The newly-discovered underground causeway leading to the Great Pyramid of Giza.

After Decades of Searching, the Causeway for the Great Pyramid of Egypt has been Found

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Dozens of foreign missions carried out over three decades using the latest high-tech instruments failed to find the causeway of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Now, unexpectedly, the passage has finally been located by a local resident living near the Giza Plateau, who was illegally digging beneath his home when he discovered a tunnel leading to the Pyramid of Khufu, the largest of the three pyramids in Giza.

Arabic news source reports that a resident in the village of El Haraneya in Giza, a prohibited area for drilling, began digging beneath his house to a depth of about 10 meters (33 feet), when he discovered a passage consisting of huge stone blocks.

The Minister of Police for Tourism and Antiquities was alerted to the discovery and security forces immediately placed a cordon around the property.  The Ministry of Antiquities was notified of the incredible finding, and archaeologist Kamal Wahid was placed in charge of a committee to investigate. In its report, the committee confirms the finding of the corridor leading to the Great Pyramid, the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in Giza.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza. Source: BigStockPhoto

The Khufu pyramid complex consisted of a Valley Temple near the Nile River, which was once connected to a long causeway that led to the Temple of Khufu (also known by the Hellenized name, Cheops). This temple was connected to the pyramid.  The discovery of basalt paving and limestone walls suggests the Valley Temple is buried beneath the village of Nazlet el-Samman.  

Artist's reconstruction of the pyramids of Giza, showing the long causeways attached to each complex

Artist's reconstruction of the pyramids of Giza, showing the long causeways attached to each complex. ( Saint Anselm College )

Despite decades of research and excavations, only a few remnants of the causeway (a covered, raised road, like an above ground tunnel), which linked the pyramid with the Valley Temple have been found, until now. 

Ancient Greek Historian Herodotus, who visited the Great Pyramid in the 5 th century BC, described the causeway as being about a kilometre (0.6 miles) long, though this account is contested by modern Egyptologists.  Former Minister of State for Antiquities, Dr Zahi Hawass, estimated the total length of the causeway as being about 825 meters.

In his second book of ‘Histories’, Herodotus described the causeway as being totally enclosed and decorated in fine reliefs. He wrote:

there passed ten years while the causeway was made by which they drew the stones, which causeway they built, and it is a work not much less, as it appears to me, than the pyramid; for the length of it is five furlongs and the breadth ten fathoms and the height, where it is highest, eight fathoms, and it is made of stone smoothed and with figures carved upon it. For this, they said, the ten years were spent, and for the underground chambers on the hill upon which the pyramids stand 
Herodotus: Second book of the Histories .

Drawing of the remnants of a causeway leading to the Great Pyramid

Drawing of the remnants of a causeway leading to the Great Pyramid, 1979 ( Wikimedia Commons )

The causeway of the second pyramid of Giza, Khafra’s pyramid, survived to some degree, however, it is in Saqqara, at the causeway of Unas’ pyramid, where one is able to get a better perspective for what they once looked like.  The Unas’ causeway, which even has a small section of the roof remaining, is the best surviving causeway.

“It consisted of a covered passageway, 720m long, its interior surfaces decorated with high quality reliefs depicting a range of colourful scenes,” writes the Egyptian sites blog . “The walls were lit by a slit in the roof of the causeway which ran along the whole of its length. The theme of decoration on the causeway walls progresses from the living world in the east to the land of the dead in the west.”

Causeway of the Pyramid of Unas

Causeway of the Pyramid of Unas ( Wikimedia Commons )

For now, very little information has been released regarding the discovery of the passageway leading to the Great Pyramid in Giza. However, it is hoped that as investigations by the Ministry of Antiquities progress, we may have a much richer understanding of the great pyramid complex at Giza.

Featured image: The newly-discovered underground causeway leading to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Credit:

By April Holloway


OK...In my research on Khufu I mentioned that Dr Hawass kept on moving the angle of the causeway so that it would not overlap with the location of the harbor. (As this comment box does not allow images to uplaod I cannot include images)

Hawass first published data on the angle of the causeway in Orientalia Monspeliensia IX, pp 245-256 where the angle drawn by the causeway was circa 42 degrees north of due east

In 2008 Hawass himself then co-published a book with Ashraf Senussi on Old Kingdom pottery but somehow the angle of the causeway was suddenly 32 degrees north of due east

Between the first paper and the second paper the angle shifted a full 10 degrees. He plotted the direction of the causeway very accurately in the earlier first paper...and gave no reason for the shift in angle in the second paper.

