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  • Reply to: Archaeologists Find Underground Pyramid at Tiahuanaco in Bolivia, Excavations Planned   5 min 30 sec ago
    Comment Author: Yovanna Argote

    Please correct me if I am wrong. I understand that Puma Punku was a civilization prior to the Aymaras. Tiahuanaco was the capital of the Aymara Empire. Is anything else they have found out about Puma Punku?

  • Reply to: The Dark Underworld of the Paris Catacombs   11 min 50 sec ago
    Comment Author: Maxx Test 300

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  • Reply to: Unravelling the Mysteries of Ancient Artifacts Ebook   34 min 22 sec ago
    Comment Author: John Clelland

    Thank you for the great research

  • Reply to: Tiny Black Sea Island may be Hiding Lost Temple of Apollo   42 min 43 sec ago
    Comment Author: african mango diet

    Hi there just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the
    pictures aren't loading properly. I'm not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I've tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

  • Reply to: The Fatal Secret Jesus took to Jerusalem   2 hours 46 min ago
    Comment Author: Peti Miklos

    Atheists are the most ignorant people in the entire history of mankind. as a matter of fact you could use either the word “atheist” or “ignorant” to describe the very same thing, being as they both carry the same meaning. 

  • Reply to: The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts   5 hours 33 min ago
    Comment Author: mysterioso

    Read some Gnostic Scripture. It goes into detail about god(s) being present before creation. As a matter of fact, the top god had a female counterpart…possibly his wife. Yes, Yahweh ?? may have a wife, lost in time and religious zellotry.

  • Reply to: The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts   5 hours 40 min ago
    Comment Author: mysterioso

    Read Z. Sitchen's "12th Planet". It's all in there in great detail. Don't form your opinions based on this brief article.

  • Reply to: The White Slaves of Barbary   5 hours 43 min ago
    Comment Author: Reality

    Seriously? You don't think that blacks (and Arabs, if we want to characterize the African slave trade correctly) intended to reduce them to property, to take away their identity, lives, etc? Sure they did, at least as much as the whites who bought them. One can actually argue that none of them really set out to do it as a form of attack on identity, it was simply that all of them wanted to make MONEY. All of the forms of slavery being discussed here were expressly concerned with greed, not some plan to dehumanize.

    More accurately, every form of slavery in history or before was about greed. Nobody cared how their slaves felt, or whether they lost their identity, etc etc. They saw slaves as a form of capital.

  • Reply to: The mysterious civilization of the Olmecs   7 hours 17 min ago
    Comment Author: Todd McCain

    I have heard some archeologists refer to it as originally being an Olmec site. I have never been there just going off of armchair archeology.

  • Reply to: First evidence of defleshing of human bones in Neolithic Europe found in Italy cave   8 hours 14 min ago
    Comment Author: jack work

    Why is cannibalism ruled out?

  • Reply to: The Fatal Secret Jesus took to Jerusalem   8 hours 19 min ago
    Comment Author: riparianfrstlvr

    i have read about the secret teachings of Jesus and they will be revealed to us at the second coming of him. i was raised catholic too. read about the illuminati, not sure what they are all about,but if what i have read is true, they are some whack-jobs from hell. religions have made billions of $$$ off the masses selling “hope and faith,” when in reality they are free and eternal, and anyone can have them if they so choose. bible tells us to beware of false prophets, i say beware of false profits! it really doesn’t matter what we all believe in, whether it is creation, evolution, or some hybrid like the alein intervention, christ the savior or the Annunaki, they better shift heir spaceship, time/dimension jumping machine or their cape into hyperdrive. with all of the political/social unrest, climate change and disease, we might be extinct by the time they all get here. personally, i know there are good and evil people right here on Earth, so that means there are good and evil people elsewhere as well, be it on another planet, galaxy, or dimension. i learned in catholic school that there are 4 of them, dimensions, heaven, and hell, the 2 most well known, then the catholics have also, purgatory and limbo. in fact the last pope that just retired several years ago, he , with his magical holy hand made limbo go away. limbo,i was taught was for all of the unbaptised innocent babies that can’t get to heaven because they aren’t catholic. what happened to all those innocent babies? the previous pope was also in charge of sweeping all of the pedophilia under the rug back during that heyday. what happened to all those innocent babies? funny thing, that. at least this new Pope changed the rule on who has souls and who doesn’t. he said, just not to long ago, that animals have souls too. i have always believed that if i have one than so do animals, no matter what catholic dogma was. i don’t know what is going on with all of this, how the illuminati, religions and the filthy rich all woven together. i do know all of the partisan bickering going on in washington is nothing but a shit show for the masses. and while some American Muslims were building a Cultural Center at 51 Park a whole bunch of people got all uptight and their sphincters got even tighter because this center was 2 ½ blocks from ground 0 for 911. this Islamic Cultural center was open to the public so people might learn something. all the while the true axis of evil is living up the street at 740 Park. these billionaires act with impunity hedging our money and losing it then they get more from the bailout. our jobs lives and savings are dumped into the toilet while these billionaires also laundered drug cartel money and channeled millions more through the banking network to terrorist networks keeping the war on terror alive. all i can say now is when you find yourself in the mouth of a Great White, or a Grizzly, have some faith and hope, say a prayer and maybe they will become a catholic, stop and say grace and then you can escape! or on some ordinary morning you wake-up and realise that the brutality of reality and the painful truth has left you with nothing and nobody, you can always have hope and faith. i can’t even charge you for that, why do religions?

