The Pyramid Complex and the Hopi: Creation Myth Sheds Light on Building Plan

The Pyramid Complex and the Hopi: Creation Myth Sheds Light on Building Plan

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The Egyptians did not build the pyramids.  No one living in the area can tell you; who built them, why they were built, when they were built, how they were built or why the pyramids at the complex were arranged in the particular order that they are arranged in.

I imagine long ago, the first person to use his small copper chisel and wooden mallet to dislodge the glue (a glue as strong as a spiders web) securing the casing stones and slide the first stone down the side of the pyramid, was greeted with cheers from his friends waiting at the bottom of the pyramid. They then may have used logs, camels, and perhaps the Nile to transport the stone to Cairo to build their city.

Artist’s depiction of the Great Pyramid of Egypt with casing stones intact.

Artist’s depiction of the Great Pyramid of Egypt with casing stones intact. (Source:

If money changed hands, a booming business probably emerged, and it might have taken them 20 years or so to remove all the casing stones and strip the pyramid of anything of value that they could carry off.  They probably camped in one of the old ruins nearby and brought their families there to live.

Spider-woman and Her Helpers

The Hopi Creation Story tells me who built the pyramids— Spider-woman with her helpers the Ant People (the Hopi refer to the pyramids as large ant hills in their story).  She is said to have done this because the Creator instructed her to put his plan down on Earth for all to see.  Like any good business man, the Creator had a reason and a plan.  

Grandmother Spider or Spider Woman of Native American lore.

Grandmother Spider or Spider Woman of Native American lore. ( CC BY-SA 3.0 )

The reason the Creator needed pyramids in Egypt, Mexico, and China, was the Earth had a problem.  It was believed it was out of balance when he first found it wobbling in space.  After Spider-woman built the pyramids, two twin ice caps formed on each pole and their weight stabilized the planet. Today the twins are melting. 

By Hopi count this is the fourth time the Creator has come back to correct this re-occurring problem. This might also be the reason why the pyramids have been built at different periods of time (after the first people were destroyed by fire, the second people destroyed by ice, and the third people destroyed by water, the great flood) and locations and why the murals around the pyramid complex have evolved from stick figures to beautiful colored decorations and carvings, just as we have evolved. 

A mural depicting Tawa, the Sun Spirit and Creator in Hopi mythology.

A mural depicting Tawa, the Sun Spirit and Creator in Hopi mythology. ( Public Domain )

So what was the plan?  

The Plan at the Pyramid Complex

The Creator told Spider-women and his Nephew, that they were to remain here on Earth and start civilization.  The Creator wanted one for himself, one for his Nephew, and he would come back and fix the problem seven times, hoping that we would “wake up” and take care of our Earth and its problems ourselves in the future.

Diagram courtesy author Thomas O. Mills

Diagram courtesy author Thomas O. Mills

The largest pyramid, on the left, was for the Creator, the center pyramid was for the Nephew. The pyramid that represents our location in the plan today is positioned on the equinox—the perfect balance where the day is divided into two equal parts, half dark and half light, this pyramid is smaller than the two large pyramids. 

The three small satellite pyramids in front of the Creator’s pyramid could represent the next three worlds he has to create. The three small satellite pyramids behind the pyramid that represent our present location in the plan, could stand for the three past worlds destroyed by the fire, the ice and the water.

(Learn more about the calculations and connections between at the creation beliefs of the Hopi and the sites of the Egytpian Pyramid Plateau in The Valley of the Kings and the Hopi: Constellations Send Ancient Messages ).

When the Hopi yearly Ceremonial Cycle is added to the complex, you see that we are in between the fourth and fifth cycle and about to cross over from this world to the next.

Diagram courtesy author Thomas O. Mills

Diagram courtesy author Thomas O. Mills

If this belief is correct, there should be evidence that the small satellite pyramids have been moved in the distant past in the first, second, and third sections.   


Highly unlikely and reaching.

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Thanks for taking a look.   

Thomas O. Mills

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Interesting theory.

Thomas O. Mills's picture

Thanks, good things in your future.    

Thomas O. Mills

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I cannot tell you why or how exactly they built the pyramids but I can tell you who built them and the basic reason for doing so. They were built by the tetraploid humans (giants) who wanted to implement their system of bureaucracy upon us normal diploid humans. They also built Gobekli Tepe, Puma Punku, Stonehenge, Petra and many other megalithic structures that actually encircle the globe.

This is where the “As above, so below” concept comes into play. They want us to implement their system of bureacracy for our civilization. Whenever you go to court you will find this metaphor come into play. God is the judge, Satan is the prosecutor while Lucifer is the compassionate defense who brings light to the subject in question. This is all part of the religious trinity and is more bureaucratic than religious in nature.

