The Sphinx and Great Pyramids of Egypt

36,400 BC: The Historical time of the Zep Tepi Theory

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Many conjectures have been made concerning the monumental complex of Giza. Some of these fall within the theories of the so called “independent school of Egyptology”, of which they constitute a great part. It is undeniable that “academic” Egyptology has greatly contributed to our knowledge of a unique and incomparable civilization, incredibly developed socially, artistically and scientifically. Unfortunately, academic Egyptologists have also persisted in misattributing some archaeological finds to Dynastic Egyptians, which I believe have little to do with that civilization. This has created confusion among researchers and has affected our comprehension of the prehistory of Egypt.

In the last 20 years, one of the most outstanding theories, in scientific terms, is that proposed by Robert Bauval, known as The Orion Correlation Theory. He proposed a correlation between the major pyramids of Giza and the three largest stars forming the Belt of Orion. Particularly, he suggested that a perfect alignment between the former and the latter  occurred in the year 10,450 BC.

As a result of this, a fervid debate among scholars originated, which has long slowed, and at times even impeded, objective analysis of the pyramid complex.

International Conference on Ancient Study, Zayed Univesity, Dubai.

Ahmed Osman, Armando Mei, Robert Bauval and John Major Jenkins.  

International Conference on Ancient Study, Zayed Univesity, Dubai. Photo Credit: Armando Mei

Still mysteries remain, for example, the dispute over the “Zep Tepi” (‘First Time’ or Golden Era). While academics agree to confine its purpose to mythology, I believe that their position conflicts with the long lists of sovereigns found so accurately transcribed in Egyptian documents and temples. I do not believe that the First Time is a myth, as it is regarded by some researchers.  I assume that the Zep Tepi was an historical time of prosperity. In my opinion, all major monuments of Giza were built before the Dynastic Age to celebrate the Age of Osiris rule. But, when were the monuments of Giza built?

Astronomical Configuration & the Zep Tepi

I studied the astronomical configuration of the sky above Giza in the remote past. First of all, I analyzed the astronomical configuration concerning the sky above Giza in the year 10,450 BC (Bauval’s Theory).

Bauval’s Orion Correlation Theory – Vernal Equinox 10,500 BC

Bauval’s Orion Correlation Theory – Vernal Equinox 10,500 BC. Al Nitak is not on the Meridian and not connected to the Great Pyramid. Sirius is under the Horizon. Planets have not a symbolic arrangement.

At the dawn of the vernal equinox, the Constellation of Lion is right on the ecliptic, while the Constellation of Orion is on the Meridian. Remarkable is the position of Mintaka, because this star lies on the Meridian while Alnitak has moved toward the south-east.  In my opinion, this is not the right configuration, because I would expect to find Alnitak (the correspondent of the Great Pyramid, the most important monument of Giza) on the Meridian and not the pyramid of Mycerinus, the smaller pyramid of Giza. Any other astronomical object, close to the monuments of Giza, were in the Sky at that time.

The Age of the Zep Tepi

In the following table, what is most striking is the configuration of the sky above Giza in the year 36,420 BC. At the dawn of the vernal equinox, at an entire astronomical precessional cycle before 10,450 BC, all monuments of Giza were perfectly aligned with the constellations as follows:

The Sky above Giza at Vernal Equinox in the year 36,400 BC: my proposal on Historical Golden Age of the Zep Tepi

The Sky above Giza at Vernal Equinox in the year 36,400 BC: my proposal on Historical Golden Age of the Zep Tepi (processing by Armando Mei)

At the dawn of the vernal equinox.

The Lion constellation and Sphinx are closely connected to the East. The Orion constellation is on the Celestial Meridian, exactly above the Pyramids.  Most importantly, it’s a perfect connection between Al Nitak – the largest Star of the Belt of Orion – and the Great Pyramid , the biggest monument in the Giza Plateau. The connection occurred only in this astronomical configuration and in no one astronomical alignment ever proposed by experts, from 2,000 AD to 100,000 BC.

