The ark that contains the Sudarium of Oviedo.

The Shroud of Oviedo: A Legendary Cloth Connected to the Death of Jesus

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The Sudarium of Oviedo, also known as the Shroud of Oviedo is one of the most important relics of Christianity. It is believed to be a cloth which was wrapped around Jesus’ head after his death. The shroud is currently the greatest treasure in a cathedral of Oviedo, Spain.

The Shroud of Oviedo is located in the chapel of St. Michael, also known as the Holy chamber of Oviedo, which nowadays belongs to the city's cathedral. In the early medieval period it was a separate pre-Romanesque church located next to the Tower of San Miguel. The chamber, which was built in the times of the fall of the Visigothic kingdom, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in December 1998. The chamber was built during the 9th century as a palace chapel for King Alfonso II of Asturias. It was destroyed in the 14th century and then replaced with the present day Gothic Cathedral of Oviedo.

The Cloth of Jesus Christ

The Sudarium of Oviedo is a piece of cloth measuring 84 x 53 cm (33 x 21 inches). According to the Bible (John 20:6-7), it's a piece which was wrapped around the head of Jesus.

Simon Peter, following him, also came up, went into the tomb, saw the linen cloth lying on the ground, and also the cloth that had been over his head; this was not with the linen cloth but rolled up in a place by itself.

The shroud is displayed to the public only three times a year. It is severely soiled and crumpled, with dark flecks which don’t form any image. Thousands of pilgrims arrive in Oviedo on Good Friday, the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross on September 14, and on its octave on September 21.

The Sudarium of Oviedo.

The Sudarium of Oviedo. ( Mark Guscin )

The shroud of Oveido was mentioned for the first time in 570 AD by Antoninus of Piacenza, who wrote that it was located in the monastery of St Mark, in Jerusalem. The history of the shroud’s travels starts in Palestine in 614, when it was taken to Alexandria after the invasion by the Sassanid Persian King Khosrau II. When his army arrived to northern Egypt, the presbyter who took care of the shroud carried it from Alexandria to Spain. It then traveled through Cartagena, Seville, and in 657, arrived in Toledo. It finally reached Oviedo circa 840 AD. In March 14, 1075, King Alfonso VI, his sister, and Rodrigo Diaz Vivar (known as El Cid), opened the chest with the shroud and named it by an official act as "The Sacred Sudarium of Our Lord Jesus Christ."

Science Doesn't Provide the Answer People Expect

Carbon 14 testing is the most popular method for dating ancient artifacts. The tests of the Sudarium were performed on three samples snipped from it in April 1988. The results suggest that the shroud dates between 1260 and 1390 AD. According to these results it is impossible that the shroud is an original that belonged to the times of Jesus - but there is much controversy over the dates provided. 

Christ Pantocrator mosaic in Byzantine style, from the Cefalù Cathedral, Sicily, c. 1131.

Christ Pantocrator mosaic in Byzantine style, from the Cefalù Cathedral, Sicily, c. 1131. (CC BY-SA 3.0 )

Even in scientific communities, the results of the tests are not believed to be reasonable. It seems that the shroud may have gotten dirty in a fire in 1532 – making the carbon testing completely useless. The cathedral was also bombed by terrorists in 1934, which could have influenced the date of the shroud as well. Carbon testing is convincing only if the samples don't contain dirt not connected with the times when it was made. It is a typical problem for dating ancient textiles. If the sample was not influenced by substances from other centuries, the result of the test is valid. Many researchers do not accept the results of the carbon 14 tests because the sample wasn't clean.

Searching for the Origins of the Shroud

The story of the shroud of Oviedo has as many enthusiasts as critics. Many people believe that this is a piece of textile which really covered the face of Jesus, but science is still looking for proof to confirm this. A Swiss pollen expert, Max Frei, tried to find botanical evidence. When he studied the shroud he found two species of pollen which were typical for the area of Palestine. He also found a pollen sample from the north of Africa, which is consistent with the legends about the travels of the cloth.


There is nothing, 100% of everything in existence still can't prove that a being named "Jesus" ever walked this planet when they said it was allegedly to have happened. There are ZERO artifacts from that person, due to the fact its fabricated, it's a fairy tale. IF IF IF, Jesus were real, then, where is the True Cross? Nails? Crown of Thorns? And IF Jesus were really the "son of god," Why would a "god" need a host for Jesus, but yet was able to make Adam a full grown man, and Eve from his rib. Because we all know thats how people are born, from each other's ribs. The babble, story about god, Jesus, etc are all man made tales used to control people from reality and truth. If god were real, why can't he fix problems now? Why can't he save everyone, after-all, aren't we allegedly made in "his" image? There was never any "god" until some man decided that the Sun God, Moon God, etc weren't viable anymore, so lets concoct a new, singular god and wipe out all others. It's sad that people are so blind to the lies, tyranny and deceit that religion today, without any real verifiable checks, is still peddled to the masses. Churches lies, cheat and steal from those the profess to love and help. Not when you have Crutch leaders like Joel Osteen who lives in a $10 Million home, has a mega-crutch and doesn't ever pay taxes. Crutches need to pay their fair share of taxes. My tax dollars shouldn't go to help off-set someone's pipe dreams of lies and hatred, while they pay out millions in sex claim payoffs, rather than ever go to court. Religion is the root of ALL that ills the world today. Wipe out religion world wide and it'll be a much more peaceful place to inhabit. Religion kills!

One "Religion" is the basis for the killing rampages NOW. If you world is better without religion that is wonderful for you. For millions upon millions of people who would live bereft of personal solace with out it religion is a precious thing.

Well, dear Carol, according to the 'bible' your 'god' was a mass murderer as well. Remember 'the great flood' and 'sodom and gomorrah'?
I'm simply not going to worship a mass murderer, period!
But if you do like to 'rest your soul' in the hands of a mass murderer.... Amen!

