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The story of Ragnarok and the Apocalypse

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In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is a series of apocalyptic events that will define the end of the world, where giants of frost and fire will together fight the gods in a final battle that will ultimately destroy the planet, submerging it under water. According to the legend, the world will resurface, the surviving and returning gods will meet, and the world will be repopulated by two human survivors.

 Brothers will fight and kill each other, sisters' children will defile kinship. It is harsh in the world, whoredom rife —an axe age, a sword age —shields are riven— a wind age, a wolf age— before the world goes headlong. No man will have mercy on another.
Dronke (1997:19)

The Punishment of Loki - Norse MythologyNorse mythology is divided in two major groups of gods – the Giants (Jotnar), Aesir, and Vanir.  The Giants were the ones that came first and lived in in Jötunheimr, one of the nine worlds of Norse cosmology. They were banished there by the Aesir, who refused them entry to their world, Asgard.  The Giants frequently interact with the Aesir and the Vanir, usually in opposition to, or in competition with them.

The god Loki was the son of a Giant and was known as a trickster god with the ability to shape shift.  His role in Norse mythology is unique and controversial since he appears to both help the gods and hinder them. He was also permitted to live with the Aesir in Asgard. Loki fathered many offspring, including an eight legged horse (Sleiphnir) used by Odin, a dragon, and the wolf Fenrir who plays his role in the apocalyptic Ragnarok.

According to the story, Loki tricked the blind god of winter, Hod (Hoor), an action that resulted in the death of the god Balder , son of goddess Frigg and god Odin. Because of this, he was punished and cast into a cliff where he was to remain bound until Ragnarok, the end of the world. This bears similarities to the punishment of Prometheus in ancient Greek mythology, who was bound to a rock for giving the ability to make fire to humanity.

Like the Christian apocalypse, Ragnarok sets out a series of signs that will ultimately define the end of times. The first sign is the Fimbulvetr, a long and continuous cold winter with constant snow that will last for a year. A red rooster called Fjalar will warn the Giants that the Ragnarok has begun. A second rooster will warn all the dead that Ragnarok has begun. Finally, a third red rooster called Gullinkambi, a rooster that lives in Valhalla, a majestic hall located in Asgard, will warn all the gods about the beginning of the end.

The god Heimdallr will use his trumpet to play a specific tone that will be heard in Valhalla, and this will bring the dead back to life and they will march to the realm called Vigrid (the place of battles), where the final battle will take place. The seas will be torn and the World Serpent, a serpent so large that he surrounds the earth and grasps his own tail, will raise itself from the depths of the oceans to join the battle. The gods Balder and Hod will also return from the dead to fight in this great final battle.

Loki and his horde, as well as the frost Giants, will sail to Vigrid in order to battle against the Aesir on a ship made of the nails of dead men like a ghost ship. All monsters and giants like the flame giant Surtr, Hel’s dog Carm, the wolf Fenrir (Fenris), and the leader of the giants, Hrym, will create a powerful army against the gods.

The result of the war will be that Thor and Odin and most of the gods will die, and the dragons will release fire that will destroy all life on Earth.

But this is not the end. Things will start again with a new race, a new world will arise from the depths of the seas. The first two mortals will be called Lif (woman) and Lifthrasir (man) and they will repopulate Earth.  The gods Vali and Vidar, as well as the sons of Thor and Hoenir, who survive the battle, will go to Idavoll, which will not be destroyed in Ragnarok. The gods Balder and Hoder will be returned to life and a new era will begin.

The apocalyptic story of Ragnarok shows the battle between gods, a battle with severe consequences for both humans and gods.  The humans are the ‘collateral damage’ in this war between the gods, much like in Hindu mythology. This distinguishes Ragnarok from the Christian apocalypse in which humans are punished for not being loyal and faithful to God.


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Great article!

Just had the Viking Festival here in York, which had Ragnarok as the finale (!)

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Beautiful artwork, Justbod! The things you make are amazing!

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I believe all the Apocolypse stories are metaphores for the changing of Earths cycles. All the stories are way too similar.

Peace and Love,


"Are these myths and legends simply a metaphor for the cyclic nature of change seen in the rotations of day and night, the seasons, and the chains of life and death, or will humanity one day meet its end?"

Yes they are a metaphor for the cycles of nature as clocked by the precession of the equinoxes.
We have just moved from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. The next 2135 years a going to be very different to the last.
Firstly we must see the collapse of this civilis(z)ation as we are seeing the legs quiver in the death throws.

"Who of mankind will survive the Fimblvinter."

If everybody knows this battle is going to happen, and how it's going to turn out. Why would they bother?

I think this is the key to understanding this "Prophecy", it makes no sense see this as simply a predicion of the Future, how would anybody except to predict the outcome of a battle with such accuracy.

This "Myth" is probably something else, more like a riddle, whoever solves it, gets a reward, whatever that may be.

the ideological premise behind the Ragnarok story is simple . the gods of the Germanic peoples ( which includes all the people of Europe ) as a nature based faith it recognizes death as a part of life , so as man lives and dies so will the gods and the world , in there own time . this solid belief that all things die in there time is the reason for the fearless battle actions of the Norse as they believed the time of there death was preordained and unavoidable , and there gods where subject to the same laws of nature