As Al Nitak cuts the Celestial Meridian, so the Great Pyramid lies in the center of emerged lands, the main meridian and parallel intersection, or rather at the distance of 1/3 between the Equator and North Pole, symbolizing the “natural zero” for longitude.

Moreover, there are many astronomical guidelines proving the concept of the Beginning of a New Age. First of all, the planets positions. They are positioned in the south-east hemisphere, as though following the rising Sun through its movement along the ecliptic. In particular, the Moon is a New Moon, and it’s positioned just below the celestial horizon, ready to follow the Sun’s movement towards the light.


You got me convinced :)

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Not only have I been sold on this idea for a long time, but I also believe that we are now a few years into the rise towards the next Golden Age.

Peace and Love,


Astronomical alignment theories are pretty much always incorrect. They are circumstantial at best, and out right wrong at worst.

In the case of the Giza monuments we have incontrovertible proof from archaeological, contextual, and cultural sources that they date to approx 2500 BC. The Great pyramid was built by Khufu and the sphinx and second pyramid by his son Khafre. Khufu's father, Menkaure built the third pyramid.

There is absolutely no evidence that the pyramid complex is over 36 thousand years old...

Then how come doe the Spinx show such heavy water erosion? When there was no significant rainfall in the region for 8000 years? .. stop making fools out of your selves even 10th graders see there is something seriously wrong with 'Mainstream' theories.

That's out of date. What looks like water erosion is actually wind erosion that mimics water erosion because the sandstone is stratified in different densities and deteriorates at different rates as a result. This makes as much sense as any non-mainstream theories and worth taking into account. Fools would presumably just pick the theory they like best and ignorantly resist all others.

Water erosion is usually vertical(because gravity) while wind erosion is more horizontal(because wind duh) the erosion on the Spinx is clearly vertical(thus water), even a non-expert like me see's that.

Fair point on that, I was too brief. The horizontally stratified weathering is the most prevelant form on the body of the sphinx itself. The focus of the water erosion theory tends to be on the  walls of the enclosure. Now there's nothing unreasonable with suggesting that the monument existed in a different form for a much longer period. The fact that even taking the reconstructions of the feet to combat their deterioration, the head is rather small to the point of being odd and not in proportion with smaller sphinxes, is a theoretical but certainly persuasive point to say the least. I have just always assessed the very divergent views of geologists, engineers and climatologists- people more likely to simply state their theories because they aren't involved in all the party politics of Egyptology -as meaning that the jury is still out regarding this magnificent object. In fact it's magnificence seems to be the problem as every subsequent regime has apparently wanted to claim it for themselves, and removed evidence that would help us effectively understand it's history. You like this theory- great stuff. It comes across as over complicated to me. It requires an unbroken and non-evolving chain of theological/astrological/religious understanding and belief that seems unlikely. On the other hand, anything that winds up Mr Ego, Zahi Hawass (and boy, this sort of stuff does!) can't be all bad!

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I completely agree, the jury is still out on much of this stuff.

The problem is, mainstream Egyptology insists that not only is the jury is not still out, but the judge made his ruling, the baliff emptied the courtroom, the lights were turned off, and everyone went home. Trial is over, no appeals, stfu or be found in contempt of court.

"In the case of the Giza monuments we have incontrovertible proof from archaeological, contextual, and cultural sources that they date to approx 2500 BC."

In response to this, though it pains me slightly, I'll quote Wikipedia's description of the evidence underlying academia's official position on the dating of the great pyramid:

"Based on a mark in an interior chamber naming the work gang and a reference to fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu, Egyptologists believe that the pyramid was built as a tomb over a 10 to 20-year period concluding around 2560 BC."

Hardly incontrovertible proof.  Perhaps insufferable conjecture.

Egyptian Pharaohs had very high egos obviously. If the great pyramid was really built during the reign of Khufu hieroglyphics would have everywhere in the great pyramid especially after 20 years of hard labor. A growing section of the planet is being awakened to the fact that the great pyramid predates the dynasties by a considerable amount of time. The inference is that civilizations do not necessarily advance linearly during time for whatever reasons.

