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  • Reply to: The Megalithic Temple of Malinalco: Could these Magnificent and Complex Rock-Cut Structures Actually Pre-Date the Aztecs?   1 hour 29 min ago
    Comment Author: yes it's me

    about those stone tools...didn't the article say that a large portion were made differently than the parts made with aztec stone tools? nothing more is said as to who or why or how those other parts were built. why are scientist not looking past the aztec occupation for clues to who were the originators of the site? in the head-on photo of the altar it looks more like a duck to me than an eagle but i guess the aztec did not have any duck warriors.

  • Reply to: Analyzing Mummy Genes: Were Ancient Egyptians closely Related to Middle Easterners?   2 hours 25 min ago
    Comment Author: Oba A

    Champollion the Younger in his thirteenth letter to his brother...Describing bas reliefs from the tomb of Sesostris 1 of the Eighteenth Dynasty (16th Century BCE) , which is the oldest ethnographic monument in existence. Forgive this Champollion for Claiming a "dark Red" color, which is nothing but a shade of Black or Brown like ALL Africans. This is what you racists do...Lie, even while telling truths....QUOTE:" Right in the valley of Biban-El-Moluk we admired like all previous visitors, the astonishing freshness of the paintings and the fine sculptures on several tombs. I had a copy made of the peoples represented on the bas-reliefs......It portrays the third hour of the day when the Sun is beginning to turn on it's burning rays, warming all the inhabited countries of our hemisphere. According to the legend itself, they wished to represent the inhabitants of Egypt and those of foreign lands. Thus, we have before our eyes the images of the various races of man known to the Egyptians and we learn at the same time the great Geographical or Ethnographical divisions established during that early epoch. Men led by Horus, the shepherd of the People's, belonged to four distinct families. The first, the one closest to the god, has a dark red color, a well proportioned body, kind face, nose slightly aquiline, long braided hair, and is dressed in white. The legends designate thi species as Rot-en-ne-Rome', the race of men par excellence, i.e., the Egyptians. There can be no uncertainty about the racial identity of the man who comes next: he belongs to the Black Race, designated under the general term Nahasi. The third represents a very different aspect; his skin color borders on Yellow or tan; he has a strongly aquiline nose, thick, black pointed beard, and wears a short garment of varied colors; these are called Namou. Finally , the LAST one is what we call flesh colored, a WHITE skin of the most delicate shade, a nose straight or slightly arched, blue eyes, blond or reddish beard, tall stature and very slender, clad in a hairy Ox-skin, A VERITABLE SAVAGE tattooed on various parts of his body; He is called Tamhou. I hastened to seek the tableau corresponding to this one in the other royal tombs and, as a matter of fact, I found it in several. The variations I observed fully convinced me that they had tried to represent here, the inhabitants of the four corners of the earth, according to the Egyptian system, namely: 1. The inhabitants of Egypt which, by itself, formed one part of the world...; 2. The inhabitants of Africa Proper: Blacks; 3. Asians; 4. Finally, (And I am ashamed to say so, SINCE OUR RACE IS THE LAST AND THE MOST SAVAGE IN THE SERIES), Europeans who, in those remote epochs, frankly did not cut too fine a figure in the world. In this category we must include ALL BLONDS and white skinned people living not only in Europe, but Asia as well, their starting point. This manner of viewing the tableau is all the more accurate because, on the other tombs, the same generic names reappear, always IN THE SAME ORDER.* (ALL CAPS MINE) WE FIND THERE EGYPTIANS AND AFRICANS REPRESENTED IN THE SAME WAY* which could not be otherwise, but the Namou (Asians) and the Tamhou (Europeans) present significant and curious variants. END....Here's proof showing how the Kemites/Kamau= Black People, never entertained the fantasy of representing themselves as anything other than BLACK!

  • Reply to: The Hidden Message in Khafre’s Pyramid: What Were the Builders Trying to Tell Us?   2 hours 42 min ago
    Comment Author: Suzie Rigoll

    Great article....thank you!

  • Reply to: Analyzing Mummy Genes: Were Ancient Egyptians closely Related to Middle Easterners?   4 hours 4 min ago
    Comment Author: Ray Black

    That Osiris is related to Asshur underlines this genetic tie. Those worshipping Asshur migrated to the Nile Valley and set up as Osiris with Istar becoming Isis.

  • Reply to: The Amazing Story of Yasuke: The Forgotten African Samurai   5 hours 50 min ago
    Comment Author: NScotty

    Love information of various cultures and global history.

  • Reply to: Could Ancient Peruvians Soften Stone?   6 hours 22 min ago
    Comment Author: bethehagens

    Sacsayhuaman was, for me, powerful at the scale of yesterday’s total eclipse here in the US. The word coming to mind right now is blunt. I have often wondered if bird guano was a part of the process, maybe even of a particular species.

  • Reply to: Discovered: The Lost Mountain Gods of Colombia   6 hours 22 min ago
    Comment Author: kjohnson

    Good article but could you explain the top picture.

  • Reply to: Garden of Eden Depicted in Ancient Greek Religious Art   6 hours 28 min ago
    Comment Author: Iknowknow1

    Your interpretations are absurd and blinded by your entrancement to literal belief in biblical mythology

  • Reply to: Why is Odin the New God of Choice for White Supremacists?   6 hours 30 min ago
    Comment Author: Jsmith

    I agree completely. This is a bunch of bunk and has no business on any serious site.

  • Reply to: Analyzing Mummy Genes: Were Ancient Egyptians closely Related to Middle Easterners?   7 hours 37 min ago
    Comment Author: Sorin

    Dear Yusuf,

    Egyptian civilization is part of ω civilization which start in Europe. First egyptians was shepherds who came from nord, occupied nord Africa 7-8.000 years ago. They were white people. Are the same population with Indo-europeans who made the kurgans (gorganele) in modern Romania and Ukraina. See - Sumigu mic, Gataia, Romania an big tomb.

