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The Exodus – Scientific Evidence

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The story of the Hebrews departing from Egypt after ‘God’ cursed the Egyptians with ten plagues sounds like a fairy tale in which a vengeful God with superpowers punishes the Egyptians for not letting the Hebrews leave Egypt. One of the most impressive of these displays of power was when God split the water in two so that the Hebrews could pass through. The location of the occurrence is supposed to either be the Red Sea, or the Sea of Reeds .

There is a branch of archaeology called biblical archaeology, whose aim is to prove that all events in The Bible did happen—even if the cause may have been something different than the hand of God. There have been many theories proposed to prove that Exodus actually took place.

In 2006, a documentary titled The Exodus Decoded by Simcha Jacobovici of the History Channel suggested that the Exodus did happen around 1500BCE, during the period of the pharaoh Ahmose. Using archaeological evidence, he tried to show that everything could have been explained through natural events. Naturally, his effort was faced with opposition from religion aiming to prove him wrong.

In 2010, a suggestion was made by researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the University of Colorado, showing how winds could have moved the waters creating passage for Moses. This theory, supported by a computer simulation, could have explained the biblical account of the Exodus.

In 2012, Michael Rood and a team of scientists and explorers documented proof for the Red Sea crossing by showing trails and other archaeological evidence on the bottom of the Red Sea, without offering explanations as to how. Using submarine cameras and the latest technology, he located the ancient remains of the Pharaoh’s army and of the fight that took place thousands of years ago.

It is important to note that according to the Biblical story, millions of people must have participated in the Exodus. Based on that, the ‘ Kuzari Proof ’ suggests that it would have been impossible for millions of people to have lived and seen this event with their own eyes (including the revelation of God on Mount Sinai) and it not to be true. This suggests that it happened according to the account mentioned in the Bible, also adding to the fact that none of the previous scientific suggestions support the Exodus to have involved more than a few thousand people.

Some people maintain that the Exodus really took place. The fight between biblical archaeology and conventional archaeology will continue, with the first trying to prove the power of the God and the second attempting to break everything down to simple, natural events as accounted by people with vivid imaginations.

By April Holloway

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Read Ahmed Osman's books for best Biblical Exodus accounts. Also, The Biblical Zarw has been found and factually identified in Eastern Egypt at the start of the Horus Road through Saudi Arabia.     Moses, being Akhenaten, Used his staff of Pharonic power, to open the Waters of the Pharaohs Cisterns holding water for his followers. This area is of course, between the Red Sea and the Mediterannean, a natural "Parting" of seas. For more, read Ahmed's books.

Read anything by Lawrence Gardner, Ahmed Osman

Why not believe God used natural processes to achieve His will? If God didn't use process then the Bible would be a very short book...

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