There is only circumstantial evidence of who and when the great pyramid at Giza was built. The dating and credit is based off an inference of when the other two pyramids at Giza were built of which there is an actual record. Although many would insist there is proof of its age at creator it really is still just implied.

I would like to remind everyone that archaeology is science and not wishful thinking. There is a veritable mountain of evidence, not just one or two wispy references. In archaeology we also look for for evidence (and have found it) in hieroglyphics, papyrus, pottery, living quarters, midden heaps, pictographs, inscriptions, oral histories, traditions, and more.

While there may not be incontrovertible evidence pointing to Khufu, there is plenty of solid evidence pointing to the time frame of construction, including the construction of several intermediate pyramids including the step pyramid, the bent pyramid and the red pyramid.

We have absolutely no evidence of any pyramidal structure being built before Imhotep built the first step pyramid. Further, we have no evidence that Egyptian culture is older than the approx. 3300-3500 BC.It wasn't until Narmer founded the first dynasty in roughly 3200 BC that Egypt actually coalesced into a culture.

All of this you can get from reading historical texts on Egypt, but you must go further than googling "Egypt" or looking it up on Wikipedia.

I am not a fool or crazy for espousing the beliefs of the vast majority of scientists who have spent decades studying this material in depth.


While I'll have to watch what I say until I find a translation of Merer's logbook to read for myself, three months worth of documentation regarding the quarrying and placement of limestone casing blocks could well be covering maintenance rather than the tail-end of construction.

Frederic, thanks for posting this article, and I wish I'd found it when writing the following,l as I would have included a link to it at the very least when writing my own piece about the find at Wadi-al-Jarf and the Great Pyramid. But that said, while the Wadi-al-Jarf papyri, the oldest Egyptian papyri yet found, do talk about construction on the Giza Plateau, I feel that there's still room for doubt that the Great Pyramid is solely attributable to Khufu. As I wrote in the following article:

Preston Peet
Editor "The Disinformation Guide to Ancient Aliens, Lost Civilizations, Astonishing Archaeology, and Hidden History"
Editor "Under the Influence- the Disinformation Guide to Drugs"

Mark, I think you're confusing wishful thinking with a willingness to challenge established paradigms where the evidence falls short or can be reexamined in a new light.  This is how science moves forward, by asking new questions--not by citing or clinging to consensus, which is the anchor of science and irrelevant in a serious discussion.   Perhaps your boasts of bulletproof evidence will eventually produce a few examples.

So you are dismissing the Bosnian Pyramids at over 12,000yrs old? UNESCO has recognized them.

UNESCO has not recognised the so-called 'pyramids' in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Checking the UNESCO website they don't even appear on the 'Tentative List'. As it stands they are still regarded as nothing but natural formations.

No UNESCO have not recognised them at all. Bosnia pyramids are just mountains

Geez, open your eyes dude...... The pyramids were talked about in clay tablets 2000 yrs before you say they were built.....Dont buy in to the conspiracy to keep us stupid..... Do some research......

You say there's "incontrovertible proof" but that is just wrong! No academic worth her/his salt, will agree with you because the proof you mention is not bulletproof. All there is , is the red ochre paint that says "the gang of Khufu " but hawass had refused to allow carbon testing on its age which is suspect right there! Those German guys did testing and the dates show doubts now . Many professional geology experts report that the sphinx has massive water damage & erosion that could only take place over 10,500 BC.
I'm not a fan of Bauval but it's clear that the entire complex was built in stages over a lot longer time than 2500 bc! The sphinx was there first clearly from at least 10,500BC.based on the water erosion alone but there is also evidence from the documentation of the pharaoh who did the restoration work. There's no way that kind of work would be needed after only 300 years! That's common sense. He did the massive restoration because it was already thousands of years old. The only reason this debate is now such a struggle is because of the massive unstable ego of Hawass having to be right despite the truth and the academics who won't be allowed back in to Egypt if they go against the Egyptian antiquities authority. I hope hawass replacement is a good normal man but hawass still has his cronies . It's pathetic that this heritage that belongs to ALL of us is being held hostage by racist nut bags!

