Abydos carvings

Abydos carvings

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Abydos, 1848 – In this ancient city in Egypt, the temple of Seti I was discovered. On one of the ceilings of the temple, strange hieroglyphs were found that sparked a debate between Egyptologists. The carvings appear to depict modern vehicles resembling a helicopter, a submarine, and airplanes.

At first the images circulating were thought to be fakes, but were later filmed and verified as valid images. Yet, even if these images clearly appear to resemble twentieth century machines, Egyptologists have tried to offer a rational explanation.

It was common in Ancient Egypt for hieroglyphs to be re-carved and re-faced over the years. This process of writing on the same surface more than once is called palimpsest, and it was common practice when a new Pharaoh was establishing a dynasty to write over the hieroglyphs of his predecessors. It is well known that such a process took place at the temple of Seti I in Abydos by his son Ramses II.

However, there is still some disagreement over the palimpsest theory. If the above depictions are indeed ‘left overs’ from previously carved hieroglyphs, the symbols should appear random and unique. Yet the Arab newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat has published pictures from another temple in Karnak in which the carvings are very similar to those found in Abydos. If the carvings at Karnak are real, the palimpsest theory falls apart. Still, it is difficult to find evidence of those pictures and until then this argument is in question.

If we know that Egyptians did not have technology of this kind—and if we consider for a moment that these images are true carvings—then we must ask ourselves how they came to appear inside the temple? Could it be that extra-terrestrials visited our planet all those centuries ago and that the ancient Egyptians tried to depict their spacecrafts in the best way they knew how?  For now, it is difficult to prove such a theory, but at the very least, we believe this possibility must be considered.

By John Black

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The palimpsest explanation does not hold water. If the images are the result of an accident, why would all of the images accidentally look like modern aircraft? If only one looked like a plane or helicopter I would accept this explanation but its simply not plausible to think that four different images would emerge, all which resemble modern air or sea craft.

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As time passes we find that our ancient ancestors were anything but primitive. Many people are waking up and exploring and in the process trying to relearn what has been lost.

In our current juggernaut-like quest to dismantle everything but a completely nihilistic view of the universe it dawns on me that if we succeed, the biggest tragedy will be in the re-appraisal of the past as merely a series of crazy people believing crazy things and building monuments to imaginary friends. I find this deeply sad. As our history will merely be social fictions, status, the lucky few, the suffering many. No hope. No point. For the sake of wonder - the only treatment available for despair - I hope we don't succeed.

Your comment about how "advanced" our ancestors were triggered this response. If nothing is true than they were merely practically brilliant at building pointless monuments to fantasy.

what you must also consider is this: people had visions of the future, perhaps, and i've stated this before on other futuristic websites..perhaps the people or a person had a vision of the future, as people do have visions, and those futuristic vehicles is what they saw. i think my lil theory holds more water than people running around and digging up the desert for non existent helicopters and submarines.

Good point, just another idea that needs considered,

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While I appreciate the questions raised by Ancient Alien Theorists, I am not as convinced as they are about how plain it is that our past has been so full of alien contact. That being said the comment about the visions being the source of the images, is a very believable theory for the orgin of the images. Considering that it appears that our ancestors were much more intune and accepting of things that we consider to be supernatural or paranormal. I find it insulting for scientists to discount the probable beliefs of past peoples cause it is beyond their norm or logic or reason or ability. The concept that we are so much more advanced than any other culture ever on the planet is arrogant and ignorant.

If we are to entertain ideas like aliens in the past, then I think you have to entertain the possibility of time travel, it something like the Bermuda triangle, to name just one triangle. What if they went through time or a portal and that is how their iconography resembles our modern aircrafts. Or people were more advanced than we give them credit,

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Oh I would entertain the idea of time travel just as I also think that the idea of parell universes is possible as well. I think that we have more proof for those ideas than the theory that in ancient times we had SO VERY MUCH contact with aliens and now not really.....yes I have seen X-Files :-) But what I think is most important that we keep searching for answers and the truth.

