed me the most. i have seen grizzely tracks in the same place, mountain lion tracks in front of our trailer in the same soft moist earth. there is no way those tracks are made with plywood or funky clown feet. no way. maybe it is best they remain a life long memory for the few, a legend some and a lie to the rest. we wil certainly drive them towards extinction far quicker if we actually caught one. just like we have with most everything here, including ourselves. people wil now want a bigfoot hand ash tray and pay a million bucks for it, or bigfoot gall bladder because they think it will cure their PE(premature ejaculation). i also read you guys entire posts.

  • Reply to: Glass beads link King Tutankhamun and Bronze Age Nordic women   5 hours 58 min ago
    Comment Author: John Dale

    What Saiko said is correct . Still, the beads do add to a growing number of factoids that silently point to a prehistoric trans-global trade co-op. This is the storyline I believe these beads contribute to; Firstly, consider the Paracas skulls in South America. I'm not talking about the ones just produced from binding but the ones composing of two and not the usual three parietal plates along with the larger cranial capacity. There can be no argument here, they do not fit in yet are as real as real gets. I will call them "Para-Sapiens". On the other side of the world, in Malta, connected with a Neolithic temple built in the Stonehenge timeline, there was another Para-Sapien skull found. I am no scientist but I bet one such skull may be labled an abberation but multiples of them and in more than one place? Sure, Europeans have curved tibulas and black Africans have straight ones. A Polynesian has a rocker jaw while others do not. A Polynesians' jaw, when set on a flat surface is curved enough to let it rock back and forth. A white mans jaw sits level. These are examples of slight but real differences between the races of man, but to have a totally different number of parts is not a racial marker, but a species deal breaker, in my opinion.

       Secondly, an autopsy done on some Egyptian mummies years ago revealed Cocaine residue. At first it was thought it was an ingredient of the mummification process but later its presence was believed to be recreational or medicinal in nature. Cocaine comes from South America. That news never really caused a stir as to "HOW" it got there. That was subject wise maybe not their line of questioning.

       There is a third factor I am working on, that is, copper from the Great Lakes moving down the Mississippi, formed into "Oxhide" ingots down south in Louisiana and then by Sea to markets elsewhere. There is some evidence to support this but I would like to hear about any tests done to identify North American copper used elsewhere on the planet. That would be my kinda smokin' gun.

       Now, we have Egyptian beads in Northern Europe at about the same time that the Egyptians are doing lines of cocaine. The Para sapiens were where the cocaine is at and the Island of Malta is in proximity to both Egypt and Scandinavia.

       I am asking anyone reading this, who can see an emerging picture to guide me to any more parts of this puzzle. If there is proof to the contrary, I would welcome that too, as I don't want to waste my time on a wild goose chase.Thinking outside the box has caused me many a stubbed toe.

  • Reply to: Ancient DNA on parchments reveal hidden stories   5 hours 59 min ago
    Comment Author: ThomasT

    ...the Billy Meier site, and book.. The Pleiadian Mission by US psychologist Randolph Winters, based on the Meier's 70 years plus, still ongoing et contacts. Many here share common ancestry with this race, as we descended from an ancient race from the Lyra Constelaltion, sun Vega. This group of et are now 12,500 years ahead of us in tech, medicine and knowledge The Creational Laws. They have given us our 22 million year history on Planet Earth since they/some of us first visited from Lyra.

    They live 500 light years distant in the Taurus Constellation, sun Taygeta, on 4 inhabited planets, in a slightly different 'time'. They take 7 hours to get here in their own ships, but have a new ship on loan from friends in the Dal parallel Universe that gets here in a millionth of a second. The Dals also gave them the tech for their 'big spacer', that is 10 miles in diameter with a crew of 144K and fully self contained.

    If you believe that 4M years ago your ancestors were chimps, when humankind in this Dern Universe has a history of nearly 100 billion years, in this Great Time, a Great Time being 311.04 trillion years, and that maybe we learn our history from parchment DNA.... that's your problem.

  • Reply to: The despairing cry of the tomb of Alexander the Great from the desert at Siwa Oasis   6 hours 53 min ago
    Comment Author: Xiosisland

    I find it astonishing that an archaeologist can definitively conclude that a mostly unexcavated site is the tomb of Alexander. Liana conveniently omits the fact that a Greek delegation from the Ministry of Culture in the late 90s visited the Siwa site and determined that the inscription on the architrave reads Artemidoros Ammon Ra; not Alexander; furthermore there is a question as to whether even that inscription is authentic.

    The Egyptian Government is ill-equipped to maintain and protect the thousands of sites throughout their country as it is, another site such as this that in the best case scenario likely contains merely a lesser general of the Ptolemaic Dynasty and has been looted thousands of years ago simply isnt worth the time,money and effort right now. Its best for this site to remain unexcavated for an indefinite period of time and focus on the inumerable other findings such as Amphipolis Tomb and skeleton( which very likely is a very famous Greek Macedonian Royal) and the million person necropolis recently announced in Egypt.

  • Reply to: Out of Place Artifacts   7 hours 49 min ago
    Comment Author: riparianfrstlvr

    when i read what all you guys were saying about all of the artifacts in those mines, it really pissed me off. that historical stuff will tell us far far more than what might be in some water that may be on Mars, or some comet that is actually a second choice, and that doesn't work because the batteries are dead. WE have spent billions when we could have learned far more right here. and i have learned a lot reading you guy's posts, more than i ever learned in school. i live in former coal and gold mining country. cyanide heap leach mining trashes the country side and they never reclaim it. now i'm twice as mad.

