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The Lost City of Z and the Mysterious Disappearance of Percy Fawcett

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By Bryan Hilliard


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I have a good copy I treasure of “Exploration Fawcett” by the man himself edited from his diaries by his son Brian. It is my favourite travel book, and can enlarge enormously upon your feel for the guy, who was quite extra-ordinary.

He was a far greater explorer than were Scott or Amundsen, because he surveyed entire areas that his expeditions mapped for the first time. How he survived as long as he did is a miracle.

The number of accounts of how they died is huge, as are the number of bones claimed as theirs (some examined by the Royal Anthropological Institute in London and not his), but you need to read this account even to gain an inkling of how much work he did there, and now they are finding old towns overgrown by jungle everywhere he looked!!


How he survived as long as he did was no miracle. He did it with the help of the indigenous peoples of that region, as did the ungrateful white europeans here in the USA, many of whose descendents, who read only history written by their own kind, if indeed they read anything at all, prefer to see as a "miracle", as apparently do you, Peter Harrap.

Tsurugi's picture

This descendant of ungrateful white Europeans would be thrilled to read other histories. You've got history books written by Amazonian and North American tribes?? That's amazing.

If you get a chance, you might want to look up the definition of the word "indigenous"--you know, since most of the North American tribes have traditions saying they came here from somewhere else.
Take your time though. It must be tiring, carrying that giant chip on your shoulder everywhere you go.

Pathetic statement coming from a guy living in the US poo pooing on an Englishman traveling what is today still an extremely dangerous area of the Amazon. Of course he used indigenous peoples, he would be an idiot if he didn't. The "miracle" is the fact you don't understand what a saying means to the reader. Instead you ignorantly keyed onto the word miracle as if he really meant it was mystery as to how he survived so long by himself... It's not like this was Fawcett's first time to the rodeo and if you read his accounts you would understand there were other opportunities for his untimely death. Keep hating Americans even though you live with them troll.

Please read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee for a good collection of stories from the North American Indian point of view.

The Villas Boas brothers reported in his books that the Indians in the region referred to the Colonel Fawcett as "mingelese" - a corruption of the portuguese "mim inglês" ("me, English"). Indiana Jones should have searched Colonel Fawcett instead crystal skulls ...

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its sad that AO publishes what mainstream media refuses to, in the spirit of increasing knowledge, and 95% of the comments are people insulting others for their opinions… is it any wonder were headed for destruction? sigh Yeshua save us

infinitesimal waveparticles comprise what we call home the earth
manipulatable by thought ability supressed in humans since birth

I 100% agree everyone has strayed from the topic by a long shoot. We should be commenting on what AO posted not on someone comments. If you wish to do that go to the forums.

Oh well, get used to it, freedom of speech is freedom of speech, whether you like the content or not..

Exploration Fawcett was a very interesting book that made me want to read more about Colonel Fawcett and his ill fated expedition into the Amazon jungle. A well researched dramatization of Fawcett's last expedition and what may have happened to him can be found in this book: "AN UNEXPECTED ADVENTURE - Journey to the Lost City: The Search for Colonel Fawcett's Lost City" available on Amazon.(ASIN:B00C4QX1UE) More info here:
An excellent website about Fawcett,that includes old newspaper reports about Fawcett's disappearance and an English translation of manuscript 512 is here:

Very interesting. Thank you.

Percy Fawcett's story amazes me. The WWII generation is called the Greatest Generation, but this time in history produced a number of extraordinarily brave, curious, and committed people to understand their or our world, without internet, GPS, special nasa-developed equipment, or modern medication, Sure, they tended to be well-off and well-educated, but that is why they had the time, money, resources, and connections. Still, they went into the heart of the world based on their gut and belief with a lot heart and soul.

I'm completely fascinated by this man's life. I don't understand why anyone is arguing. Can't we all agree that this man lived an amazing life? Had to take some measure of courage. I for one admire him, and if he had flaws, so what..i know I do too. But I also know I'm not courageous enough to do what he did. I really wish we knew how he died though...

That is...IF he died....

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