Where do you rest your soul?

Soul? What soul? Who needs a soul!?1

Read genesis 6. The tribes HE said to kill were hybrid beings. Don't be ignorant. Do your research.

Well Jesus (the name) didn't exist in history because that is an English interpretation of Yeshua, so you will not find that name in original texts unless they are translated. There is proof though by people of other beliefs and no beliefs, the difference being who He was. The cross is believed to have been salvaged and sent in pieces to plenty of places, so it does remain, aside for that, I don't know where the rest are. That shouldn't shock anyone as you will not see articles of ridicule from any capitol punishment kept as souvenirs, despite the large number of people who have been killed. As for God creating Him perhaps He wanted a full on experience of the human condition. It would be nice if the ones who rule came and lived like regular people do, and to do that honestly one needs to start at the beginning. Funny on the why don't He "fix" the problems, He could ask the same question, maybe that is why He created you. I can't argue on many of the churches or Preachers of the day, many are bad. Lack of proper research explains that and how they use this for control, just as it does some of the ones who have posted about history. It is funny how ignorance works on all sides. As for Him being a genocidal God, well one has to know real history, and I'm not talking about just the Bible who these things were. Don't worry though, they are coming back, everything travels in full circle. When they do though, religion will not be done away with, they have one to replace all religions, and it is mandatory. You will see it their way of die, and that isn't just from a Christian's perspective. To them we are just low class animals here to use as they wish, and too many of us anyway, so they will thin the herd. Right now, as in the past, your tax dollars have been spent killing and thinning out the herd. Do you support that? They know who God really is, they just hope you don't figure it out soon enough.

I know that Jesus is the Greek translation of Yeshua, if you want English it would be Joshua as I'm sure you know. Really I don't quite understand a lot of what you wrote, though, It seemed rambling. We should be talking about the Sudarium since that is what we started out with.

Hilly7!! Excellent. I just left a comment for these folks to read Genesis 6 but I know they won't. I still see comments about the talking snake? Haha. It's punishment was to crawl in the dust. Ancient texts like " Enoch " .. which was left out when "they" put our Bible together... gave too much information.

okay since you know all about them just who ARE they?

You’re making a helluva lot of extraordinary claims Jason. And extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs, just like the existence of Jesus or other historical narratives in the Bible require.  Just remember, you don’t need to be a devout Christian or God-fearing man to accept that much of the historical narrative of the world’s religious works, including the Bhagavad Gita, Qur’an and the Bible, might in fact be true.  As an example, there is much evidence and profoundly new enquiry and revelation supporting evidence of events such as a global deluge/flood, the sojourn, enslavement and exodus of Asiatics in Egypt (and later conquests by) to name but a few.  Now whether those events were brought upon by a vengeful Yahweh or not is debateable but that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. On the subject of the Christian’s Christ, do a little digging around on the figure named Yeshua Ha-Nozri.  In addition, a good review of the Nag Hammadi Library and others offer some tantalising insights into the possible existence of some kind of illumined prophet that fits that of Jesus Christ.  It’s not religion that kills, it’s man that kills.  Many of the scientific minds who have shaped the world we live in actively sought a relationship with The One which we cannot comprehend.  Many of those minds were prophets in themselves. 

[Chapter 6]

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[Chapter 7]

1 And all the others together with them took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in unto them and to defile themselves with them, and they taught them charms 2 and enchantments, and the cutting of roots, and made them acquainted with plants. And they 3 became pregnant, and they bare great giants, whose height was three thousand ells: Who consumed 4 all the acquisitions of men. And when men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against 5 them and devoured mankind. And they began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and 6 fish, and to devour one another's flesh, and drink the blood. Then the earth laid accusation against the lawless ones.

I agree with you on every point. my wife said the same
Religion is a money maker. many people only not go by
it. just pay to listen. if there is any miracles that can be
then some cases it is by luck. I respect all religions.Through
spirituality has been in me not religion.

Your problem with the Jesus of Nazareth story is that you fail to distinguish between message and its mode of telling. If you have a message and you want people to get the message, you have to tell it in a way they will understand. People in the day understood the passion of a father for his firstborn son, and that is why the message was delivered in that form. As far as the historical Jesus is concerned, there was a man, Jesus of Nazareth, who preached. The are independent contemporary references to him. Beyond that, it is a matter belief. Even if it was proven he was crucified by the Roman authorities, what you want to make of the story is your business.

While I completely agree with you about the whole god thing being a fairytale, I cannot agree with you about banning it and the world would be a better place, If there was no religion (and I can't understand why there still is in the 21st century)man would just find some other reason to kill each other

Oops. The article runs off the rails where it reaches the subheading:

Science Doesn't Provide the Answer People Expect

Beyond that point, it starts discussing the radiocarbon dating of the Shroud of Turin, NOT Oviedo.

I guess we all mistakes.

In the above article you have wrongly attributed the image and the words under it, "Perfect fit of Sudarium of Oviedo (right) to the face on the Shroud of Turin (left)" to Dan Porter's Shroud Story blog.

But if you click on that link under "Shroud Story" you will see a link in the words, "Stephen Jones continues his critique of Charles Freeman’s "The Turin Shroud and the Image of Edessa: A Misguided Journey,"".

If you click on that link you will see that the image and words are mine in my The Shroud of Turin blog posts of July 28, 2012, "My critique of Charles Freeman's "The Turin Shroud and the Image of Edessa: A Misguided Journey,"

It would be appreciated if you changed the "Shroud Story" reference and link to "The Shroud of Turin" blog and embed the link to my post in which the image and words originated.

Thank you.

Stephen E. Jones

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