Egyptologists theories on pyramids are also just circumstantial and only show that dynastic Egyptians and their pharoahs occupied and added to what had been there long before they arrived.

I love it when researchers use forensic astronomy to think outside the box and attempt to date ancient historical events. But in this case I assume the world has experienced at least one cataclysmic pole shift since 36,400 BC - most clearly the one at the "end of the ice age" and the Pleistocene Extinction... therefore any attempt to view the sky as it was seen from Egypt so far back would not be possible. I do believe Egypt shows evidence of advanced civilization way farther back than conventional Egyptology allows - I think West, Schoch, Hancock, Bauval, and others merit reading - and I explain why in my own book, End Times and 2019. But even if Egyptian records go back to 36,400 B.C. I do not believe Egypt would have been at the same position on the surface of the Earth, and therefore they would not have seen the skies as shown above (unless their latitude was IDENTICAL.)

Armando Mei's picture
Thanks everybody for your comments and interest in my article.  To be more precise, experts suggest that the North Pole latest two shifts, occurred about in the year 37.000 BC (point A)  and 15.000 BC. (point B). The Shift distance from the two points (A-B) is contained in a few meters and not in more and more kilometers, i.e. an astronomical difference of 1000-1500 years more or less. 

I also wonder about this.  I think it hihgly unlikely that the syies were the same more than 36000 years ago.

And where I think it possible the Giza complex survived fot 12000 years,  it is a bit of a stretch they were built  more than 36000 years ago.

Intruiging idea however. Mindboggling.

Sunny Young

The theory is appealing, i must admit. However, when researchers force the numbers to fit I automatically start loosing interest. Khentkhaus’ tomb proportions comparison: why some numbers in cubits and others in meters, did the ancient egyptians used the metric system (i think not)? The differences you mention are big for the high precision of the pyramids, it makes no sense unless you want the numbers to fit. Plus, where did the measure of sirius brightness came from, which are the units of this number, and how do you know that these same units were used in ancient egypt?
I'm sorry, a can't take seriously these kind of forced assumtions.

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Your exceptions are correct. But I've never say that Pyramids were built by Egyptians. Furthermore, decimal system was used by sumerians and babylonians... don't you think it's an ancient heritage?

Ok, i meant ancient egyptians or whoever lived in egypt in that times and designed the pyramids. Yes I do think that the decimal system is an ancient heritage, but i was talking about the metric system (which is decimal) that establishes the use of the metre as a length unit. It is a relatively modern system, a don´t see the point in using this unit for your comparisons.
Anyway, apart from the points i raised, i really think your theory is interesting. I would like confirmation of the astronomical alignments you mention by other researchers. Keep up the good work.

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Well, originally (in the late 1700s) the meter was defined as being some division of the distance from the equator to the north one ten-millionth the distance or thereabouts. Later the standard changed to a wavelength emitted by krypton, and eventually changed again to what it is today, the distance travelled by light in some tiny fraction of a second.

The overall length of the meter remained the same despite all the changes in the standards used to define it, so it remains a fraction of the distance from the equator to the north pole even if that isn't how we measure it anymore.

There is plenty of evidence that the architects of the large monuments at Giza had surveyed the earth themselves and used units based on divisions of earth measurements. So it doesn't seem too unlikely that they would have had something like the meter.
Also, as I recall, there was a pyramidion found on the Giza plateau that measured a meter in height, with a margin of error so tiny as to make it highly improbable it was merely coincidence.

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There is still the assumption of a relationship with constellations. On none of these structures is there such a claim. In the Wallis Budge translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, if his translations are accurate there are references to the "Iron ship of the south" travelling through the heavens, into which the faithful pray to be taken.

There are graphic images of such celestial boats filled arklike with masked  (animal-headed) gods. Now whether these are in fact merely earthly descriptions engraved on walls of earthly ceremonies involving pharoahs and priests is unknown. But what also is unknown is whether these ships in space refer to spaceships, or not, but nobody knows who inhabits them or why they are not with us down here.