I believe these carvings were the "Branding" done by the ANUNNAKI to claim these Temples as their constructions. See "The ANUNNAKI Were Here!" pgs. 53-54 at my web site.

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this makes me think about Back to the Future II...when the movie was made they had some serious ideas of what the future would look like as far as vehicles, clothes, and interactive wait staff...but as we approach this same time, in real time, we are pretty far off from all owning hoverboards...but, the fact that the carvings and the actual vehicles do look similar...i'm not sure if that's design, or visions, or time travel or what, but it is spectacular!

love, light and blessings


Interesting. Remember Da Vinci and his helicopter models? Also, he had plans drawn up for a tank! People have always been ingenious.

malisa wright

The first people that walked on the face of the Earth were really so advanced in technologies and sciences and almost in everything, we were nothing compare to them. The carvings on the wall proved that the people on Earth came from different planets and star systems, those vehicles were spaceships , spaceships were so visible even in the Bible. The first people on our planet were the Lemurians and the Atlanteans, they were almost perfect people living in peace and harmony until Lucifer and his cohorts were sent to this perfect planet where he messed up and still messing up to this moment. He made the Earth imperfect that the Almighty removed our planet which near to Him In His Orion Nebula and placed in our present Solar System. Those spaceship that the people are seeing are true because the grids of our planet are all open, the crop circles are the proofs that they had been here. The spaceships of Light were the one responsible for those crop circles. The spaceships of our Almighty are coming to judge the world and its people, are you ready to face HIM???

Yeah, too bad they didn't have Aquaman and Flash Gordon to help fight off those Blue Meanies Lucifer had. Too bad, indeed. Duhhhhhhhhhh (makes mouth bubbles).

Data vinchi also had this image of man flying and even made a helicopter in models form why not a people as advanced as the Egyptian 

. We talk of a place called Atlantis and its advanced civilization where flying machines where common place and so is it possible this is what the Egyptian tryed to show us ....... I don't see it being any thing but that......

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Whether it is a palimsest or not, it has caused countless numbers of people to become interested enough to start asking questions. That alone makes it invaluable.

From Timaeus by Plato - the text records a conversation that took place between a Greek named Solon and an Egyptian priest possibly named Sonchis. The Egyptian tells how the movement of bodies in the heavens leads to the destruction of the earth at long intervals and how all knowledge is lost at these times.

The chief city in this district is Sais - the home of King Amasis - the founder of which, as they say, was a goddess whose Egyptian name is Neith, and in Greek, as they assert, Athena. These people profess to be great lovers of Athens and in a measure akin to our people here. And Solon said that when he travelled there he was held in great esteem amongst them; moreover, when he was questioning such of their priests as were most versed in ancient lore about their ancient history, he discovered that neither he himself, nor any other Greek, knew anything at all, one might say, about such matters.

And, on one occasion, when he wished to draw them on to discourse on ancient history, be attempted to tell them the most ancient of our traditions, concerning Phoroneus, who was said to he the first man and Niohe; and he went on to tell the legend about Deucalion and Pyrra after the flood and how they survived it, and to give the genealogy of their descendants; and by recounting the number of years occupied by the events mentioned he tried to calculate the periods of time.

Whereupon one of the priests, a prodigiously old man, said: "Oh Solon. Solon. You Greeks are always children - there is not such a thing as an old Greek." And on hearing this he asked: "What mean you by this saying?"

And the priest replied: "You are young in soul, every one of you. For therein you possess not a single belief that is ancient and derived from old tradition, nor yet one science that is hoary with age. And this is the cause thereof: There have been, and there will be, many and diverse destructions of mankind, of which the greatest are by fire and water, and lesser ones by countless other means. For in truth the story that is told in your country as well as ours, how once upon a time. Phaethon, son of Helios, yoked his father's chariot and, because he was unable to drive it along the course taken by his father burnt up all that was upon the earth, and himself perished by a thunderbolt - that story, as it is told, has the fashion of a legend, but the truth of it lies in the occurrence of a shift of the bodies in the heavens which move round the earth and a destruction of the things on the earth by fierce fire, which recurs at long intervals.

