Mathematical Encoding in the Great Pyramid

Mathematical Encoding in the Great Pyramid

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The Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest and sole surviving Wonder of the Ancient World, has attracted the interest of philosophers, savants, and travelers for at least four millennia. Some of this interest has centered on the question of whether the ancient Egyptian culture possessed and encoded certain mathematical concepts in the pyramid’s proportions and measurements.

I have analyzed the Great Pyramid’s geometry without considering the issues of what mathematical knowledge ancient Egyptian architect-engineers did or did not authoritatively possess. If ancient designers did encode something in the Great Pyramid, I believe they would have wanted the structure’s very geometry to carry the message.

Perhaps the Great Pyramid is not a tomb but a tome—open to all those who possess geometrical understanding, much in the same spirit of what Plato’s Academy inscribed millennia later on its door, “Let no one ignorant of geometry enter.”

The Great Pyramid’s elevation encodes three of the most important constants in mathematics: π, Φ, and e. The slope angle of 51°51’ (51.85° in decimal form) comes from measurements taken off the remaining casing stones, according to detailed survey data from Flinders Petrie and J.H. Cole .

Mathematical encoding in the Great Pyramid

You can verify these encodings with the following equations. The accuracy percentage for each equation is given in parenthesis.

4 x 51.85° / 76.30° = e (99.998%)

tan 51.85° = 4 / π (99.99%)

cos 51.85° = 1 / Φ (99.95%)

sin 51.85° = 4 / πΦ (99.94%)

The constant e, known as Euler’s number, wasn’t discovered until 1618. Consider the possibility that this was merely rediscovery. We are generally so accepting of the myth of linear progress that it is easy to forget that sometimes knowledge is lost and not rediscovered for a very long time, if ever. For example, it has been said that the plumbing system in the palace of Knossos, Crete built in 1900 BCE wasn’t matched until circa 1900 CE in England.

Another way of looking at the Great Pyramid is by analyzing its relative proportions. If the base measures unit length then a square with an equal unit edge can be drawn as shown below. A circle drawn from the center with radius equal to the height of the pyramid has a circumference equal to the square’s perimeter. Thus, the Great Pyramid “squares the circle.” Its form approximates the solution sought by ancient geometers, who for many generations endeavored to square the circle by length (squaring a circle by area is a related problem). Note: exact squaring of the circle is impossible due to the transcendental qualities of π (proved by Lindemann in 1882).

Mathematical encoding in the Great Pyramid

In addition to relative proportions, I wondered if the Great Pyramid might encode anything in absolute units? To find out, I drew its elevation in a computer aided design program in actual size, according to J.H. Cole’s surveyed values (I used 755.775 feet for the mean base edge length).

I rediscovered many layers of encoding in the Great Pyramid by taking its precise measure and looking for patterns. If you inscribe an equilateral triangle inside, this is what immediately pops out: the green triangle’s edge length is 555.5 feet, or 6666 inches. This distance happens to match the height of the Washington Monument and the length of St. Paul’s Cathedral but that is another story (to learn more see my video series, Secrets In Plain Sight). The key pattern to observe is the repeating digits, even though it goes against what we think we know about the English foot’s provenance.

Mathematical encoding in the Great Pyramid

Another method of analyzing the pyramid geometry is with a square rotated 45° with respect to the ground plane. The largest such square that fits inside the pyramid’s elevation encodes two circles across its diagonal, having circumferences equaling exactly 666.6 feet each, allowing that the slope angle of 51°51’ has an accuracy of only 99.8%.

Mathematical encoding in the Great Pyramid

If you circumscribe the pyramid’s elevation triangle and then measure the circle’s diameter, this equals 777.7 feet (99.97% accurate with a slope of 51°51’ and base length of 755.775 feet). In addition, the inscribed circles shown below in red and blue have circumferences of 777 feet and 7777 inches, respectively. Sevens abound!

