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Stan Patitul and his Infernal Pact with the Devil

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The legends of world mythology are full of tales about infernal pacts. In the case of such a pact, the individual gives up his or her own soul in exchange for service to the devil or demons. However, there are also atypical infernal pacts which do not end with the individual losing his or her soul. Instead, another soul is claimed by the contracted demon. Such an atypical infernal pact appears in the tale of Stan Patitul written down by Romanian author Ion Creanga, which goes as follows:

There was once a rich and hard-working man who lived in a village. However, despite being rich, he was still single. He had reached the age of 30 and he still had not gotten married. He wanted to find his better half, but that had not yet happened. There is an old Romanian saying states that by the age of 20 a person can find someone to marry by oneself; by the age of 25 others find a match for the person; by the age of 30 only an old woman can find someone for the person and after this age, only the devil can find a match for the individual. Such was the case of the man named Stan.

One night, the man got up, prepared some food and left for the forest to bring some firewood. At dawn he reached the forest, gathered the firewood and took a break to eat. He ate, but he left some food behind in the forest. He did not want to carry it back home, so he said that whoever found and ate it should say thanks to God for it. Stan left and was caught in a terrible storm. Meanwhile, Scaraoschi (the leader of the devils in Romanian mythology, Satan) ordered his devil subjects to go and cause trouble in the human world.

Scaraoschi is the leader of the devils in Romanian mythology, Satan

Scaraoschi is the leader of the devils in Romanian mythology, Satan ( public domain )

One of the devils ended up in the forest and found the food leftovers from Stan. The man was long gone home, but the food was still there, so the hungry devil began to eat. He had not managed to cause any trouble that day even though he had tried and he ate the food without saying any thanks to God afterwards. Upon his return before Scaraoschi, the devil admitted that he had failed in causing trouble in the human world and apologized. Then, Scaraoschi told him that he knew he had eaten the food without thanking God as the human had said and, for this reason, the devil had to serve the human for three years. However, after those three years, the devil gained the right to take whatever he wanted from the human’s house.

The devil took the form of an eight-year-old boy and went to Stan’s house. He stated that he wanted to serve the man for three years and then claim whatever he wanted from the man’s house in exchange. Stan accepted and the devil began to serve him. The devil made the man richer than before and, after two years, he asked Stan why he did not get married and promised to find a way for him to marry. After a while, Stan and the devil went to the village party on Sunday. There, Stan met a woman he liked. Upon seeing this, the devil told the man that the woman would not make a good wife because she had a devil’s rib, but Stan did not want to hear it. That was the woman he wanted to marry, so the devil had to make it happen and he did.

The devil took the form of a young boy to serve Stan

The devil took the form of a young boy to serve Stan ( deviantart)

The two got married, they loved each other and they lived happily together. Still, the devil told Stan that he had to remove the woman’s devil rib if the two were to remain together until old age. After a while, the woman gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. One day, the family was invited to go to a wedding, but the devil advised Stan to let his wife and son go there before him. The devil told the man to test his wife’s fidelity by summoning her to another house under another identity. He had bribed a wicked old woman to bring his wife to the house along with the child to meet the mystery man. The woman failed the test and came along with the old woman. At the house, she did not recognize her disguised husband. The man made the two women drink until they fell asleep. Stan took the child and returned home very upset. The devil promised to solve the problem by removing the woman’s devil rib.


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That was painfully convoluted. Besides the usual "woman=bad" theme common in a lot of folklore, what was that story trying to teach?

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