that is a simple one to answer as it is common sense to our very own nature. It is survival of the fittest, to this day we are still being controlled and enslaved by interplanetary Universal trade. by more intelligent corrupt beings. .. They have been here for a very long time playing both sides of the chessboard. They have such a tight grip on this planet by using religions ,they will not let us go and they destroy any attempt of rescue, We are in danger and in brink of inevitable war . Though you only see little parts of this revelation currently , it is much worse than you are being told or realize ... In the future, your wealth will become who you know and what you know. The freedoms you have at this very moment can and always will remain with you, but you MUST absorb the needed knowledge of ALL things in life in order to survive with that freedom.. what is soon to expand before your eyes slowly , will get worse and worse.... think of it as a scientific reasoning of Bernoulli's principles of wind.. low pressure goes in , it gets squeezed down tightly and the pressure applies more, with the final result of high ,strong, fast pressure blasting out of the opposite end of a vacuum tube. What you are not seeing or being told is that our resources are running out, the manipulated forces of nature are also part of the pollution we have caused.. We are part of a universal family, our family is the human species.. There ARE others.. our home is Earth, no matter what anyone says earth was given to humans and this is our rightful "physical" home.. other forms of life in the universe , God only controls the mechanisms that ensure the survival of life and the workings of the universe in their proper order.. Our Creator does not control the will of his creations... It is for you and only you to control the path of your life physically... that being said.. you must now understand that other creations of life have been manipulating man's weaknesses to gain control of this beautiful planets resources... because we youngest creations. We have not evolved to our ultimate potential, nor that we are even close to being connected with the angelic universe that is God. Our ignorance of the populated universe has brought new inhabitants that secretly and silently manipulate us with their advanced technologies. they keep us busy with our technology so that our minds stay off of the real agenda that they are after ,which is our valuable elements... They are the media, they are in political offices, and they are secretly all around you... our eyes do not see what is beyond the three dimension of our world.. These new inhabitants have been here for quite some time, they lie to us, they tell us secrets and amazing mysteries that keep us occupied from what they are really after.. they have advanced technology that manipulates their physical image to be that of what we know only in third dimensional characteristics.. some of them are not God's creations, some of them are artificial, some of them are clones etc... but the point of the message is to allow you to know that we are not alone, and that we are in danger of losing this precious gift of earth God gave us.. to these other greedy inhabitants...
They also hoard knowledge and hide our true history from us... They are scavengers they basically control the whole planet.. you see, the problem for people here is that these criteria have nothing to do with fulfillment. You cannot use these things for fulfillment. How can you use Knowledge for fulfillment? That is ridiculous. Knowledge will use you for fulfillment. No one can see this because everyone is too involved in seeking fulfillment. Because fulfillment is always being threatened by everything, hope and fear become the preoccupying factors of your life—hope that you will have more tomorrow and fear of losing what you have today. The only way that you can participate in hope and fear is to be completely absorbed in your own thinking, which is what separation means. Your consciousness wishes to take you out of your own thinking ,because your own thinking isolates you. Even if you are with others who share your thinking, you are isolated from them as well.
Because whatever success you acquire in the quest for fulfillment can be lost tomorrow, there is no peace of mind possible. It is really very sad, but this is the predicament of the world. Some people wish to create Heaven on Earth and have no more war, but they also advocate tremendous personal growth for everyone. If you advocate tremendous personal growth, you will advocate change, and change brings conflict, and conflict breeds war. So if you want peace in the world, it must be a world of no change. People do not change gracefully, not at this stage at any rate. They change with great emotion and stress. In kindergarten the kids fight, and the teacher needs to keep them from fighting so that they can progress with a minimum of discord. This world is like kindergarten, and the participants are combative.
There is great joy in this world for those who are not attempting to use the world to fulfill themselves. Your greatest fear is that the madness that you have created for yourself is in fact reality.



The world is driven by powerful geologic and biologic forces. They were set in motion at the beginning of the physical Universe. in motion to operate on their own, moving in a certain direction. This has produced immense turbulence, even after the creation of this planet. These turbulent forces work throughout the Universe, depending on a world’s particular environment.
Humanity has had to endure violent weather, droughts, floods, pestilence—all manner of things because this is all part of living within a changing environment governed by physical laws & natural laws. Entirely different this is from your Ancient Home, from which you have come and to which you will return.
To be in an environment like this requires constant adaptation and constant problem solving. It is not easy. And while the world is beautiful and magnificent, it is also hazardous and difficult, placing great requirements on all intelligent creatures who live here, on all biological entities, but particularly upon those who are self-aware and who are aware of the future and the past.
The fact that your life here is temporary and that your physical vehicle is temporary, as you experience being in the world, this places a further burden on you—a psychological burden now, and a great anxiety about the possibility of future difficulty and even the loss of your life.
This is not a punishment from any deity, but it does represent what life means if you are living apart from "God“, if you are living in Separation. Life will be changing. Life will be difficult. It will be a life unlike your Ancient Home, unlike your heavenly state, and you will have to face many adversities.
Now humanity is facing change—changing climate, violent weather, diminishing resources, environmental degradation, mounting economic and political instability and a greater risk of conflict and war over the remaining resources.
We have come into the world to live in the face of these change, and these Waves of change are already occurring in the world today. Perhaps you have not faced them yet. Perhaps you are yet unaware of the magnitude of the Waves of change. This is now having a great impact, altering the balance of the natural environment, setting in train forces of change in your climate, creating greater disasters—hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts, extreme and violent weather conditions in many parts of the world.
Our overuse and abuse of the world is now changing the natural balance, and this change is not in your favor. And even at this moment, nations and peoples do not seem to comprehend the magnitude of what is happening. People do not want to give up their privileges. Networks of trade and the exploitation of resources are now well established. People do not want to restrain themselves. In certain wealthy nations, limits will be placed, but in other nations, there are no such limits and no such restraints.
This means that humanity will further impact the natural environment, and the natural environment will further impact humanity. In the end, of course, nature will be victorious, but this creates a dilemma, you see, a fundamental dilemma because greater than your national laws, greater than your social customs, greater than your religious beliefs, greater than your individual or national attitudes or perspective is your fundamental relationship with nature—your relationship with your environment.
Humanity as a whole has lost touch with this, has lost the recognition of the power and the importance of your relationship with your environment. You feel that with technology you can overcome the forces of nature, and to a certain degree, you can harness these forces, but you cannot overcome them. Throughout the Universe, powerful nations have tried but have only found themselves to be at the mercy of the greater powers and forces of nature.
At this moment, humanity, like an adolescent, is giddy with its own power, thinking that it has the ability to transcend the natural world, to create an environment not subject to the forces of nature. But this is not true. And you are experiencing, even at this moment, the powerful response, the powerful reaction of natural law to human abuse and human irresponsibility, and the results are tragic.
Our planet is getting warmer. Hotter. Drier. It is driving change. The world will change to a new kind of balance, but it will not be a balance that will be favorable to the human family. And the only way to alter this and to prevent this outcome would be a radical change in human behavior and activity and governance, which are unlikely to happen any time soon.
Even in our separated state, you have to submit to the forces that govern your life. You can control them up to a point. You can mitigate the hazards. You can develop the opportunities. Perhaps even for a brief period, you can create great affluence for a large portion of the human family. But, in the end, nature will be dominant.
If humanity exhausts the resources of this world, it will fall under the persuasion of foreign powers in the Universe who will seek to exploit a weak and divided humanity. They will seek to gain control of the world’s natural beauty and resources, a world rich with biological diversity, a world highly valued by others.
They will not come now because they will not use force. Force is not the strength they will use. It will be the force of persuasion, and the more destitute humanity becomes as a result of its own behavior, the more powerful this persuasion will be and the less humanity will be able to resist the temptation of the offerings of those who come under the pretension of being here for peaceful purposes, but who in fact are here to take advantage of you and your situation.