You will find pyramids on the Moon, Mars, Ceres, Arctic, Antarctic and many other places on Earth and within our solar system. NASA is well aware of this but will lie about it because they have been told to keep the existence of these tetraploid humans a secret.  They fear we will overwhelm and kill them off as has happened in the past.

The tetraploid humans were our ancient gods (Bible, Greek, Roman, Kali, etc.) and are now our modern aliens. They are super-intelligent as welll as super strong. They grow up to fourteen feet in height with a weight of 1100 pounds and a cranial capacity of 2300 cc. I document much of this in my book, Secrets of the Pink Kush where I made this discovery from my work with polyploidism.

Secrets of the Pink Kush provides the complete details about these hidden ones also known as the Serpent People. From their beginnings about 12,000 years ago up to our modern times and where some of them currently reside. It also includes microscopic examination of diploid, triploid and tetraploid cells as well as how to actually create a tetraploid human (or insect, plant, animal) for scientific replication. The only book in the history of the world to finally reveal the trutth about giants.  The book provides incontrovertible evidence that giants did and still exist. 

William H. Bradhaw, Dipl. T, CPIM

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I never have that theory before.   thanks  tom

Thomas O. Mills

Oh thank god I found someone who believes as I do. I'm so happy to see this comment. My research throughout the years has led me to the same conclusions you just posted, although I have not read your book. I'm going to have to check it out though because I wasn't aware of the pyramids on Ceres so there might be some things that I'm not aware of your book can fill me in on. Thank you for spreading knowledge even though people might think it crazy

What a crock of New Age folderol. Of course, since the non-native, primitive population of North America had no grand accomplishments of their own, they must have constructed the Egyptian pyramids, oh and those of South America and China as well. Pure nonsense. I guess the "aliens" carried them across the great waters in thier thunderbirds.

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I don’t remember saying that the non-native populaton of North America constructed anything.  


Thomas O. Mills

It's a retelling of an intriguing myth, not an actual discussion of history. Sheesh! I got it, and enjoyed it immensely.
Any myth grows in the retelling, why should this one be any different? Having Jesus born in december is a retelling that directly contradicts the Bible, but most people get on with their lives instead of arguing historical accuracy...

Highly improbable.

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Thanks for taking a look.   all the best.   tom

Thomas O. Mills

Thomas O. Mills, some posters here have cast doubt over the Hopi knowing anything about ancient Egypt. But would I be right in saying that Hopi territory borders the Grand canyon, in which it's said that Egyptian artefacts have been found in caves and structures believed to be ancient pyramids? I seem to remember reading about this somewhere, and if true would surely erase doubt of the Hopi being ignorant of things Egyptian? I really enjoyed the piece by the way, thank you.

Thomas O. Mills's picture

Hello John and thank you for your comment.  You are correct that the Hopi territory is very close to the Grand Canyon.   Many Hopi clans believe that they emerged into this the 4th world at the Canyon.   The Supai (Navel) village is located at the bottom of the Canyon and a great place to visit if you like to hike.    I think the Egyptian cave you mentioned was discovered by a man named Kincaid who work for the Smithsonian and was exploring the canyon back in 1909.  When he got to Phoenix he wrote an article for the Phoenix Gazette.  The cave nor the artifacts have ever been found.   If they exist, I think they would be located upstream from the junction of the little Colorado and the Colorado.  Many of the ancient villages surrounding the Hopi villages, and the Hopi villages form the outline of Orion.   1st Mesa, 2nd Mesa, and 3rd Mesa form his mid-section, Walnut Canyon his head, Wupaki the star Bellatrix, Homol’ovl near Winslow the star Betelgeuse.  So Orion’s spear would be pointing at the village of Supai.   If all the man stars are represented on the ground by ancient villages, than the star in his shield over the canyon should be the location of the cave you mentioned.  You might take a look at Gary David’s book “The Orion Zone”.    

Many of the other clan believe they crossed over a large ocean on rafts always heading East and then they traveled North to their present location.  

Good things in your future.   tom 

Thomas O. Mills

There is plenty of information on this. Just go to YouTube and enter "Egyptian tomb grand canyon". The precise location is definitely known but public access is denied as is public acknowledgement.