At such times all they that dwell on the mountains, and in high and dry places, suffer destruction more than those who dwell near to rivers or the sea; and in our case the Nile, our saviour in other ways, saves us also at such times from this calamity by rising high. And when, on the other hand, the Gods purge the earth with a flood of waters, all the herdsmen and shepherds that are in the mountains are saved, hut those in the cities of your land are swept into die sea by the streams; whereas in our country neither then nor at any other time does the water pour down over our fields from above, on the contrary it all tends naturally to swell up from below. Hence it is, for these reasons, that what is here preserved is reckoned to be the most ancient; the truth being that in every place where there is no excessive heat or cold to prevent it, there always exists some human stock, now more, now less in number. And if any event has occurred that is noble or great or in any way conspicuous, whether it be in your country or in ours or in some other place of which we know by report, all such events are recorded from of old and preserved here in our temples; whereas your people and the others are but newly equipped, every time, with letters and all such arts as civilised States require;

and when, after the usual interval of years, like a plague, the flood from heaven comes sweeping down afresh upon your people, it leaves none of you but the unlettered and the uncultured, so that you become young as ever, with no knowledge of all that happened in old times in this land or in your own. Certainly the genealogies which you related just now, Solon, concerning the peoples of your country, are little better than children's tales; for, in the first place, you remember but one deluge, though many had occurred previously; and next, you are ignorant of the fact that the noblest and most perfect race amongst men were born in the land where you now dwell, and from them both you yourself are sprung and the whole of your existing city, out of some little seed that chanced to be left over; but this has escaped your notice because for many generations the survivors died with no power to express themselves in writing. For verily at one time, Solon, before the greatest destruction by water, what is now the Athenian state was the bravest in war and supremely well organized also in other respects. It is said that it possessed the most splendid works of art, and the noblest polity of any nation under heaven of which we have heard tell."

Upon hearing this, Solon said that he marvelled, and with the utmost eagerness requested the priest to recount for him in order and exactly all the facts about those citizens of old. The priest then said: "I begrudge you not the story. Solon; nay, I will tell it, both for your own sake and that of your city, and most of all for the sake of the Goddess who has adopted for her own both your land and this of ours, and has nurtured and trained them - yours first by the space of a thousand years, when she had received the seed of you from Ge and Hephaestus, and after that ours. And the duration of our civilisation as set down in our sacred writings is 8,000 years. Of the citizens, then, who lived 9,000 years ago, I will declare to you briefly certain of their laws and the noblest of the deeds they performed; the full account in precise order and detail we shall go through later, at our leisure, taking the actual writings."

The BLUE PLANET PROJECT book has some interesting illustrations of different types of aliens. It is also claimed that they were smuggled out by a government scientist working on top secret projects with aliens. Could they be real?

People who believe these signs represent aircraft must avoid the issue of context for their views to be sustained. It's almost as if they don't know that hieroglyphics represent a spoken language that's governed by rules of syntax and grammar, like all languages are. You can't just insert random words into a sentence and have it make sense. If I say, "My girlfriend took me to the Apple Store and helicopter me an iPad for my birthday," that doesn't make sense. You expect a word like "purchased" or "bought" instead of "helicopter." The question that the aircraft believers can never answer is how the sentence reads that those signs occur within. Now if the sentence began with something like, "A strange object appeared in the sky..." that would support the aircraft theory. But if it's more along the lines of random words inserted, like "helicopter me an iPad," then it doesn't make sense. I'd like to see someone who believes these signs represent aircraft to read the full sentence and explain how the signs fit into it for a coherent meaning. They can't, because it doesn't make sense as aircraft within its context, which is a palimpsest of the names of Seti and Rameses. They seem to believe that because they can't read hieroglyphics, that no one else can either. Aircraft makes no sense within the context of the full inscription. It would be just random words inserted into an otherwise coherent meaning.

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Left side view of the Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan.
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