I personally suspect such beings are unable to tolerate much that we are able to survive, and that it was they who erected the Pyramids to live in separated from us for such obvious reasons.

Because they were here and may return (as in the film The Fifth Element) after their departure the Egyptians who had benefitted greatly from their presence, then built temples etc and mummified their dead to be ready for reanimation on their return.

Presumably they had witnessed a bodily resurrection or two as did those who were with Jesus, and as is described quite clearly in Yogananda's "autobiography of a Yogi" , so they assumed it could happen to anybody at any time in the future and instituted a cult that fascinates us even now.

BVut as to dates, it could be earlier or later. It could have been the time before when those stars were so aligned, or as with Stonehenge etcetera, there may very well be absolutely no such connection between stars and sun and moon alignments whatever.

This is after all a popular airy fairy modern druid/hippy thingy, like ley lines, and there is neither evidence for it, nor proof of any of it IMHO.


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I believe Buaval based his theory not on how the sky looks today but on how it looked long ago.  Also, there is no doubt that archaeology has provided us with much evidence.  The question centers around the interpretation of that evidence.  

I agree with this statement because I found some similar evidence in the article myself. I feel like the why they described the sky back in those days is pretty much about the same as we would describe it today. I feel like the stars might have moved but now much. I also agree on the statement about the writings miss understood.

While it's fascinating to speculate on the ancient origins of humanity, there is one deep flaw in this theory: where are the monuments and evidence of people or civilizations living during the intervening years from 36,000 BCE and the archaeological records for pre-Dynastic Egypt? Given the enormous time line, you would expect to see thousands and thousands of sites and much more evidence for this theory. Yet there are no sites and not nearly enough evidence to convince me that this idea has any merit. Furthermore, using astronomical data without using what should be contemporary archaeological support is not good science, Practically any stars can be used to align with ancient monuments as there are tens of thousand to choose from.

Sorry, but skepticism wins out for me on this article. I have read far too many similar theories in the past 45 years which have never borne any fruit to accept this one.

there is all that water over the continental edges.  There is the complete erasure of a thriving cuture on Doggerland, where even today evidence is continually unearthed that completely contracicts what we have told ourselves.  There is the massive undersea landslide off Hawaii, and another larger one just discovered out west in the US. 

The reason we do not pursue this is we have no clear mechanism for such catastrophe to happen again and again. 

And I think that our rulers want to have ALL the info before going public as not to be surprised and appear to have no clue. 

What would you as king say to a subject that wanted to know why the Bosnian pyramids have a water maser activated at 30 Kh ?  What possible explanations for Sudbury Hill or the Scottish broches could there be?  Anwering those would be a tough job for any king and the easiest answer is :  It doesn't exist.


there are actually thousands of sites within a 500 mile radious of giza under the sands ,waiting to be the area and look for yourself, and with the amazing megalithic structures of the same prymidal design all over the ENTIRE globe, who says there isn't if hawasshole and co. ever let anyone dig on giza again , or the surrounding area, maybe we will have your proof...oh and let's not forget that the ones in charge of dig results, are they being truthful in thier assessment?...could it be possible that the artifacts that are in the cairo museum, which defy explanation of how they were made, are the ansewrs and proof you are looking for? SOMEBODY was building and designing structures that TODAY, still defy explanation of how and why they were built, on such a scale and granduer that has yet to be matched by todays standards, with rocks and SOFT ass copper chisels...wake up

During these long forgotten periods we've had some major earth events which can hide most if not all evidence. From around 100,000 yrs to around 12,000 yrs bp we had ice ages which meant lower sea levels by 120 metres. Volcanic and meteor impacts. The Younger Dryas event these are just to name a few. We also know of a population extermination event sometime relating from these, from genetic analysis. It could be that there is a wealth of evidence lying on the sea bed that we just have not thought about. We just dont know yet. But we need to ask.

I believe that some of the information that we believe came from the Egyptions is wrong. If they specialist got some of it wrong then how will we know what is right? I believe that the temples were built when the Dyansty started or maybe a little before. The consolations have powerful stories behind them.