Even more worrying is the faact tht Hawass  drew the maps so they were difficult to use...and the change in angle seems at first galnce to have only been made to ensure the direction drawn by the causeways do not overlap the location of the harbor wall...this could have been used as a tool to test the age of the Pyramids...

and now an amateur discovers the causeway intact.... and Hawass the person who keeps on changing the angle of this in charge of studying them....

For my research I need to know the angle of these causeways.........I mentioned this in my book.

Could it be the line draws an angle at 33 degrees north of due east?

The other causeways present at Giza draw the sidereal month value and the 1 degree motion of earth around the sun....see prior work published on Saskaywaman (Ancient Origins) which shows that linear geometric patterns appear worldwide to align to astronomical values.....specifically those used to predict eclipses.

If it is found that the Pyramids also draw astronomical values as an angular array....Hawass would then have to admit the astronomical alignments drawn by the Pyramids are identical to those seen at other ancient archaeological sites....

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author The Long Journey (400,000 Years of Stone Age Science)

Dr. Hawass is not a friend of Egyptologists or researchers. If he didn't discover something then he will prevent anyone else from studying the discovery as if it hadn't happened. He is an egotist and I had hoped that the \egyptian Spring would see him removed from his position at the head of Egyptian archaeological obstruction.

I Completely agree with you. There has been many instances of Hawass burying information that he deems unfit or taboo. He is nothing more than an agent of disinformation. He is a tool.

I remember a program where Hawass opened a coffin "live" on TV  and immediately upon seeing the body stated with 100% authority that this was proof the Egyptians made the Pyramids. Now I thought science was to let the data do the talking.

Unless he recovers a document showing the complete plans of the Pyramids....plans that show the process of clearing the site for construction and all other necessary steps  to build the Pyramid, or another independent piece of information recording the construction of the Pyramids...he cannot say with 100% confidence who built the Pyramids. Carbon 14 dating already shows the organic material present in the Pyramids is older than they claim. Yet he ignores this information. Why? Because it does not fit his opinion?




Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author The Long Journey (400,000 Years of Stone Age Science)

I totally agree. I think Dr Hawass is a close minded, bigoted fool and we will never learn the truth while he is the head of Egyptian studies.

The truth about the GP will not be disclosed easily. Even IF Hawass were not involved.
Lots of vested interests involved.
As to the age of the GP, however, do not forget the Cartouch found in the upper relief chamber over the King's Chamber.
I'm more interested in what is behind the NON-load bearing stone opposite the Coffer on the North Wall of the King's chamber.

This was something many people were waiting for.

I hope we will get an update very soon

Sunny Young

Hawass is a fraud. He buries the truth about the construct and details surrounding WHY the pyramids were built so Egypt can continue to exploit the "mystery" and cash in on tourist money. He knows damn well it was not a great tomb. NEVER EVER EVER...not even ONCE, was a sarcophagus EVER FOUND IN ANY PYRAMID!!!!! Such B.S....this world sucks.

Exactly, Hawass, a scummoneybag of note. And thanks Jayem for reminding those that can read but who be ignorant of this cretins "credentials", a slimeball to the very end of the causeway.

And the fraud is covering up the DNA results that were done on Nefertiti and King Tut. It would be too controversial, he says.

Hawass is a fraud as well as the majority of the scientific community. They lie about our origins and about our current reality. Hard to believe anything that comes from any of them.

Makes you wonder how many more unearthed tombs and passages there are to be discovered.

Have to agree with you. No sarcophagi anywhere to be found. I'm in favor of the power plant theory. It works as well as the tomb 'theory'. But I have little respect for Hawass. He's been the guardian of a cash cow in terms of archaeology. The Bosnian pyramid project is more authentic research than the current Giza charade.

