Stone Age sea travel

The Discovery that Revealed Ancient Humans Navigated the Seas 130,000 Years Ago

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We always underestimate ancient man and they deserve much more credit than we give them. Conventional archaeology is too close minded and whenever an important find like this is discovered it really shocks them into the real reality of how it was... And that scares them because they dont want to admit their wrong.


Greece is home to many among oldest things, civilizations and settlements in the world.
It's just simply amazing.
Besides the many old settlements (130.000+BC - 5000BC) and remarkable things such as the oldest writing in the world and alphabetical use of the Greek language 6000BC, (Dispilio tablet 5300 BC, Yura potteries 6000BC) which is the oldest in the world.
The latest news about the 130,000 oldest sea navigation in in the world or the newly discovered 8000 year old civilization with remarkably advanced architecture(multi storey buildings with balconies), or the Petralona skulls of 800.000 BC and oldest usage of fire in the world was found here as well (700,000BC).

These latest 3 examples are just the latest news of the last month that suggests, how much history is going on in Greece. With dating every year pushed back and with. Obviously every year loads of Ancient Greek findings are done, but lately I believe there is a stronger focus on the history before the glorious ancient Greece and before even the incredibly advanced Minoan Civilization(3750-1400BC) in the Cyclades and Crete in Greece, which had 5-7 storey palaces, with incredibly advanced urban planning and architecture, with toilets and sewage systems through it's palaces and cities, with even toilets on the 2nd and 3 floor of normal houses.

I am therefor intrigued of things to come, things that still lie hidden in this beautiful and incredibly history rich country

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That's interesting enough that the tools were made out of quartz.

Peace and Love,


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And if they could sail the waters 200K yrs ago then that means they could have gone anywhere.

I am amazed, but not surprised. We must keep in mind, this is the oldest evidence we have found, so far!


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