Shrinking Brain in Humans

Scientists are alarmed by shrinking of the human brain

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Love the comment : maybe because we are becoming less aggressive ? Have they looked at the all the conflicts around the world? Modern society has become too sit on the sofa watch garbage which for the most part is stupid, targeting the lowest of ethics oversexed and mind-numbing or sitting at a computer for 8 hours, and the trolls who sit in a darken room and stare at multiple screens for days on end. if the zombies ever attack----humankind may not survive and I hate to say this -- a concentrated - one goal species LOL

Given that (a) yes, brain size makes a demonstrable difference in current human intelligence.
And given that (b) it's unclear whether our brains are getting smaller or whether more of the smaller humans are breeding in cities. (which appears to be the case since cities are genetic and IQ sinks). And given that (c) we have been selecting for immaturity for 10K years (paedomorphic selection). And given that (d) women generally possess superior verbal skills and weaker modeling skills despite smaller brains.

I would hypothesize that all of the above are driving down AVERAGE brain size.
I would suggest we will saw additional paedomorphic selection domestication up and until the period of 'Peak Human' which I suspect was around 1500 bc.
And that at present we are seeing a rapid expansion of dysgenic classes, tilting the data dramatically.
Unfortunately I suspect that the initial shift caused by the adoption of general rules (science) rather than rules of specific cases (recipes), as well as the reduction in the malnutrition at the bottom (left) of the curve, means that the downward shift in genetic iq and brain size from underclass reproduction is being hidden by the flynn effect. But in real terms, on average we are getting smaller, more verbal brains, and a lot more dumb people breeding.

It is widely scientifically accepted theory that our brains grew particularly large due to the new predominant food source once our ancestors were caught in geological and climate change of East Africa. Previously predominantly plant eating omnivores in dense jungle (like other apes), our ancestors encountered life in now dry savanna, with very little fruit and mainly grass or grass-eaters available. Homo Robustus made evolutionary choice of becoming grass eater. Brain did not grow in that species and it got extinct. Our ancestors chose to eat more grass-eaters. Becoming predominantly meat-eating omnivores. By all scientific accounts a positive feedback loop established from this that led to our advance: eating more meat->growing larger brain->using larger brain to get even more meat->even larger and more capable brain...
What happened about 10000 years ago? Agriculture. Food processing (before that time humans not only couldn't collect enough say, grains from the wild to cover the energy spent in the effort but neither than or now can we eat it without processing). Move to food based more in grains than meat. Certain large amount of proteins in the diet is required for having a larger brain. Now we have different challenges such brain might address but the core of the new change is in the diet, food, not lack of evolutionary challenge and selection.

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Observe how creatures with small brains do things we are unable to do. Birds fly, bees fly, even though theoretically OUR brainy scientists say they should not be able to! There are insects with dozens of legs, their brains can separately control-think about it!- and creatures who have more sense faculties than us. Can you see a mouse from a mile up in the sky!?

So the idea from our brains that the size of our brains matters is somewhat dickheaded, if you’ll pardon my French, or is it Bulgarian?


Dont you just love reading how creative some of these comments are, such as Aliya's? So free thinking is still very much alive and well despite some of the comments to the contrary.


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