  • Reply to: What is Bigfoot?   8 hours 1 min ago
    Comment Author: Roberto Peron

    NikiK giant skeletons are found all over the world.  Some are of known peoples while others continue to be unknown.  Some suffered from a disease which made them grow bigger than the rest of the population but some suffered from no known disease that would cause such.  The Biblical Goliath who was slain by David with a sling shot was said to have been a giant and is said to have come from a race of giants.  There are many ancient stories about such giants virtually from every culture in every land.  In fact, they just unearthed some mummies in Egypt (perhaps those of a million people) and one skeleton they found was folded to fit into the upright grave (the mummy is said to be over 7 feet tall).  I do think some of the giants they have found in North America MAY be the remains of Bigfoot hominids and not Homo sapiens.  Could they be Neandertals who simply hid from modern humans to avoid complete extinction?  It is possible but without DNA testing we can only speculate.  Such DNA testing may reveal something entirely different, in fact.

    I have observed these creatures with my own eyes on two occasions.  Prior to my first observation I was a complete skeptic and thought people who claimed to see these creatures were nutty wackos.  After seeing them once and then a second time with my own eyes I came to realize these creatures are, in fact, very much real.  From my own two observations I will tell you the following:

    My first observation was that of 3 individuals following a very large herd of elk.  My grandfather and I were deer hunting and sitting atop a hill when we first saw them.  Ironically, the elk were calmly walking along with the 3 Bigfoot walking some distance behind them.  They were approximately 61/2 to 71/2 feet tall.  All 3 walked slightly hunched over similar the way a gorilla walks upright but slightly more upright.  Their gait was longer than a humans gait.  Through my binoculars I could see they were very hairy.  It did not appear they were wearing clothing of any kind.  Two were males and I could see their genitals.  The one bringing up the rear was a female with large breasts and female genitalia.  The hair was not overly long such as you would see in humans with long hair today.  The faces had hair on them around the mouth and cheeks but there was no hair on the nose or in the area of the eyes.  The noses were broad like that of gorillas and flat.  They all had very large shoulders and chests as well as very well padded buttocks.  Their arms almost seemed out of proportion with the rest of their body as they were exceptionally long coming down almost to the knees.  Their faces were flat like that you see in modern humans today.  However, one of the males had a  mouth and jaw areathat  protruded more than the others and resembled what you would see in an ape.  They all had brow ridges above the eyes although not large like you find is some ancient human ancestors in the fossil record.  We actually got a good look at all of them through the binoculars for some time as we watched them walking behind the elk herd. This was in the days before cell phones and we didn't normally take cameras on hunting trips.

    I had my second observation from inside a cabin a few years later.  Myself and some others were sitting inside the cabin getting ready to go to bed when one of the others saw "someone" lookiing through one of the windows of the cabin.  I looked out the window and could clearly see "someone" standing about 10 to 15 feet from the window looking right at us.  This individual stood about 61/2 feet tall and was very muscular in the shoulders and chest.  His arms were oddly long hanging almost to his knees.  There was a partial moon that night so his features were clear.  He was covered in black hair or fur except for his nose and eyes areas.  His nose was broad and flat and we knew he was a male as his genitals were less hair covered than the rest of his body.  One of his hands was turned outward and we could see that the palms were hairless.  The hair on his head was not long.  We believe this individual was young.  One of the others with me flipped on a light outside and we really got a good look at him.  The light did not scare him, oddly.  He gazed up at the light and then back at us all watching him through the window.  He then turned his back towards us, went on all fours, and walked away rather slowly.  My thought at the time was "What the hell is a gorilla doing in the forest?".  But it was no gorilla!  This individual was flat faced with a small brow ridge.  It's mouth and jaw protruded slightly but not as much as the one individual in my first observation.  

    In both observations we found large human-like tracks.  All of the tracks showed space between the toes as would be expected from someone not ever having worn shoes.  Dermal ridges were also observable in the tracks.  I was, as mentioned, a disbeliever even after my first observation but the second convinced me this creature is real beyond doubt.  Regarding my second observation no one slept in that cabin that night as I think we were all fearful to sleep.  Regarding my first encounter with the 3 individuals following the elk herd I was shocked, awed, and taken back.  My grandfather's face turned white and became as stone upon seeing the 3 creatures.  Without looking away from the creatures I said to my grandfather, eventually, "Why are those men following the elk?"  My grandfather simply replied, "Those aren't men." The elk and the 3 bigfoot went off into some thick trees and we lost sight of them.  My grandfather told me we needed to get out of there so I started to walk down the hill in the direction of where these creatures had been as the truck was over the next hill.  He grabbed me and told me to follow him.  He led me in a big half circle in the opposite direction these creatures and the elk were moving.  The following day myself and a buddy went out to see if we could see them again but we did not.  However, we did observe tracks of the 3 bigfoot and the elk herd.

    Many rearchers believe Bigfoot uses tools such as stones and sticks.  That is not odd as humans also use such tools as do chimpanzees and gorillas.  As for there legs being straight or bowed to me they appeared mostly straight with a slight bow.  Their walk is odd as when they walk they seem to bring their legs inward and then outward.  The Bigfoot in the Patterson films does this as well btw.  It appeared to me their hair was fairly smooth and it was more like hair not fur.  I saw no claws on any of these creatures and,  in fact, with the one at the cabin when he turned his hand he appeared to have nails like humans and apes do.  Some researchers believe these creatures groom each other much like baboons do.  I did not smell any stench from them as some have reported.




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