I'm personally in favour of the signpost theory. the pyramids being built by an older more advanced race of humans from before the flood 12500 years ago that build them in such a way as to say hello, we have an advanced knowledge of mathematics and astronomy as can be seen by the way the pyramids have been built. we have lined them up in such a way that they point to a spot on the other side of the Nile where the truth can be found. Unfortunately the temple that held the truth was taken over by Egyptian priests who withheld the truth in order to have power over the population in much the same way that the catholic church withholds the truth in order to control the population. Sadly the temple at some stage in history was destroyed by invading forces and very little of it is left now.

Makes you wonder how many tombs and passages HAVE been discovered and then hushed up be the egyptian government.

I am almost certain that Dr Hawass is no longer the man guarding the antquities of Eqypt. He was sacked when Hosni got taken down. Didn't he?


He was sacked the reappointed

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author The Long Journey (400,000 Years of Stone Age Science)

Actually Mamdouh el-Damaty is the current Minister of Antiquities in Egypt. He was appointed in June of 2014. Mohamed Ibrahim held the position before Mamdouh el-Damaty. So, Zahi Hawass was sacked in 2011, Mohamed Ibrahim then held the postition for 3 years (2011-2014) after which Mamdou el-Damaty was swarn in.

There is always another secret

This is what was causeing the confusion....On April 17, 2011, Hawass was sentenced to jail for one year for refusing to obey a court ruling relating to a contract for the gift shop at the Egyptian Museum to a company with links to Hawass. The ruling was appealed and this specific sentence was suspended pending appeal.[55][56] The following day, the National Council of Egypt’s Administrative Court issued a decree to overturn the court's original ruling, specifying that he would serve no jail time, and would instead remain in his position as Minister of Antiquities. - source wikipedia

So he was fired then reinstated, and then lost the post again.


Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author The Long Journey (400,000 Years of Stone Age Science)

if Hawass was reinstated then then the old dictator structure is back in place. We shall see Egypt politically erupt again and again until the old order is destroyed.

A question: Why is Hawass doing these seemingly underhanded things? Why the dishonesty? I have a feeling that his motives are more sinister and not just about money from tourists.

When the old order is finally ousted I think we will see another side (more open) of the Pyramid/Egypt mystery. I can't wait for a few home truths.





Tsurugi's picture

Hawass has been out since July 2011. Whether the new Minister will be any better remains to be seen.

Appreciate your efforts, interesting find.

Roberto Peron's picture

Hawass isn't about to reveal the truth he knows about the pyramids as it would threaten religion and mean a death sentence for him at the hands of the fundamentalists.  Burial chambers?  Where are the corpses?  I think NOT.


Yes Sir, gotta keep that world flat!

I believe you meant mummies! Where are the mummies!!

rbflooringinstall's picture

Are we not passed this whole "tomb" thing yet? Its obviously not a tomb. How can you have a tomb with sarchphogi and corpsus. Its obviously part of something way beyond our understanding because we as humans are absolute idiots compared to what we used to be.

Peace and Love,


Lighting has always intrigued me as reflectors and candles just didn't work. Tunneling massive chambers and intricate paintings need light, so it came to me that bio luminescence had to be the source. We don't know the extent these bacteria or other life forms were around four to ten thousand years ago.

I have seen an Egyptian wall carving showing a man holding what appears to be a giant lightbulb.

It is about time they dig beneath the right paw of the Sphinx. It is said that many treasures are hidden underneath it. They know it.

already proven there was an enclosure but noting was found

thank you for inviting me to this page. i am interested in all new discoveries around the globe.
Art Collins nyc

I don't think it's about money or tourism so much that the actual ramifications of the finds destroy the current linear advancement theory. The sphinx clearly has water erosion on it - and LOTS of it. There hasn't been water in the Giza Plateau for some 12000 years. Divulging the truth would cause the re-writing of all history books and the explanation that there were indeed advanced civilizations long before the current one.

The water erosion is both accepted and disputed, that is to say some have shown that wind can erode sand stone in a similar fashion when an abrasive such as sand is present. Sandblasting. Still, it could be water that did it which does point to pre-flood or earlier times...pre-iceage? The head of the Sphinx is too small for the body, they could and would have done better than that. I think it got reworked at some point.

I believe the earth is recreated every 7000 years in alignment with the biblical story. Look to the one quarter turn of the precessionary cycle to determine the length of an age.

recreated how? New planet from scratch or just ploughed over and replanted?