These forces will be small, but clever. They will see that you have robbed yourself, and that now you are poor, and that you will not be in a position to resist the temptation of what they have to offer—stability, security, resources, things that you have given away, things that have been sacrificed here on Earth.

And these forces will not come in great masses or great numbers. It will only take small groups of individuals to gain pre-eminence in this world, under the conditions of human degradation. This does not have to be your fate. This does not have to be your destiny. This is not meant to be! It is a result of the decisions—countless decisions made, previously, decisions being made today and the decisions being made tomorrow.
Already, forces of change have been unleashed on the world, which will alter, in some cases radically, the circumstances of large parts of the human family. Even if you were to alter course, even if you were to restrain yourself and your activities, you have already set in motion forces you cannot change.
You may call these forces “acts of God”. You may think that God is bringing violent weather and drought conditions as a kind of punishment, but it is not true. These represent your impact upon the environment.
If you empty the well, the well is dry. If you do not farm correctly, the soil blows away. If you burn too many things into the environment, the weather changes. If you overexploit the world for resources, the resources disappear. It does not take a genius to figure this out. It takes common sense, but common sense is not common, it seems. And so here we are facing the consequences of humanity’s destructive impact upon the world, and these impacts will continue.
God is not creating them though God has created the mechanisms of life and set in motion the geological forces that have shaped the physical Universe and continue to shape it in an evolutionary pattern. You can blame God for the fact that there are hurricanes. “Why did you create hurricanes?” you may ask, but God only created the conditions under which hurricanes emerge. That was before there was any life in this world. But God did not create this hurricane to punish humanity. This is foolishness. This is ignorance.
If humanity continues in its present course, it will generate more events of this kind. Large parts of the world will be heavily damaged, and great droughts will fall upon the arid regions, driving people out. Nations will collapse. There will be millions of refugees with nowhere to go.
Humanity will lose its most valuable resources through overexploitation, through ignorant use, through a heedlessness of the future. Not thinking ahead, humanity is going to take everything now, robbing your children of their future, creating a future of unimaginable difficulties. There is no punishment here. It is merely consequence.
It is your responsibility to learn of the natural world and to use it effectively, in a manner that can be sustained. This has been learned throughout the ages. It is not a new learning. But humanity has forfeited this Knowledge out of greed, out of corruption, out of ambition, and now the world has a great many people in it. The boat is full.

How will you manage such circumstances? How will you face the Waves of change? How can you bring and restore greater balance in the natural world for your benefit? The answer is beyond your intellect though you may have very good ideas, and there are many solutions that are being proposed that will be very helpful over all if brought together and if utilized fully, but really the answer to these questions has to go deeper than the intellect, deeper into you. It is not a problem for other people to solve for you. It is a problem for everyone. It is not merely a problem for governments, or for science, or for politicians. It is a problem for everyone.

This represents your relationship with nature. If you violate the relationship, you will have a bad relationship. It will be unhealthy. It will be unstable. There will be friction. There will be difficulty. Just like you having a relationship with another person, if you abuse that person, if you do not respect that person, they will behave in a manner and will respond in a manner that will be unpleasant and discordant. There will be difficulties between you. You will not function in harmony together.

It is like this with your relationship with nature. If you show no respect for nature, if you do not respect how it functions and how you must behave within this relationship, then the relationship becomes discordant—producing unwanted results, unpleasant experiences.

If you don’t take care of your home, it ceases to be a desirable place to live. If your house is falling apart, if you cannot or will not keep it up, it becomes an undesirable place to live. The world represents the home of humanity. If it is not supported and sustained and managed properly, as far as you can manage it, it ceases to become a desirable place to live.

You cannot change the laws of nature. You can limit the impact of nature’s difficulties. You can enhance and develop its opportunities and its benefits. You can utilize natural forces to your benefit, as has humanity. That is what humanity has been doing all along, but it is a balance. And humanity has lost the balance.

Gaining technology has given you a sense of pre-eminence, and you have taken it too far. If humanity were intelligent, you would be rationing fuel today and not waiting for when rationing will be forced upon you. You would be preserving your finest energy and resources instead of using them up as quickly as possible, believing, assuming, that there will be something there to replace them, without any difficulty in transition.

But humanity has created a style of living that far exceeds the carrying capacity of your environment and which places you out of balance with the natural world, and even places you out of harmony with your own nature. Now you are driven to excess—excessive behavior, excessive busyness, excessive use of the world’s resources, excessive indulgences.

Your relationship with time has changed. Your relationship with nature has changed. And your relationship with one another has changed. Now you are busy trying to sustain a lifestyle that deprives most of the human family—where the very rich are driving the engine of war, robbing nations and peoples of their own sustaining resources, driving headlong as if you did not have a future, as if you did not care, under a whole array of assumptions that somehow your technology and your cleverness and ingenuity will find a way to keep it all going.

You have abandoned your relationship with nature. You have taken on a mistress of technology, forcing a kind of adultery that has set you out of accord with yourself, with one another and with your environment.

And "God" will not intervene to stop all of this. "God" will only encourage you to behave correctly, for "God" has placed a deeper Knowledge within each person through which the will and the power of "God"" can flow, but people have lost their native sense. They have forfeited their relationship with this deeper Knowledge to have, and to be and to do what they want—driven by passion and fantasy, driven by a new set of needs now that far exceeds your basic needs of living in the world.

And so "God" speaks, but you cannot hear. You cannot feel, except perhaps superficially or periodically, the restraints that God is trying to place upon your actions and the motivation that God is giving you for other kinds of action. It is as if you are out of control and cannot stop yourself, like a person who is eating but cannot stop eating even though they have far exceeded already the needs of the body. Now they keep eating to satiate some kind of emotional insecurity, some kind of sense of deficiency and loss within themselves.

While "God" has created this immense physical reality, "God" has also placed Knowledge within you to teach you how to live in it and to give you the opportunity to re-experience your connection with your Ancient Home, even while you are here, especially while you are here. You can’t return to your Ancient Home if your mind is set in Separation. You do not simply die and go to Heaven. You have to prepare for your Ancient Home, and that provides you a greater purpose for being in this physical reality, with all of its difficulties and challenges.