The Osireion at Abydos has the same architectural characteristic as the Giza complex. What is interesting is that it is located 50 feet below the floorlevel of the Seti I temple it is connected to. This indicates that the Zep Tepi buildings might we found at greater depth than what is being surveyed nowadays. We are not finding them because we are not looking deep enough.

I love ancient star references and the pyramids are full of them. However, Robert Bauval's, theory known as The Orion Correlation Theory, has a second witness. The book of Job. Believe it or not that book, not only dates the construction of the great pyramid through a star reference of Ursa Minor being below the Northern Horizon Circle (last time that happened was about 10'500 BC.) The book of Job tells how the Great Pyramids were built.

Armando Mei, Luccas, G,Hancock, Z.Sitchin, and other learned searchers for the truth outside of the corrupt/'with blinders on, straight-laced mainstream, are pursuing factual evidence of ages past found in the few remaining grains of eras gone by. I salute them and all persons who question, ask and ask again.
I'm a Forensic Pathologist and sometime archaeo field researcher as a hobby. Recently I traveled to Puma Punka with a group of like minded people including two engineers, one structural, one mechanical, who both studied the timeless ruins and stated flatly, "in the last 20 years have our alleged modern technology been able to cut stone and build so precisely as those structures here'. There is nothing new under the Sun,, and civilisations have come and gone, especially those Ante-Diluvian. Insofar as the Sphinx is concerned, it was built by a race of advanced peoples for purposes we've no idea,, but truly need to study, as in the various Codices found through-out the older dynasties written/pictoral renderings. What we in this age refer to as our ancient ancestors, were but a continuation of origins before them. They drew/carved what they saw, what they lived. How can we question the hand of a person writing a shopping list on a clay tablet 5000ys past,, and not look to the same scribble today as the same, in name and deed. The cultures prior to KHemet,, and Sumer, knew their world and it's relationship with the galaxy; there's no doubt. Stonehenge is aligned too as is Gobekli Tepe, 6K and 9K BC respectively. Whom ever conceived of the Giza formations and for whatever reason, they knew, and probably left clues to why, and maybe their answers rest with cultures near and far during that not to far-off time/age. But to say these monumental perfectly aligned, and constructed images into the past are a mere 4-5K years old is an insult to those who created it and to all intellectual thought. Mainstream researchers really need to get their heads out of the sandy butts, and think all possibilities before publishing anything. especially really, really ancient stuff. Unfortunately RC14 doesn't work well with stone, alas, but metal tool marks/scraps do. And no, the Pyramids were not built using bronze tools!

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In the quest for knowledge we should perhaps go with the obvious first. There was no plan to create the spaces and the distances that separate the Pyramids from one another, but being exceptionally heavy sites had to be chosen that would   support their weight and not need a lifetime of levelling.

Or whoever you were, and whenever you were the pile would collapse. Its weight is estimated at over 6,000,000 tons, so it was built on the best rock base they had.

SIX MILLION TONS is a lot of reasons to choose the site according to need, rather than to ape, supposedly, star patterns.

It is doubtful the stars were regarded 36,000 or 12500 years ago as the astrologers and astronomers now group them. I doubt they had the names, forms or even the concepts that long ago- ten thousand years before the religion of the ancient Greeks.

Why on earth use contemporary ideas to “prove” age?

Tsurugi's picture

The stars have not noticably changed configuration in all that time, so the night sky was the same night sky then as now. Humans looking at it then would discern the same patterns as humans looking at it now. While that certainly isn't proof they had the same constellation groups as we do now, it is plenty of reason to leave open the possibility.
Also there is the fact that the origins of the constellation groups is unknown. The trail disappears into the mists of prehistory.

As for Giza having an over arching site-plan, I see the logic in your arguments, but that same logic works just as well assuming the entire complex was designed and built as one project as it does with assuming each monument was a separate construction.
Someone building a single giant pyramid will take into account all the problems such a project presents and act accordingly, as you said.
But someone building multiple giant pyramids with specific geometric relationships to each other would do the same thing.