It is also theorized that Giza was built by those who escaped from Atlantis before it sank and that they carried with them their records in the form of books and scrolls; information about their language and technology. The "Hall of Records" is reputed to lie somewhere in the Giza Plateau near the great pyramid and the Sphinx.

IF, and that's a big if, this is true, history as we've been indoctrinated to believe is utter hogwash The discovery of such a wealth of information, not to mention technology would shatter all our current models. The powers that be will not allow the current foundation to be destroyed or their linear advancement theory to be toppled. It would cause the collapse of most religions as well. There is a LOT at stake in divulging the truth about history. We only need look at the 20th century 'history/propaganda' currently foisted on the populace to understand that.

The Causeway may be part of the Hall of Records search.

so atlantis had to be close to the giza plateau right? would make a little sense... the same water that powered the Great Pyramid also powered atlantis?

FOUND, why should the hall of records be underground. if you draw a line through the pyramids of Giza a line through the pyramids of Saqqarah and a line through the pyramids of Abusir they intersect at Heliopolis, which was once one of the largest cities in Egypt and the capitol of the cult of Amun Ra. Mentioned in the bible as the city of On, it was believed to be the location of the 'mound of creation' from which the world arose from the waters (or where humanity began again after the flood). Sadly it was mostly destroyed by the Persians in 525 BC

I'm waiting for Geraldo Rivera to run a special TV program on it and claim to be the first person to walk the way.

Maybe the causeway was a secret passage to transport drugs to the Pyramid Gods, Like we have here in the Mexican/US border.

One only has to look into hawaiss eyes to know he is not on the side of genuine info. He is not even an archeologist. Like most of our intuitions tell us the official story is a distortion and that's because our true history would shatter the controls of religion. And as for intuition, why is that not trusted? When dealing with forgotten history do you really think logic and reason suffice? If you do then I'm afraid you will never see past the ideas of it being a tomb and built by khufu etc. To understand these mysteries you almost have to forget everything they tell you and channel info in a different way. They were built using technologies of consciousness. They were built as temples, but ask your intuition, temples towards what end? And don't forget that God's came later. So temples to what?

Perhaps temples to the stars. the great pyramids narrow shaft going on that funny angle and found out is blocked near top, I bet points to orions belt. that thing could have been a telescope, but yes where is the glass ? tomb robbers most likely, if that was purpose. the complete darkness looking through that shaft on a clear night back then would giv e aclear study of the belt, but to what end ? simple great fascination.?" the others ones inside are blocked i gather also, it would be cool to knock out thos e blocks and see first hand since made exactly the shafts field of view.

I have never liked Dr. Hawass. He has always reminded me of a bully and a publicity whore.

I bet points to orion belt ,that thing could have being a telescope

What intrigues me is what motivated that homeowner to start digging under his house. And did he dig a shaft strait down that ended up right on top of that stone covered causeway ? Did he find any other artifacts on the way down ? I mean, unless you are going to put in a bomb shelter, who in their right mind starts a dig under their house ? And what did he do with all the dirt or sand he removed ? He was in a restricted area, didn't anyone notice his spoils ? Me thinks there is a story in this somewhere.

Good point!

Who digs down 33 ft?

Who digs down 33 feet ? Maybe someone hoping to find water in the desert ? Or he couldn't afford the airfare to China ? Just kidding.

It has been hinted that ancient man gave much credence to rituals. They saw themselves as  magical, their world was magical and everything they did echoed throughout all the levels of existence, and therefor, important. Those causeways show the way taken is no less important than the destination to. The whole Giza Compound could be a giant stage prop for an ancient passion play. In a percieved reality where every breath is sacred and every step has multilevelled consequences this definition  is not out of place. Its not superstition per se when your language and culture consider science and magic one and the same. Such people would take nothing for granted and nothing was without meaning. I am begining to believe our difficulties in interpreting the left-overs from the past are not so much for lack of quality or quantity but rather HOW we look at things. What we need is to do what that Bangles song says..."Walk Like an Egyptian..."

In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD. - Isaiah 19:19

This is why Hawass chooses to bury evidence with regards to the pyramids. The pyramids are not tombs, no bodies have ever been found within the pyramids themselves. The valley of the kings was the burial area. Anyway just my 2 cents


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