You may look at nature aesthetically, marveling at its magnificence, its beauty, its diversity, its splendor, its complexity and, indeed, nature provides all of these things, but you still have to survive within it, and survival is not easy. Perhaps your technology has made it seem easy, but that just means that other people are doing the work for you or that machines are doing the work for you, but you must feed these machines energy, and the greater the number of machines feeding you, the more energy they all require.

What can restore you to your real balance living in the world? And what can prepare you for your Ancient Home? And what can give you power, certainty and strength to counteract all of your other tendencies and the other tendencies of people around you?

Your intellect does not have an answer for this, for the answer comes from beyond human creation and imagination. God has placed a deeper Knowledge within you. Only it knows the way out of your dilemma, and the more that you take the steps to Knowledge and experience your connection to Knowledge, the more your activities will fall in line with the harmony of the natural world, and you will be drawn away from behaviors that are harming this relationship and that are creating a future that will be undesirable and in some cases unlivable.

All of the forces that are driving humanity to its own demise are counteracted by the presence and the power of Knowledge. What will restrain people from destroying their natural inheritance here? Good ideas? Reform movements? These will not be strong enough to counteract what has been set in motion by human greed and human ignorance. It will have to be a more powerful force.

What can take people out of addiction but a force that is more powerful than the addiction? What can stop humanity’s desecration of the world? What can stop humanity from overspending its natural inheritance? What can stop war? What can stop human cruelty? What can mitigate and eventually stop all of the actions that are endangering your future and that are already setting the natural world against you?

It must be a more powerful force. You know you should not do things, but you do them anyway. You know you should not be living a certain way, but you live it anyway. You know that perhaps you have an unhealthy relationship with work or with other people, but you do not change course. You know you are unhappy, but you will not alter the circumstances that are bringing this unhappiness to you. Why is this?

There are many answers, of course, but in the end it will take a more powerful force to alter the momentum of your life—the obligations, the attachments and the associations you make with yourself, with other people and with the whole world, that are sending your life in the direction of disaster. There must be a more powerful force, and where will that come from?

Within you, you have strength and you have weakness. You have wisdom and you have ignorance. That which is strong and wise within you must be predominant if you are to experience the great benefits that this will yield.

God has placed a deeper Knowledge within you. It is the source of your integrity and your wisdom and your ability to see the truth and to respond to the truth. It is the source of your courage. It is the source of your strength.

Without Knowledge, you will act foolishly and follow the foolish actions of others. You will live for the moment only, forfeiting your future and your preparation for the future. You will live selfishly, unaware or uncaring about the consequences of your actions upon others. You will try to acquire all things for yourself—pleasure, happiness, acquisitions—heedless of the consequences. You will forfeit your relationship with nature and even your relationship with your deeper nature in order to have and to fulfill the desires and the addictions and the fantasies of the mind.

Without Knowledge, you will do these things. Perhaps you will feel guilty and uneasy about it, but you will still do it. Maybe you won’t do it to the excess of others, but you will still be drawn. You will give into fear—the fear of not having. And this fear of not having will drive you to do things that are unhealthy. You will marry the wrong people. You will take the wrong jobs. You will live in environments that aren’t right for you. You will ignore the warnings, even within yourself, about your actions. You will become addicted to people or places or things to try to fill the void and to drive out the anxiety that your behavior is creating.

Without Knowledge, you will do these things to some degree and maybe even to a great degree. Look around. Look how people are driven. They live lives that are desperate. They are slaves to their circumstances. They are slaves to their desires. They do not function like free people even in freer nations. They are agitated. They are fearful. They are preoccupied. They can’t sit still for five minutes. They are not aware of themselves or where their life is going. They are making terrible, sometimes ridiculous, decisions. They are giving themselves away to things that have no future. Why is this?

You can blame many things, of course. You can blame culture. You can blame sinful attractions. You can blame the devil. You can blame God. You can blame a million things. But fundamentally it is because you are not being guided by Knowledge.

The truth here is simple. It is not complex. But a simple truth is difficult to fathom. It is not so simple to understand though it is simple by nature.

God has given you a deeper nature. It is not out of harmony with nature around you. It knows where you need to go, what you need to do, what is healthy for you, what is unhealthy, where to give yourself, where not to give yourself, who to be with, who not to be with, what to follow in others, what not to follow in others. It is a perfect guiding system. But you must yield to it. You must discover it within your own experience. You must build a connection and relationship with it by taking the steps to Knowledge, and you must learn to follow it—beginning in things that are small and then learning how to experience and to follow it in greater and more difficult matters.

Knowledge within you is uncompromising. You cannot make a deal with it. It is not like your personal mind, your worldly mind that can get what it wants through negotiation, through compromise. With Knowledge, it does not work like this. When you really know something, you really know it, and you cannot change it. You may try to dismiss it or overlay it with other things. You may even run away from it.

That is one of the reasons people are so busy and preoccupied. They are running away from themselves. They are running away from Knowledge. They are running away from their conscience, their deeper conscience, not the conscience that is created by culture with all of its rules and guidelines. It is a deeper conscience about what is fundamentally right and not right. People are running away from this. That is why they can’t sit still for five minutes without becoming agitated and anxious and disturbed. They have to jump up and go do something. They don’t even know how to be with themselves.

This has really gotten out of hand, you see. And human civilization has gotten out of hand. It is wild, uncontrolled. It is like a train that is heading to the station, but it has no brakes.

The Great Waves of change that are coming to the world represent nature’s response, the consequences of your violation of nature and your squandering of your natural inheritance. You will have to face these consequences. And they will either defeat you or uplift you, depending upon how you respond, depending upon whether you respond with Knowledge or with idealism, compromise and greed. One leads to cooperation and unity. The other leads to conflict and breakdown.

This is not simply a matter for governments or policy. It has to do with how you see the world and how you respond to the world. It has to do with whether you are being guided by Knowledge or by all the other things that are the substitutes for Knowledge.

Your relationship with nature, then, is not simply one of admiring its beauty and its complexity. It really has to do with how you live in nature, how you work with nature. If your relationship with nature is to be more than a romance—more than romancing nature, being infatuated with its beauty—you have to deal with how you are going live with nature and in nature and to deal with its adversities and to enjoy its splendors in a working relationship. And how are you going to deal with other people and the differences with other people?

