Hygeia - The Serpent Priestesses

The Serpent Priestesses and Ancient Sexual Rites

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During the temple ceremonies, the Priestesses would also bring themselves to arousal, causing the release of fluid emitted from the Skene’s Gland. This fluid is filtered blood plasma, and so is a rich source of hormones. To achieve this they were trained to enter a meditative state in which each of their seven flowers (or what we know as chakras) ‘blossomed’, starting with the ‘Crown ’ at the top of the head and moving down the spine until it reached the ‘Root’ at the base of the spine. By activating these chakras, the glands were stimulated making the resulting fluid extremely rich and powerful.

The Annunaki were skilled scientists and so during these rituals they may not have drunk the substances fresh, but distilled them. The oft used quote about turning base metals into gold may have derived from the distillation of iron rich blood into a yellow-gold liquid, as Europeans in the last millennium discovered when they attempted to distil men’s souls.

While the idea of drinking fresh blood is repellent, it is worth noting that many of our modern medicines contain hormones such as Premarin. The proponents of the use of organs like the placenta and the injection of fresh cells called ‘Live Cell Therapy’ in natural medicine, claim that these methods rejuvenates the recipients; re-energizing, boosting immune systems and restoring youthful beauty - not so far removed from the Annunaki’s claims. The blood used was only from the Annunaki Priestesses themselves and their direct descendants up until the Merovingian Dynasty during the Dark Ages. As the generations passed, it became too diluted and eventually was not used at all, the Dragon Court searching for other methods of achieving the same results.

It is worth noting that the Annunaki were not immortal, they died, often by violence inflicted by each other. What they sought was to live lengthened lives, but in full possession of their physical and mental faculties instead of withering away and living out their final years handicapped by infirmities.

What we have are the symbols of the Fountain of Youth (the Priestesses wombs), the Grail (or mixing bowl), as well as the mixing of the red and white which was the blood and semen of an Annunaki Priestess Ninkhursag and her husband Enki, used to create and nourish life, best expressed in the Templar Cross.

The Knights Templar Cross

The Knights Templar Cross. Public Domain

Featured image: Hygeia (Detail from Medicine), Gustav Klimt, 1900. Public Domain


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By Katrina Sisowath


The author sadly forgot to mention the role of aliens in the "Serpent Cult", its importance in the civilizations of Atlantis and Mu, how it is the foundation of the piramid preservation power, and of course how the initiates are now hiding in an underground city in the Antartic.....

Katrina Sisowath's picture

That theme is actually explored in my mythological fantasy book, 'Serpent Priestess of the Annunaki'--based on the Sumerian accounts of the Aliens from Nibiru who came to Earth and created lulu amel, or servants, which were the humans. The second book which is due for release 2015  is about Atlantis, Egypt and the pyramids. :-)

Katrina Sisowath

Very interesting article. Can you please expand on your last paragraph? I don't see the connection. How did you establish this meaning from the Knights Templar Cross?

Katrina Sisowath's picture

What we know as the Templar Cross is in fact a much older symbol. It dates to the time of the Annunaki and the events in the Garden of Eden. Sometimes the corss is depicted on its own, other times it has a circle, or ouroborous, around it.  As they were fond of layer upon layer of symbolism, there are a few meanings attached to it. 

The first is the forked or fiery tongues,  which is symbolic of their serpent worship and their seraphim, which were 'fiery serpents with wings'--or dragons. The Serpent Cult was the religious aspect of their culture, while the Dragon Court would have been their politico-military body

The second is the red and the white, which was both symbolic of the blood and the semen used to create life and the blood and venom which was used in temple ceremonies. Their apparel, layout of cities and design of temples all revolved around alternating red and white.

The third is that according to them, the 'Garden of Eden' or settlement where they conducted their experiments was laid out in a circle divided into quarters. 

This symbol is also known as the 'Mark of Cain'. Contrary to Genesis, the Sumerians said it was bequeathed to him to show he was under the Serpent Cult's protection from Enlil, who was outraged that Enki and Ninkhursag had created a lulu amel that was more Annunaki than human. 

It was adopted by the Templars, though the question is raised as to whether they knew of the original meanings. They may have, as though they appeared devout Christians, there certainly are enough rumours that suggest they had possession of arcane knowledge. What is also interesting is after the persecution of the Templars, those in Portugal disbanded, many joining the Hospitallers or becoming the Knights of Christ. Christopher Columbus's father-in-law was allegedly one and it is claimed they provided navigators to him for his voyage. So perhaps it was no accident he chose that symbol for his expedition (there are claims the Knight Templars had access to, and used, Ayahuasca, which would mean they did travel to South America)

Katrina Sisowath

I believe that they established the meaning from the red and white symbol of the Knights Templar. That however is my opinion.


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