Mount Shasta: Sacred Mountain and a Strange Destination for Many

Mount Shasta: Sacred Mountain and a Strange Destination for Many

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Mount Shasta is not the tallest or most beautiful mountain in the Cascade Range; but it is the most legendary. In terms of weirdness and high strangeness, the unusual stories surrounding the mountain will challenge any other region in the contiguous United States, or perhaps even the world. According to the Sacramento Bee newspaper, over 100 cults from all over the world trace their origins back to Mount Shasta.

Underground Dwellers

In a government-funded study, 89 percent of visitors questioned admitted that they came to Mount Shasta to worship the gods and alien beings believed to dwell in the Hollow Earth beneath the mountain–who are frequently referred to as the mountain’s “Underground Dwellers”.

Most of the odd stories surrounding Mount Shasta can be traced back to a book called A Dweller On Two Planets first published in 1906, written by a teenager, Frederick S. Oliver who was living in Yreka, California, during the gold-rush era. Oliver’s book contains the first published references linking Mount Shasta to a mystical brotherhood of “spiritual adepts”; a tunnel entrance to a secret city beneath Mount Shasta;  Lemuria; the concept of “I AM”; and also the “channeling” of disincarnate spirits.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta (June, 2016) © Dustin Naef.

J. Gordon Melton, an expert on unusual religions, identified the world’s first UFO religion as the group “I AM Activity,” which was founded in Mount Shasta in the 1930’s by Guy W. Ballard.

Ballard claimed to have met the famous alchemist Count Saint Germain while searching for a secret occult brotherhood on the slopes of the mountain; Saint Germain appeared to Ballard and shared with him some of his off-world adventures and travels with extraterrestrials from the planet Venus.

It’s alleged that Ballard extensively plagiarized A Dweller On Two Planets when he wrote his memoirs, Unveiled Mysteries , about his visionary, spiritual experiences on Mount Shasta.

Native American Traditions

Some modern spiritualists have a very interesting take on Mount Shasta. In a sociological study, modern spiritualists expressed appreciation for Native American traditions about the mountain, and also admitted that they sometimes emulated them; but they also frequently volunteered information that their belief system was a further evolution, hence more ‘advanced’ than Native American cosmology.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta ( CC BY 4.0 )

Mount Shasta is a place where many modern spiritualists go to physicalize the expression of higher-consciousness upon the planet, and step into their exalted roles as spiritual gurus, and enlightened beings.

Modern spiritualists have coupled the Native American’s sacred mountain with the fabled mountain of the miner’s greedy dreams; where gold hangs from the roofs of the Lemurian’s jewel-encrusted caverns like giant icicles. Below the mountain, the Lemurian’s crystal-city of Telos awaits in the Hollow Earth–just beyond the reach of third-dimensional reality–where every wish-fulfillment may be realized: immortality, freedom from pain and suffering, dazzling luxury, companionship, and love.

Beautiful natural surroundings at Little Backbone Creek, Shasta Lake, California.

Beautiful natural surroundings at Little Backbone Creek, Shasta Lake, California. ( CC BY-ND 2.0 )

There is no Hell in this alternate spiritual view; but Earth-dwellers are constantly warned that they’re running out of time, and they better evolve and secure their place in the fifth-dimension of Telos in advance of some constantly-changing, future catastrophe. If you don’t get with the program and evolve, you’ll be born here again–or perhaps on some other hellish planet–where you’ll have to face all the same painful karmic lessons and challenges before you can reach ascension, beyond the third-dimensional reality. It could be another 10,000 years before Earth-dwellers are presented with an opportunity to evolve again.

Paranormal Hot Spot and Mother Mary
Mount Shasta is widely regarded as a paranormal hot spot where the barriers between worlds are substantially thinner. Sometimes, the dead even promise to return from their grave from the mountain.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta ( CC BY 2.0 )

In 1951, a woman with Theosophical leanings who called herself Mother Mary opened an establishment called “The Inn,” located on Main Street in downtown Mount Shasta city. Mother Mary became infatuated with the mountain after reading A Dweller on Two Planets, and believed her establishment would attract lost souls passing through, who she could help along their path to enlightenment.

During the years of operation, Mary claimed over 10,000 visitors came.

Over the years weary travelers would be heading up Interstate 5 in the middle of the night, and find themselves strangely compelled to turn off of the exit into town, where they would drive a short distance and find themselves at the doorstep of Mary’s Inn, hungry and discovering it to be the only place open in town where they could get something to eat.


"In a sociological study, modern spiritualists expressed appreciation for Native American traditions about the mountain, and also admitted that they sometimes emulated them; but they also frequently volunteered information that their belief system was a further evolution, hence more ‘advanced’ than Native American cosmology."

Hmmmm.... in that one fine statement the definition of "modern spiritualists" reveals itself..... egocentric thumping the doctrine of discovery. These so called "modern spiritualists" never thought for a second that there are Native American teachings that "aren't" shared with the rest of the populous because of these types of assinine thoughts and the incapability to truly expand one's spirit from the heart... just sayin'

William Bradshaw's picture

Mount Shasta is the home of Bigfoot, who are giant humans not apes. This is one of the secret locations of tetraploid humans (giants) that I reveal in my book, Secrets of the Pink Kush.

William H. Bradhaw, Dipl. T, CPIM

Check out the web entries for Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting . It happened here and it is still happening. I suspect it was the model for Spielbergs Close Encouters.

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