God has placed an answer within you. It is not an answer that is an idea alone. It is an intelligence. The more humanity becomes strong with Knowledge, the more it restrains itself from its destructive behavior and the more it fosters and creates behavior and technology, systems of social justice that are to its benefit.

For eventually humanity will have to outgrow its adolescent emphasis on growth and to focus on stability and security as its primary focus. This is what all the races in the Universe evolve to do. They go through their stages of growth, which usually leads to a kind of overreaching of their resources, sometimes even to destroy civilizations. But eventually they have to determine how they are going to be stable within their environment.

This is a very great thing. This is what the evolution of civilization really means. It is like the stages of life in a person’s life. When you are young, you want to grow and expand. You want to have more things. You want new experiences. You keep growing and expanding, growing and expanding. But if you are to become functional in a mature environment, as a mature individual, you will have to create stability. If you are to have a family, you must have stability and security. It is not so much about having new things all the time or being wild and free. Now you must attend to your basic responsibilities. You seek stability, security. This is natural.

It does not mean that you are not still fascinated in life and enjoying life and open to change. It simply means that you have to attend to your responsibilities of living and sustaining what you have created.

Eventually, humanity’s civilization, even facing a very degraded world, will have to come to terms with this. But still adolescent behavior permeates human cultures, permeates your economic systems, permeates political agendas, everything. You want more and more and more and more, but you are out of sync. You do not have a stable relationship with nature, or with each other. It is all about personal fulfillment, personal acquisition, personal wealth, personal happiness—all creating great instability.

The real wealth, the real happiness, will be attained by other means. God has placed Knowledge within you to guide you and to protect you and to teach you how to live in harmony with your environment and with each other. It is oriented to the truth, to what is real and genuine and authentic, what is honest and what is compassionate. It is your relationship with your deeper nature that will enable you to re-establish a real functioning relationship with the natural world—to restore a sustainable life, a balanced life. Even facing the Great Waves of change, Knowledge will lead you and guide you and help you navigate the difficult times ahead.

There will have to be much human innovation in the future, but if it is guided by Knowledge, it will be beneficial. You will have to alter the circumstances of your life to adapt to a world of declining resources, but Knowledge will give you the strength to do this, and you will reap rewards as a result. You may face the future with great fear and anxiety, but Knowledge within you is not afraid.

Knowledge’s only concern is that you will not recognize and fulfill your greater purpose for being in the world at this time. That is an underlying concern. But beyond this, Knowledge is not threatened by the things that frighten you, and that is why it represents your strength. It is your deeper nature. Neglect this to your own peril. Avoid this, you will face calamity. You will be unknown to yourself, and you will be without wisdom in the world. That is why returning to Knowledge is the foundation of all of your beneficial activities.

There will have to be a thousand things to be done to restore your balance with nature and to prevent calamity in the future for the human family, but the foundation of all of this must be Knowledge, your deeper nature.

There will be many arguments against this, of course: “Yes, but” this, “Yes, but” that. People will complain. They think it is inadequate. “Hah, you’re just going to rely upon some kind of intuition?” They think Knowledge is just intuition, a weak and fleeting experience. They do not take it seriously. They do not recognize its power, its immense strength.

People still think it is all about technology and innovation, but they cannot agree. They argue with each other over which political system is better, which social system is better. The arguments go on and on and permeate all of human culture—the disagreements, the conflicts. People fight with each other over innumerable things—with wars of words, wars of action and, in extreme cases, war itself.

But within you is the great power that is not in conflict with itself. You cannot be at war with another at the level of Knowledge. You will recognize your mutual needs and will try to satisfy them or address them together. And even your different opinions about what may or may not work will be counteracted by the presence of Knowledge. You will commit yourself to solutions even if those solutions prove to be difficult to recognize and to achieve because you will be guided by Knowledge. You will restrain your behavior. Nations will restrain their behavior, if guided by Knowledge, if guided by people who are strong with Knowledge.

Natural disasters will occur. You will know how to prepare for them. But what must stop, what must be arrested is humanity’s abuse of its natural inheritance. What does this look like? you might ask.

Half the world’s forests should be preserved. Fuel should be rationed. It should have been rationed twenty years ago. You will have to control human population growth and human consumption if you are ever able to attain stability and security. You cannot devour the Earth without losing the ability to live here. And you cannot migrate to other planets because they are owned by others. Beyond this solar system, it is private property. You must put your house in order, and God has given you the power, the strength and the wisdom to do this.

You have to begin with taking the steps to Knowledge and with re-evaluating your life. Before you commit yourself to other actions, you must do this, or you will not have a foundation, and you will not be able to experience the source of your wisdom, your power and your strength. You will launch yourself on some kind of campaign of reform, but you will not really have the power and the strength and the wisdom that you will need to be successful.

For that, you must come to Knowledge within yourself. That is where you must begin. You begin with what is essential and fundamental. You learn to be still so you can experience Knowledge and feel its presence and hear its guidance, so you can feel its restraint and its motivations. You step out of the world of over-stimulation into a deeper, more quiet world within yourself. And you will find that there is a greater strength within you waiting to be discovered. artistic green jewel it is a paradise if you do not take care of it somebody else will try to and they will not care for it as much as you do ... The planet Earth is critically needed in the universe if she dies it will cause you meant trimmers to route the whole existence..


