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The Lost City of Z and the Mysterious Disappearance of Percy Fawcett

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By Bryan Hilliard


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Sarah Santiago Fernanda Durão

I'm completely fascinated by this man's life. I don't understand why anyone is arguing. Can't we all agree that this man lived an amazing life? Had to take some measure of courage. I for one admire him, and if he had flaws, so what..i know I do too. But I also know I'm not courageous enough to do what he did. I really wish we knew how he died though...

That is...IF he died....

Percy Fawcett's story amazes me. The WWII generation is called the Greatest Generation, but this time in history produced a number of extraordinarily brave, curious, and committed people to understand their or our world, without internet, GPS, special nasa-developed equipment, or modern medication, Sure, they tended to be well-off and well-educated, but that is why they had the time, money, resources, and connections. Still, they went into the heart of the world based on their gut and belief with a lot heart and soul.

Exploration Fawcett was a very interesting book that made me want to read more about Colonel Fawcett and his ill fated expedition into the Amazon jungle. A well researched dramatization of Fawcett's last expedition and what may have happened to him can be found in this book: "AN UNEXPECTED ADVENTURE - Journey to the Lost City: The Search for Colonel Fawcett's Lost City" available on Amazon.(ASIN:B00C4QX1UE) More info here:
An excellent website about Fawcett,that includes old newspaper reports about Fawcett's disappearance and an English translation of manuscript 512 is here:


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