  • Reply to: The Immortals – A Continuation of Myths and Legends   8 hours 28 min ago
    Comment Author: чернаязвезда

    so ''niphilim'' must be of sumerian origin. The same as ''eden''.
    promote your ''book'' another way.

  • Reply to: The Immortals – A Continuation of Myths and Legends   8 hours 36 min ago
    Comment Author: чернаязвезда

    comment is more wrong

  • Reply to: Where Heaven and Earth Unite: Powerful Places, Sacred Sites, and You   13 hours 50 min ago
    Comment Author: godstime


  • Reply to: Archaeologists Claim to have Discovered the Location of the Biblical City of Sodom   20 hours 3 min ago
    Comment Author: greg wartnaby

    Soo the way i understand these comments is.
    1) it is agreed that archaeological evidence supports biblical stories.
    2)Many of you refuse to accept the bible as a historically accurate book.
    Why is no evidence being displayed to disprove the bible? If it is not an accurate account then why is there no opposing evidence?

  • Reply to: Where Did the Polynesians Really Come From?   22 hours 21 min ago
    Comment Author: Cam

    Information on Polynesian settlement particularly in New Zealand has been overwhelmingly suppressed since at least the 1960's.
    Remnants of a 6000 year old Chinese boat, 180 ft wide x 400+ ft long have been found on the Northland west coast, undated ancient stone houses possibly of Peruvian origin have been found in significant numbers, a megalithic wall has been found in a central North island national forest, significant Moa traps have been found dating back 2500 years (pre Maori) skeletons of several different groups of people have been found around NZ and ancient Taoist cave drawings have been found in the South Island, yet the NZ Govt and Universities have ignored what is evidence that will rewrite the "academic theories" of how Polynesia was settled, even though the Maori have always maintained they were not the first people on the islands of NZ.
    Here is two parts of one documentary on these findings:
    "Skeletons in the cupboard"
    Part 2:

  • Reply to: Bible origins   1 day 1 hour ago
    Comment Author: evilsorcerer1

    Which one are you talking about in this, god or allah. Because I can’t tell. Actually it sounds like god and allah are fictional ‘snakes,serpents, etc’ made up to place the blame for all of their own sins. Jesus = serpent. I like to do word meanings and if letters have a real  and singular meaning. Here’s my attempt with Jesus. God was supposedly the father or creator. G is the first letter of gas but seemed to be too rigid a sound to coincide with the substance. J may have been an attempt to reconnect people with the old testament god but who would be the Holy Spirit. So g to J to H. The new testament may have been written by someone assuming the old testament was written in code (with all those lmade up fairy tales who wouldn’t) and so wrote the entire NT under pen names believing it was a prophecy that the true sons of god would become extinct and the apocalypse would begin. I believe the event took place very early in history. But Jesus represented the last generation of the children of god. He was called the son of God because he was the last and only generation (supposedly), but was not a real person. So G and J are closely related letters, J being softer and more like a real gas, god being more like a solid, gold for instance. The e in jesus may point to Eden where a very similar sacrifice took place. And so is the first s? Satan, serpent, both were blamed for mens sins when men were responsible. Now the serpent/snake’s head is bruised by man’s heel which is war carried out by almost all humanity. In other word’s it’s just getting the tip of the spear compared of all the blood being spilled. The serpent also represent humanity, a closer idea of how many people were created during creation with 200-400 ribs. So the snake replaced the serpent in the future, it’s head being bruised instead of the serpent. The serpent was actually Adam who thought the snake had been removed from him (salvation). But Adam didn’t know that there is no devil or angels and that the true god is a spirit and the only spirit and blasphemy is wanting to be god, to “be a spirit”. The serpent continued to represent humanity. Total amount of bones in one man-appx amount of nationalities today. So the serpent is mankind and they war. Funny how the Jews Pharisees, old testament believers, or far i see people because they couldn’t remember their own garden of eden story. God walked with them in the garden and spoke with them and made them skins when they left. sus could also represent seas on  both side of something blocking their view of all people. The u I don’t know but if J and soft letters represent gas, seas, ‘a’ letter would represent an idea, something non physical. The last letters ‘us’ may represent the followers of the Holy Spirit. But they are blasphemers.

  • Reply to: The Giant Footprint of Pingyan: Giant Made or Man Made?   1 day 3 hours ago
    Comment Author: riparianfrstlvr

    i agree, she said so in her last paragraph, and i was making fun of the "giant tree" conspirators. there were some big trees but i think we cut them all down.

  • Reply to: Bible origins   1 day 12 hours ago
    Comment Author: Santiago Matamoros

    [...] I think [...] I really think [...] I also believe [...] I think [...] probably happened [...].

    Instead of completely fabricating what you wish the Biblical authors were thinking, why don't you actually read them, and -- in the absence of compelling contradictory evidence – take them at their word?

  • Reply to: Bible origins   1 day 12 hours ago
    Comment Author: Santiago Matamoros


  • Reply to: Bible origins   1 day 12 hours ago
    Comment Author: Santiago Matamoros

    “the Bible evolved from stories which date back”

    Assuming that because two accounts share similarities, the more recent descended from the earlier is not the result of careful thinking. A contemporary historian writing from reliable records will produce a more truthful work than older storytellers passing down versions of the truth that have become corrupted over time.

    Even if the Epic is older, Moses wrote from records that he possessed. (Besides that, he had uniquely direct access to the Authority on the subject.)

    It makes sense that the common early history of Man would be passed down, however distorted, by Noah’s descendants around the world.


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