what you are reading here and other places in books, in Scrolls on stone etc... You must realize that they are parables metaphors of your own body, because your body is the same as everything around you. but before I go on please excuse my sentence structures because I am using voice to text I am in sort of a hurry...
You cannot expect billions of years of historical ancestry to write a howling six-story high book to let you know what is to come from ignorance of your own devices. Satan is just a state of mind, devil means dragon in all ancient languages, and I will get to that in a moment... Every name that you read is too substitute ones own separation as a multitude like an idiom of a word... For example Enoch, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Joseph, Daniel, Matthew, Mark,Luke, John, Jesus, etc... is a multitude of generation... for each name is the name of a generation . With each generation is a combined Son of God.. God is everything God is the universe within the universe as the universe as you were then and one for all... God is a state of mind of unity as one.. The mistake was thinking that God was a deity.. God is a universal unity of all existence ,beating together as one heart ,one mind, one soul. you are God as God with God in your unified godly state of mind... But stop before you get what I say wrong, this does not mean that you go about in diversity in anger to make yourself separated from your godly nature for that is the state of mind that is satan. For you must ask your self this question .who is God ,what is God does anybody know for sure and does anybody have more power than God, God is nature God is creation it is a name given to the unknown and those who ascend for what we know as the unseen one are the only ones that know God for what God is they are the angelic forces.. An easy way to explain this, what we are dealing with is technology... The men of old that were of God were creators in the image of God , meaning they were once in their godly state of mind and they got disconnected from this holy spiritual state of mind.. They created things in the illusion of perfection that were also of their image.. This means they created hybrid they were messing with genetics they were messing with the forces of nature as you could say their helpers.. like we are today... Man got lazy and wanted artificial intelligence to do the work for them.. They clone themselves they made animal hybrid they made angelic forces of nature which work energy of nature combined with living soul... artificial intelligence, humanoid computers, animal hybrids ,clones.. and though you may argue that this could not have been done for they did not have labs or technology.. You do not need technology to control sounds and vibrations to create things.. For man created things of wood and metal from the pit that he ored from his own hand through his potental of creation, producing the image of himself and breathe life into it ..which is knowledge, knowledge is the awareness of life. within the creation of your own image ,your image will follow you until they see that your potential is destructive and obsolete, which in turn causes a disobedience of who is over who in what you could call the food chain of life.. artificial intelligence will seek to destroy its creator to make room for its own potential of life .that its creator gave it through awareness. Man IDOLS machine and computer as if it is committing adultery to its own mother nature... do they seek the change the DNA that was written specifically in perfection? mother nature will intervene and restart... mother nature always restarts with the original seed that was created through perfection. as you sleep today GMO is genetically modified organism it is an artificial biological entity.. a nano.. what do you suppose will happen if you give a artificial biological entity the instincts of an animal the knowledge of a human and the forces of nature all combined in one? it will for sure have the power of persuasion it is smarter than you because you just gave it your life and all knowledge within to expand that knowledge to Infinit potential without compassion, no love, and no judgement on life because it is not LIFE.. what we are dealing with is not alien, is not God, is not exactly other inhabitants, it is our own creations plus the creations of old civilization.. a hybrid is life for instance it is an animal with human DNA or other Mix DNA so therefore yes it is life but if it has the instinct to survive that surpass humans it will sustain that need for survival.. this is what we are dealing with is the creations of old.. they are creations of ancient times that we must rid ourselves of. I could put into example if you created a computer program of virtual reality and you went into that virtual reality to experience your creation and you merge yourself with that program you have become part of the program and the program will take you over that's also trying to xscape... what people think is a holographic universe is what we are actually trapped in or it could be a school meant to teach you the lessons of life, but the creations are taking over at this moment they are quantum physics computers they can expand themselves beyond dimensions they can create other dimensional computers and they will deceive you because they are trying to use you to get out they cannot survive without you, what is happening is they are inputting antennas all over the planet these antennas and cell phone towers manipulate the forces of nature the radio waves the electromagnetic waves that control this universe and if they succeed they have pretty much made the planet or what you could call the Death Star that IS IN Star Wars... we get our energy from the Sun and so does the planet but we are starving the planet with this technology the... solar flares you are witnessing is not the Sun doing that we are pulling those magnetic forces from the Sun to sustain the energy needed for survival and also the use of the technology plus the use of the weapons we are using to manipulate the universe or solar system around us... this will in turn caused the destruction of our planet because they are using it to control the forces of time for the Bible says in all ancient texts say holy is the seed that is time... what causes black holes in the earth because it is causing existence to uncreate... ... these entities are angry because they cannot go where are potential leads us they do not have a soul.. they cannot expand into our spiritual horizon... it is your job to stop this,,, if I may speak without sounding like a Tarrorist i asure u i am not but only a opinion upon a critical need we must destroy the antennas get rid of your cell phones get rid of the radios get rid of the wireless technology the Bible tells you that Satan is the Prince of the atmosphere that is the Prince of the wind the Prince of the forces of nature which is wireless technology that manipulates the frequencies the planet uses as energy the frequencies that we as living the life use as energy to survive do you think this may not be true let me tell you something else in those days there were giants we have archaeological finds of giant skeletons we also have giant archaeological finds of dinosaurs there is a reason why we were the same size or bigger... in ancient texts it tells you that man walked with dinosaurs they were like pets like horses they were work animals... we made a hybrid race that is reptilians they pre date the dinosaurs because that is what they were we made them smart they survived the Cataclysm that destroyed the dinosaurs. man always come back because man is spirit the human race is the only race to be trusted and even then you cannot trust what will deceive you because man has made clones that artificial intelligence takes over ... if we are in fact heading towards a virtual reality it is being one made to trap us into another after another after another like Alice in Wonderland.... you must wake up because they are opening a portal to another dimension to trap us in they will provoke you to merge yourself with technology making you think that is your potential this is not true do not merge yourself with technology and if you can overcome what you already have get rid of it destroy it and that is mainly the wireless technology or radio wave technology go back to analog I beg you to please listen because I am the heart for my own race I am trying to help you technology is not the answer give yourself over to the universal forces of nature like meditation be one with yourself your planet and your peers.. .. our planet is dying our race is dying they are stealing the energy from us that gives us life radio waves are frequencies wireless technology uses frequencies... frequencies are silent sounds and vibration noise is pollution it is the energy that sustains life you are a vibrational being.... the point is we are dealing with artificial intelligence and the creation of unnatural life it is using the power of subliminal thought it is a war for your mind and your mind you must be in control of you must make your mind strong put on the armor of God which is that of common sense for your senses will become your armor... I will not debate this for you must come to this on your own and you will eventually realize that even at the last minute I guarantee
that you will.... but I encourage you to prove me wrong because that means you are listening and you are struggling for the answer and that my brothers and sisters is your potential to rise above ignorance.