I am still waiting for some "modern" to explain how the "ancients" pulled off the machining of granite and other extremely hard stone. The proof of machining exists, in stone, all over the Giza Plateau and at many other ancient sites around Egypt. And please don't tell me it was done by hand using "pounders" and copper chisels. You only insult our intelligence, Mark Lerner. If nothing else just admit there is so much we don't know or understand. Maybe the pyramids were built by Khufu. Maybe not. I don't think one fragment of papyrus or one questionable cartouche proves anything. Egyptologists are notorious for shoehorning a complete theory into a clay pot.

All of this started with Herodotus and the paradigm was set and we are still stuck with it 2500 years later. But do we know that the information he was fed to him by the Egyptian priests was true or just a story to satisfy the foreigner? In 450BC Egypt was already an ancient land. Perhaps the Egyptians weren't in the mood to reveal their secrets to the world... out loud.... in writing.... or in stone.


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There was an interesting article on this site “THE FORGOTTEN STONES OF ASWAN QUARRY, EGYPT”

I for one am tired of the mainstream BS that is being used. Those that think that the Great Pyramid was built by Khufu are ignorant to the fact that he had is name inscribed on it to claim it has his own, even though there is scientific proof from the amount of erosion that has recurred on it that it is significantly older than a messily 4500 year old structure.
After all Egypt hasn't had enough rain to cause that amount of erosion in at least 10,000 years, so that right there proves that the mainstream IDIOTS don't know anything. So if Egypt hasn't had the amount of rain to cause this kind of erosion in over 10,000 years, that means that the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, and the other 2 pyramids are at least 5 times older than what mainstream IDIOTS think it is.
So I for one have to agree with Armando Mei on this one. He is the only one that is at least around the right time period for the amount of erosion that is present on this ancient structures.
And yes, there is presence of wind erosion as well on the Sphinx, but it is no where near the amount as the water erosion, here is a site to back up my claims on the Sphinx and the water erosion for those that want to believe all the BS your told from the mainstream IDIOTS alas, if I had all the links to the information on the pyramids I would post them as well, but I do not.
I think its time people quiet listening to mainstream IDIOTS until they actually learn they do not know everything, and actually take the time to study what is in front of them before making assumptions about things they have no clue about.

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I have been familiar and studying over the past twenty years the anatomical importance of the constellations. This copmrises of three levels: firstly the zodiac connection to our anatomy and the effects of stress or imbalance on the human anatomy, secondly the formation of the World body or commonly known now as Mother Earth, and thirdly the construction or formation of the Celestial body traditionally referred to as the heavenly Father. This intense study of anatomy on three levels produced great historical events on an Earthly anatomical correlation. The sphinx connected to Leo obviously and Virgo obviously relates to the neighbours as historically recorded by the Virgin Mary and cemented by Mr Christ. Next the scales of Buddha and other spiritual icons mark the pivotal point of the anatomy. 

Are you familiar with the importance of the anatomical connection of Egypt with Leo and the suggested important connection to Orion?


I have not read "The Gods Secret" yet, either. Now I intend to. I ignored ancient knowledge my whole life, to my detriment.

I didn't read this as "when the monuments at Giza were built." I read it as "a period of time represented by the monuments."

Were the Dynastic Egyptians telling all when this event of the gods happened, e.g. when Isis inherited the throne, starting the so-called Zep Tepi? Was astrology/astronomy at a level where the ancient civilizations were able to chart earlier times in the Great Year calendar before the Greeks?

I remember Isaac Asimov debunking astrological charts of horoscopes as being "a month off" years ago. I didn't learn of The Great Year from him or at that time, or if Asimov.

I am open to this new information but since the pole star Thuban was important to the alignment also, what was the pole star in 36,400BC?

Can Armando find this out?


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View from the Castle Gate (Burgtor). (Public Domain)
Door surrounded by roots of Tetrameles nudiflora in the Khmer temple of Ta Phrom, Angkor temple complex, located today in Cambodia. (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Cable car in the Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon (CC BY-SA 4.0)
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