An interesting and enjoyable read, if a tad fanciful. But what mythology is not fanciful? Of course we know how the Egyptian pyramids were built, and even have a strong handle on why. As a matter of fact, there are still failed attempts at constructing pyramids from earlier in Egypt's history than the ambitious multigenerational Giza projects. And the pyramids in Central and South America are constructed very differently (which this myth slyly explains, I noticed) but less well preserved due to slight differences in climate between deserts and tropical rainforests... (Otherwise we no doubt would have found earlier failed attempts there as well.)
The pyramids are fascinating, but a lot of their mystery originates in unconcious racism, the earnest assumption that mere primitives from continents other than Eastern Europe could not possibly have the intelligence or resources for large construction projects. A little archaeology and a little history go a long way to taking the romance out of ancient alien visitors and similar silliness.
But myths were meant to entertain as much as educate, and they should still be enjoyed. I know that the sky is not a dome formed from the skull of Ymir, but that does not stop me from thrilling to the adventures of Just Tyr and Noble Thor and Sly Odinn and Mischievous Loki and Risque Freyja - and knowing how the pyramids were constructed should not stop anyone from enjoying this retelling of the Hopi creation myth. Lighten up a little!
Kudos, Mr Mills!

Thomas O. Mills's picture

Good Morning Mr. Murphy and thank you for your comment.  I appreciate you taking the time to read the article and I hope it encouraged you to take a look at Hopi history and maybe someday visit their villages.   All the best.   tom 

Thomas O. Mills

the graphic made to depict a mummified , elderly Hopi Grandmother....

is specifically designed or configured to appeal to Western European that group has the greatest amount of readily spendable income... very new-age(ish)

Thomas O. Mills's picture

Morning,  The grahic’s were added by the editors at Ancient Origins.   I think Spider-Women was very attractive and in my next article, that tries to explain some of the murals of Egypt, you will see her.   If the Hopi are correct, money won’t matter in the near future.   thanks   tom

Thomas O. Mills

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Interesting application of myth. I am heading down to the Sedona area this month and hope to get a brief taste for the area. Having enjoyed the Giza Plateau, Saqqara, Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, it will be of great interest to be in the area of the Hopi. Especially at the time of the Winter Soltice.

Paul Boudreau

co-author of Awakening Higher Consciousness

Thomas O. Mills's picture

Morning Paul.   If you get up to Flagstaff the Museum of Northern Arizona might be of interest to you.   Also Frank Waters book “ Masked Gods, Navaho and Pueblo Ceremonialism”  explains his thoughts on awakening -higher consciousness of the two tribes.   The winter solstice is very important just four days before the new birth.   Hope you have a great trip.  The Hopi villages are 90 miles Northeast of Flagstaff.   alll the best. tom

Thomas O. Mills

Hi Tom,

I'll try to fit in the Museum and I'll definitely check out the book.



Hi -

Interesting thoughts but considering getting yourself an editor. It's hard to take something as valid when it's rife with grammar and spelling errors.

Tsurugi's picture

Strange. I didn't notice any spelling or grammatical errors when reading the article...but I'm not a grammar nazi, so it is entirely possible I missed something.
Thus, I ran the text through a grammar and spelling check. Result: no spelling or grammar errors. There were a couple of suggestions for re-phrasing certain sentences, but current phrasing is grammatically correct.

Perhaps you could give some examples? If you do, I'd recommend editing your original comment to change "considering" to "consider", as the former is grammatically incorrect.

Hi, I'm uberly interested in how ancient structures were built and find the pyramids fascinating also. But I'm confused. I haven't read your books but I did read that some people (as do I now) suspect that the pyramids had a gold top and they could conduct electricity (due to the limestone they were partially made out of). What are your thoughts on this? That would help if a civilisation were to live in them for a little while but where would they live? I've only seen 'official' footage of the pyramids and I do know they keep some chambers hidden to the public, but surely you're talking about hiding a lot for no apparent reason? Is there a reason to hide something so enchanting? I've also heard others talk of 'giants' before but I'm wondering why they're here? Do they live on earth or did they? Does that mean earth isn't ours and we're just here for no reason? How have 3 other worlds been destroyed too? Do you mean civilisations? I'm pretty sure this world hasn't been destroyed or I wouldn't be able to type this?? I thought the 'giants' were the statues on Easter Island and a creator could animate inanimate objects, and that's why they're there. There was also a giant wooden man found recently and some texts speak of men made from wood and some from clay, so I thought they were coincidental finds... And fascinating. It's all fascinating to me but I find it can be confusing at times too. Many thanks if you reply, it's a fairly old feed :)

Thomas O. Mills's picture

Hello Rob,  I think the pyramids were built at different peroids of time as they were needed.  What would we do if the earth started to wobble?  What steps would we take?  I have heard about the gold top and how they might conduct electricity but there is no evidence that I know of.   They are just piles of rock – weight.   My friends believe only a few young children will be protected from each race, so we are not talking about thousands of people inside the pyramid.   I do not know anything about giants but think we were created in the Creators image.     The word destroyed is probably the wrong word.  Perhaps rejuvenated or recycled would be a better word.   Ice ages and floods have happened in the past but they did not destroy the earth.  You are right.   Sorry if I confused you.  Its very clear in my mind.   All the best.   tom

Thomas O. Mills

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