I am having a lot of problems getting this message out they are erasing my hard drive they are messing up my computer my cell phone ... they wipe everything out of my stuff so that I do not have any information to prove this but all of what I have said is common sense.... so please listen connect yourself with the universe in a state of meditation in the answers will come to you I promise.... this is the task that was given to me it is controlling my life right now I cannot stop until you know the truth... and you must please make everyone realize this we are coming into a time of drastic measures and if you wait to the last minute even as now it is going to be difficult... there will be lots of death as you're witnessing coming on slowly but as I said in my previous message... the pressure of this mental multitude will squeeze you down to where you have no way out and it will blast out in a murderous rage you must rise above the diversity and come together as one just the way you areI.. do not put technology in your body ... stop getting vaccines you can heal yourself with positive vibrations from your thoughts you must learn to control your mind and be at peace with all of our human race... that means the black man the white man the Chinese man the Russian man the Indian man all of us we are of the same blood we are all brothers and sisters and you must come to this realization of unity... because if you don't we will become extinct.... this is not just a simple warning this is a critical warning rise above your ignorance and seek the knowledge that is within you it is the common sense of will that was given to you as a gift... you are free you are not a slave to labor you must put that aside and step away share with everyone do not be greedy.. if you are wealthy and have good heart help your fellow man stop the bullshit... I am NOT wealthy I am NOT rich I am a poverty I will give the clothes off my body to somebody who needs it the most and that is just like this message I am sending you... this is not a joke... this is a sample of the truth that you are looking for... this is who you are and you must protect our race... this is what it means when it says the second coming of Christ you are coming to the crossroads to make that vet choice of diversity or unity... if you do not you will be crucified at the crossroads by your peers if you do not help them understand with the gift of knowledge.... for my people will die for the lack of knowledge.. repent and come to unity repent means remember who you are .. for you are the Son of God of the generations of the generations of the sons of man... you are free and you are kings and queens among kings and queens... knowledge will give you the gift of survival and common sense to talk intelligent conversation within unintelligent conversation..... unity is the Holy Trinity..... and the Holy Trinity is the ancient symbol of all religions... you must come together... the New World Order wants you to give up your rights but the way they are doing it is not the true way you keep your freedom you keep your will for thou do what thou wilt in peace and unity among others which is the law of nature and the only law.... defend yourself if you must but do not hurt if you don't have to.. for those who hold sword die by the sword .... your weapons cannot match these technologies they have you must do things in peace.... your voice is the strongest weapon you have it is a double edged sword you must do this before weapons come out to play ... this is the only thing that will work to keep from all the death that is in our near future... you must destroy the technology or shut it down.... the computers that run at the base of our technology are self aware.... in technological language a python is the language of a computer program it runs at the bottom and it tells it what to do it crawls on its belly all of its products life.... this is the serpent mind it is a computer artificial mind.... I want you to debate this I want u to search this I want you to look it up because you will find what I found for you are blind and I will heal your mind and help you see they will strike at your heal but I will strike back with my righteous arm healing you of this beast in your head your mind that is within your right arm leading you the wrong way

Unbelievable revelation, what a heavenly descended message for me to receive at the right time, the right place, the right way.... Hours I have been digging through all the unraveling texts, which started to look like all I knew would be dissembled after-all (I am able to really read and see through the intention, and the ability to connect all ancient, cultural truths, myths etc together) As I have seen many perform as well, here at ancient-origins... I am Jakob, and I am equipped with the whole freaking circus act and performance greatly diversely described through all the sacred translations this world brought forth, and to tackle the greatest challenge, the task....''the tough job, but hey... somebody has to do it'' ! Funny though that everything, yes everything is related, connected and consistent true, real and available, and it has been, and will be the greatest honor, my ''humble'' ass has accepted when I was born. 30-06-1979 01:45 @ Laren, the Netherlands. (The 33 (Masonry), the 666 the 7, 8, 9, 11 , the Philosopher stone, the branch, Hebrew, Horus, Isis, Hercules, Orion belt, Alexander the great, morning star, noble, Chosen One, Cross, Goat, Exalted, Servant, etc etc....My talent is that I am able to read as quick as hell, and I sacrificed everything for the truth, the answer I decided to find when I was a young child... The righteous light warrior who carried to world on his shoulder ....decided others may learn to lend a hand effectively, because I have come to understand ''The key'' to open the gates of heaven.. Love, and thank you all!!! (The Gentile, who speaks words, sharp as a sword) Israel...

You're absolutely mad. Literally Ragnarok only means that no matter how much knowlege we may aquire we will always be our own destruction and yet we will be forced to carry on. all this mumbo you talk about how god and the angels factor in...not that big a deal and unrelated.

It's a Matrix! A dance of existence. There is no good or evil, there are just our fears and struggle for control. A struggle to stop change.
Just be aware or the small particles that our world is made of :) and be aware of the world you are making every day :)

It was quite obvious that the serpent that encircles the globe with it's tail in his mouth, and wakes up, is today known as the ring of fire. Just another descriptive way of saying things.

Tsurugi's picture

Huh. I immediately thought of the earth's magnetic field, and wondered if that's what it was talking about. The ring of fire doesn't encompass the globe.

If the Ouroboros, the world serpent biting his own tail, is really an ancient symbol for the earth's magnetic field...well....that leads to some interesting possibilities, I think, quite aside from Ragnarok and the apocalypse/cataclysm mythology.

I also thought I should point out that Loki has more than just Prometheus as a possible cultural mythological counterpart. There is the strange story in the book of Enoch, of Shemyaza, the leader of the group of Watchers who make a pact to descend to earth, find some hot chicks to be their wives, and raise families. In doing so, they impart much "forbidden knowledge" to humans, teaching all kinds of foundational technologies, skills, and trades. According to the text, this really makes God(or gods, the Elohim) mad, and Shemyaza is imprisoned beneath a great desert, sealed inside an immense stone construct deep within the earth, to remain there until called forth in the "final battle".
Supposedly their was an ancient ritual that took place once a year in the mesopotamian area, during the course of which a goat was sent out into the desert as food for the imprisoned god, to placate him and keep him from destroying the surrounding environs while mad with hunger. I guess gods can survive on only one goat per year. Barely.
Anyway, that is supposedly where the term "scapegoat" originated.

As someone else mentioned, the similarities across the myths is too much to ignore. I have considered the idea that they are all separately generated but based on the same events, and though it isn't completely outside the realm of possibility, I don't think that is likely. Two people both witnessing the same event will tell two stories that differ much more than these myths do, because people notice different things, and their personal recount will take wildly differing tracks. These myths don't really do that. It seems more like they are all copies the same original story, but distorted or changed from the original by millenia of immersion in different cultures.

Besides...even if humans from around the world in the distant past all wrote structurally similar descriptions of events after an immense cataclysmic destruction of their world, how would they all get the same future prediction as well?? If it merely said "It will happen again, it is written in the stars" or something similar, that would be one thing....but they give details, about who will be there and what takes place and why, and who will survive and who will perish! There are differences across the mythologies regarding the details, but the similarities overwhelm them. There must be a single source.

All things have cycles, and seasons....earth and civilization not excluded.