Mathematical encoding in the Great Pyramid

This next image depicts a single inscribed circle having a diameter of 365.242 feet inside the pyramid’s elevation that echoes Earth’s tropical year of 365.242 days. The circle’s exact diameter is 2.2 feet longer than this measurement, but this small delta might reference the Earth’s atmosphere, which is like an onionskin at this scale, roughly equaling the thickness of the diagram’s lines.


Investigate Stone henge geometry in relation to the Great Pyramid!

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Maybe the pyramid is encoded with infinite amount geometric equations.

Peace and Love,


Oops! Typo in penultimate illustration - Lunar diameter is of course 2160 miles!
Interesting article, thanks!

Scott Onstott's picture

Thank you, that was a typo. The lunar diameter should read 2160 miles. 2160 + 7920 = 10080.

Ralph Ellis has shown in his writings that the ancient measuring system that we call "imperial" is based on ratios which also form the foundation of the measurement systems used by the ancient architects who built the pyramids and the megalithic monuments of england, or at least stone henge. his work very much parallels Onstott's work. Hidden in plain sight is outstanding and compulsory viewing for anyone even remotely interested in this subject.

I find all this to be a Statistical Impossibility (I am no statistician) that this 1 Single Object can encode sooo many constants and variables at the Same Time! How is that even possible? Yes you could encode a few but this much? and at that seemingly random stuff like distance to the Moon or the Sun or the Earth measurements or the speed of light etc.

How can ALL this be coincidental?!

Either was our Solar System "built" or maybe even the whole Universe, way too many coincidences here for all this to be random.

A more "rational" explanation would be that the Universe is based on a specific schema/math/system with specific ratios and if you figure that out what those ratios are then you can create a measurement system that will invariably "predict" the layout of the Universe, but still that would mean that the Universe would have to be far less random and almost mechanistic and highly predictable.

In light of this, maybe Astrology would make a LOT more sense, and not be simply dismissed as superstition, maybe the positioning of Stars etc. truly dictates or at least predicts events on Earth.

Want to really freak out try the same above but in 3 Dimensions, I'm going to try and correlate the three dimensional results with space.

bonjour monsieur,
vous pouvez nous expliquée plus clairement sil vous plait moi je n'ai pas de connaissance approfondie,merci d'avance.

As an EX Jehovah's Witness we are WELL aware of the pyramid and math. Pastor Joseph Russell used pyramidolgy to come to the famous 1914 "Beginning of the End of the World" For more than a century people were promised that the generation of 1914 would NOT pass away before Armageddon. This was all done through the pyramids. Jehovah's Witnesses show these pyramids and the math that goes along with it in many publications.

Sorry C T Russell

I'm really glad for your sake that you're an EX Jehovah's witness. I'm an EX Mormon and I know they are crazy, but I always thought to myself "thank goodness I'm not a jehovah's witness, them really cray".

now look up "the code", by karl munch on youtube

This article is quite interesting. But if you want to know more about what is contained in the pyramids of Gizeh, have a look into the "Source Field Investigations" by David Wilcock, chapter 7 and 8. you will be astonished what there comes out! Seen the energetic power of the pyramid I am sleeping under a wooden pyramid, the size of a double bed.

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The speed of light is also encoded in the GP. When I found that out, my mind was well and truly blown for a while.

Now, though I find it endlessly fascinating, I am not surprised at any measurement or geometrical relationship discovered encoded in the GP's venerable form.
Very interesting article, thanks!

Als, it is said, that the original capstone, was exactly 1 meter by 1 meter at it's base

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Now, if you still can find it, read "The Great Pyramid Decoded by Peter le Mesurier Compton Russell 1977.

It is THE masterwork on this subject.

4 x 51.85° = 207.4? Not 2.718?

Let me suggest Douglas A. White who wrote THE COSMIC GAME, an extremely interesting exploration and analysis of Egyptian mathematics, physics, and geometry. Look up the PDF. By the way, I enjoyed your analysis as well.

Search for decoding bible codes pyramids and general numbers 42 for new info on Giza.

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