The Miracle of the Sun, 1917: Ancient Angels at Fatima? The Possible Common Origins of Star Gods

The Miracle of the Sun, 1917: Ancient Angels at Fatima? The Possible Common Origins of Star Gods

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The Dogon have a very sophisticated level of knowledge of science and quantum mechanics, something that the early anthropologists could not have known about and some of modern sciences newest discoveries are only beginning to parallel what the Dogon have described for centuries and which they say they have known for thousands of years.

A striking similarity exists between the ancient amphibious Gods, the Oannes, who were said to have arrived from the stars and brought civilizing skills to early humans, and the Dogon deities, the Nommo. The carvings of these gods and beings often show them immersed in waves, which may also symbolize their immaterial and quantum nature.

Semitic god Dagon, drawing based on the "Oannes" relief at Khorsabad

Semitic god Dagon, drawing based on the "Oannes" relief at Khorsabad ( Public Domain )

Another interesting parallel is the phonetic similarity between Oannes and Noah who are both civilizers who emerge from the waters. This is further reinforced by the fact that the Biblical Noah and the story of the flood is a much older Sumerian myth connecting the Dogon to the myths and Gods of this time.

Ancient Agents of Change

Could it be that all of these deities emanate from the same place and the messages they bring change depending upon the culture and sophistication of the people who receive it? Is it possible that the star beings of the Hopi, the Kachina, who are also said to come from Sirius, are the same beings that appeared to the Dogon? The Hopi call one of their saviour gods Anu, which is also the name of the Babylonian sky god, for example.

Could these deities also be the same messengers who appeared at Fatima and who were channelled by Aleister Crowley and Rudolf Steiner or are all of these transmissions some kind of unconscious, cultural impulse?

When we also take into account many other religious movements which began with an apparition or a channelled transmission we begin to see a very ancient pattern emerging. Whether we examine Mormonism, the Abrahamic faiths, Buddhism, Hinduism or the various Shamanic traditions, the one common feature is the origin point where beings who claim to be from beyond the human realm are the instigators of a new paradigm.

Is this just a coincidence or could it be something more profound?


© David Halpin December, 2016

David Halpin  is a writer from Carlow, Ireland. He compiles local folklore and documents alignments between ancient monuments near his home in Ireland, and is a regular contributor at and Ancient Origins.


Top Image: Deriv; Sun Dog Phenomenon ( CC BY-SA 4.0 ) and 16 th Century drawing of woman ( Public Domain )

By David Halpin


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Angels means messengers (Ancient Greek)

all phenomena

Well I was with you until you wandered off topic with the painting of Guadalupe. It is, afterall, just a painting on fine linen not an Aztec peasants tilma, and one that’s been provably altered over the centuries. It’s likely a copy of the flag Columbus flew. Historically, there is no one named Juan Diego, nor a tomb, and the known Bishop of that time period doesn’t even mention the event in his writings. The story only comes to light 50-75 years after his death.  Compared with the mass witnessing of a light disc moving about the sky at Fatima - The two are not even remotely similar. One has possibilities, whether spiritual or extraterrestrial. The other (Guadalupe) is just a hoax; Something concocted by the Chirch to supplant the pre-existing Aztec shrine of Tonazin on that same location.

It is also very telling that the ultimate description of the vision of Fatima was altered as well to place it more in line with the Catholic church’s desires: from 3 feet tall and bald to a full grown woman with hair. Quite a leap (of faith).

Interesting article tho.


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