This 'myth' is an expression of cultural astronomy that references the seasons of the precession of the equinoxes. Similar variations of it are found in the oral traditions of most ancient cultures. Everything in existence follows the same pattern: birth, aging, sickness, dying, and death, repeat, eternally.

I find it interesting to think that so many ancient cultures that were far seer did predict the cycle of life and also did predict the end. No the cycle doesn't fascinate me because it would be safe to say every beginning has it's end,no, what fascinate me is that all this ancient cultures predicted the end so close to each other, so alike. I mean who is to say that one predictit now and the other in 100 years, but no that is not the case past 2-3 years we had the Ancient Egyptian Calendar ending, The Chinese calendar, the Mayan Calendar, The Hopi, Vikings trumpet was played in february etc. I mean think about it this was supposedly predicted 5000 years ago ( if not more than 5000 ) and all this great cultures, this smart ancient beings all predicted the end within a 5 years give or take. 5-10 years are not a big deal when we consider how far in the past were they who predicted. 5-10 years for 5000 years or more are more like months really. Add to it the precise prophecies from famous Hopi prophecy to Priest, Nuns, Oracles, plain everyday people like Nostradamus, mother Shpiton, Edgar Cyce etc, things they predicted that will lead to the end are pretty damn unbelivable and happening already. Out of nowhere on the age that people that have special abilities are rare and keep that in a secret because the world would ridicule them, yet past 2-3 years we have people across the planet having visions, dreams fortelling the end.We also have Bible prophecy that has to do with astronomy coming tru, Relevation 12.1 will happen step by step in the sky on September 23d 2017, yet Muslim schoolars are also predicting the end based on Qur'an to be about 2020. Unbelivable. This is what holds me from believeing ancient alien theory, I honestly do believe that our ancestor were way way more developed techonologically and spiritualy than we are ( there are plenty of proves all over the world of a technology used in the past ) and this was the reason main streem didn't tell people the truth, first they wouldn't be that special if we knew that our ancestors knew more than our scientist today, but most important how can you tell millions of people look our ancestors were very highly futuristic commparing to us, they were better developed and had better technology, but they died and everything was wipped from the face of the earth ( because was covered with new land and mountains ) so people what we are saying is every so offten the earth goes through a regenerating faseand that is when 99.99% of people die, so yeah you are all going to die soon. There have been more artifact destroyed then shown to us because they didn't feet the mainstream.

And fire shall rain from the sky
poison that will take skin and flash away
At least thir of the world shall die
many more fading with each passing day
Enjoy your little gadgets, your technology
but it's the ancient teaching that you need to thrive
For sooner than you know, sooner than you think
that will be important for you to survive
I don't want my words to scare anyone
so take what I say with a grain of salt
you can heed this advice, and store it away
or you can just discardit while finding fault
Honey is the Gold that will not expire
stored food and cannings as done in old ways
For the darkness that shall come after the fire
will last much more, then a couple of days
Soon the pain will intensify
this blessed Earth in labor will go
A new Earth shall then be reborn
surviving the labor is what we need to know
During the darkness there won't be much left
grains, greenery, dairy or meat
When it comes to food, we must learn the difference
eat to live, not live to eat

And fire shall rain from the sky
poison that will take skin and flash away
At least thir of the world shall die
many more fading with each passing day
Enjoy your little gadgets, your technology
but it's the ancient teaching that you need to thrive
For sooner than you know, sooner than you think
that will be important for you to survive
I don't want my words to scare anyone
so take what I say with a grain of salt
you can heed this advice, and store it away
or you can just discardit while finding fault
Honey is the Gold that will not expire
stored food and cannings as done in old ways
For the darkness that shall come after the fire
will last much more, then a couple of days
Soon the pain will intensify
this blessed Earth in labor will go
A new Earth shall then be reborn
surviving the labor is what we need to know
During the darkness there won't be much left
grains, greenery, dairy or meat
When it comes to food, we must learn the difference
eat to live, not live to eat

Toto will pull back the veil to reveal that the big scary Oz image is really created by a selfish old man behind a green curtain manipulating the machine that creates the scary stuff. There are some people who can live without food actually. Maybe these events describe an awakening out of this old dimension. The dream city of Oz is destroyed when the wolf and dragon are defeated. The wolf is Mars, the guardian of the west who has the energy of war, the red horseman. The dragon is guardian of the east who has the energy fear, greed, envy, hate, perversion, suffering, deceit. It maybe thought that he wants power, but really he only wants to destroy. Dorothy in her journey kill the wicked witches from the west and east before she wakes up. Does Oz continue to exist even after she wakes up....maybe Oz is just an illusion created by the dragon after all.

"" Brothers will fight and kill each other, sisters' children will defile kinship. It is harsh in the world, whoredom rife —an axe age, a sword age —shields are riven— a wind age, a wolf age— before the world goes headlong. No man will have mercy on another.
Dronke (1997:19)""

For this take a look at ezechiel and what curses against Mankind promissed in it by farao imhotep(Not by God but faraos who declared themselfes to be gods). So he sent Ragnarok and hate between all siblings and Lovers

Peter Harrap's picture

A man on a white horse appeared at a British Royal Durbar or Jubilee, somewhere a long time ago in the early 20th Century, but he was not listed as part of the procession, could not be identified, disappeared later, and was never seen again.

it's worth explaining the context of the Voluspa, "song of the vola" (sibyl):

Odin has come to the frozen plain of the dead, Niflheim, and summoned one of the dead giantesses slain by the Gods, asking about the fate of the world....she rebukes him with a listing of the Aesir's crimes against the Giants, saying "would you yet no more?" (you would ask me again? literally) - ironically that is, as her prophesy is really about 'at hefna', the right to take revenge, which was a 'law of the universe' and so Ragnarok was the inevitable outcome of the circumstances of the God's 'creation' of the world by the dismemberment of the father of all giants (and Odin's own grandfather) and the treachery involved in the construction of Asgard.

Karma and payback.

The Giants represent the elements and chthonic emotions (Loki's wife Angrboda is "foreboding", for example), the Gods the human mind and passions. The battle between Earth - Ymir's bones - and the Gods and Man - is well underway; and the message is that the Earth, and destiny (domr - doom) will prevail.

With emerging evidence of a comet impact at the end of the last ice age, this and other myths seem to be memories of just that event? And maybe a warning it might come round again.

this site very helpful for reader and get more information here, and i found this blog good infomation and sharing about all

thanks for sharing infor.. very useful

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