Ramesses II

The Life and Death of Ramesses II

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A great pharaoh indeed..

I would like to add one point: It is not clear in the article when the Kadesh Peace Treaty with the Hittites was signed. In fact, it gives the impression that it was concluded soon after the Battle of Kadesh. In fact, the Kadesh Peace Treaty was concluded 16 years after the Battle of Kadesh, after several more battles and disagreements with the Hittites.

Regarding the Battle of Kadesh, it should be noted that most historians agree it was a botched campaign by Ramses. His army was almost totally routed but he managed to rally his troops and reach a stalemate. Probably explains why - as a new and young pharaoh- he was so eager to cast it as a great victory back home..

I have been doing my own work in this subject and I'm finding things the world dose not know yet. I will release my findings when I find more proof that support my claims and when the time is right for humanity to know the truth.

I would love to hear about your findings, I myself am doing a light research paper on Ramesses and just for my own intrigue and curiosity would absolutely love to hear your thoughts! Please E-mail me [email protected]

Why was my comment removed from this page?  I did not violate any of the community guidelines, by a long shot.  If simply making an on-topic joke is going lead to my posts being removed, I request one of the moderators please unregister me immediately.

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We did not remove any comments under the name Rizzman. We did remove comments under the name Isis, as they were rude, negative, and accusatory. 



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