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Dustin Naef

DUSTIN NAEF  is the author of two forthcoming books:  Mount Shasta’s Forgotten History and Legends (2016) , and Mount Shasta’s Mysteries (2017) . He became interested in Mount Shasta’s history and legends after moving to the area over a decade ago. Years of research led him to conclude that the mountain’s true legacy has never been told before in modern times. Very little factual history about the mountain has ever been widely published before; and he hopes his upcoming books will help prove that California’s legendary mountain is older, and far more mysterious, than previously imagined. His primary fields of interests are history, the paranormal, mysterious legends, and folklore. He has appeared on the Travel Channel in Mysteries at the National Parks , and looks forward to participating in other venues in the future.

You can visit Dustin’s website at: or his YouTube Channel at:

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Many of Dustin’s articles feature the work of photographer Loree Johnson. See her Facebook Page at, and her website can be visited at

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For questions or inquiries you can contact the author at: dustinnaef[at]


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