  • Reply to: The Sumerian King List still puzzles historians after more than a century of research   8 hours 43 min ago
    Comment Author: frankinstien

    The flood stories and longevity legends that are similar to the Bible indicate that such notions were very popular beliefs in that region. That a flood occurred near the region is not unbelievable considering the earths warming after a very long ice age. The flood story gives an indication as to how far back these stories are actually going, 12,000 to 15,000 years ago! This is the period where the sea levels are rising and tidal waves would take centuries to reach towering levels, but there would have been flooding with less water as well before. That there was a Noah is ridiculous, they weren't capable of predicating what was happening on the earth, That the legend depicts a survivor that happened to get to a raft with some live stock, his dogs and family in time...OK that's believable but that every animal was taken on board is proof the story was exaggerated to promote the deities of each culture.

  • Reply to: Unravelling the Mysteries of Ancient Artifacts Ebook   10 hours 51 min ago
    Comment Author: Michel-Ange

    thank in advance for putting this information available for dwellers of this earth.

  • Reply to: Ancient Maya citadel discovered in Belize is an anomaly   11 hours 27 min ago
    Comment Author: Lesley Horwinkle

    Hun-Ahan is an anagram of Hanuman? Close, but no cigar! That written, I agree that the prevalence of ancient pyramid-like structures around the world suggests either a gifted world-wide culture (of incredibly superior strength), or visitors from another universe.

  • Reply to: Archaeologists Find Underground Pyramid at Tiahuanaco in Bolivia, Excavations Planned   11 hours 48 min ago
    Comment Author: Hugh Newman

    We'll be investigating this discovery in June. We hope you can join us. Register here:


  • Reply to: The mysterious civilization of the Olmecs   20 hours 12 min ago
    Comment Author: Atriportwo

    Monte Alban is an Olmec/Zapotec ruin? In the 7-8 times I've been there, I have never heard it referred to as such. Only - Zapotec. From where does this information generate?

  • Reply to: The nature and danger of the legendary Kobold   21 hours 7 min ago
    Comment Author: Patrick Nickerson

    I lived in a town house on the side of a mountain that was infested with brownies. I didn't know what in the hell they were for the longest time.I bartended on the weekend and a business man and i were watching a show on bigfoot. We hit it off and were discussing such things. He finally said you wouldn't believe what i'm about to tell you........he had brownies and described exactly what was going on in my house. Of course i was like OMG that's what they are. I have them too. True story.

  • Reply to: Aggressive moderation needed   21 hours 52 min ago
    Comment Author: ancient-origins

    Today I checked the statistics page of our spam blocking system and I realized that instead of 1,000 spam comments that we used to have we now have 34,000!!! That’s the reason for the increased undetected spams. So missing out only 10 spam messages per day is a big achievement.


  • Reply to: First evidence of defleshing of human bones in Neolithic Europe found in Italy cave   22 hours 22 min ago
    Comment Author: Mark Miller

    I can't remember now. And today the article is behind a pay wall. It costs $25 to read it.

    Mark Miller

  • Reply to: Archaeologists Find Underground Pyramid at Tiahuanaco in Bolivia, Excavations Planned   1 day 33 min ago
    Comment Author: Chezney

    I went to Puma Punka and Tiachanacao 3 years ago on Christmas Day, It seems to me that the ancient peoples remember more than we do, even though they may have showed us how to play with a ball now ?


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