Haunting and beautiful Middle-Earth-like elves by artist

Lessons from the Hidden World: Icelanders believed in elves, but it is probably not what you think

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Icelanders believe in elves. They refuse to begin major construction projects unless they consult with elves first. They lobby their politicians on behalf of elf colonies. They run “elf schools” and “elf tours”. Elves in Iceland are everywhere and all around.

Reality Check

Few things about the Icelandic nation are as misrepresented as its ancient belief in the hidden people. Somehow this idea that modern Icelanders believe firmly in the existence of elves gained a bit of traction in the international media a few years back, and the idea snowballed until it seemed that every other media outlet had a “those kooky Icelanders and their elves” story. Yet the elf belief has much deeper and more significant roots that those sensationalized media stories illustrate. We Icelanders are very much aware of our hidden people legacy, but today the elf belief is mostly a non-entity in our daily lives. That being said, occasionally there will be a story of some incident in rural areas where, say, elves are blamed for the breakdown of construction equipment when land is being bulldozed—though it is hard to know whether or not such remarks are in jest.

Ancient Tales of Hidden People

There is no doubt, though, that these stories served an important purpose for our ancestors. Our old folk tales speak of álfar and huldufólk - two terms that mean, respectively, “elves” and “hidden people”, and are used more or less interchangeably. They refer to the same sort of beings— (hidden) people who lived in a parallel world to the mortals, yet were invisible to them.

For people outside of Iceland, the term “elves” probably conjures up a very different image than it does for Icelanders who hear about “álfar”—some variation of a diminutive being with pointy ears, who may or may not be green.

Scuplture of "Korrigan", small elf of the Celtic forests.

Scuplture of "Korrigan", small elf of the Celtic forests. ( CC BY 2.0 )

The álfar of Icelandic folklore, however, were quite a different apparition: tall, regal beings, dressed in luxurious clothing, whose homes were opulent, filled with tapestries and ornaments of gold and silver. They were akin to Tolkien’s elves of Middle Earth, though without the pointed ears.

A beautiful Middle-Earth elf imagined by an artist.

A beautiful Middle-Earth elf imagined by an artist. (Alystraea/ CC BY-SA 4.0 )

They also held a great deal of power. Hidden people frequently appeared to humans in dreams, often because they needed help. Many stories involved hidden-women in labor who had to have a mortal woman assist them in giving birth. If the mortal woman did as the hidden person (often the husband of the hidden woman in labor) requested, her life inevitably changed for the better. Her crops excelled, her children thrived, and good fortune permeated all aspects of her life.

If, however, she refused to help the hidden person, her life took a turn for the worse and she often wound up destitute. In other words, the hidden people had the power to make or break a person’s destiny.

Escape to a Land of Abundance and Safety

Many scholars now believe that the belief in hidden people served a significant psychological purpose for the Icelanders in centuries past, acting as an anti-depressant. Iceland was truly on the edge of the inhabitable world in the days before electricity and central heating. The Icelanders were an oppressed and downtrodden colony, living in turf houses that were dark, dank, and infested with bugs, and they were frequently starving. Infant mortality was high, disease rampant, poverty pervasive, and the landscape and climate harsh and unforgiving. Given these abject conditions, people escaped into a fantasy world, a parallel universe that was very close to their own, in which people very much like themselves lived lives of abundance, prosperity and relative ease. Everything was better in the hidden world - even their sheep were fatter and their crops more bountiful than those of the humans.

Painting of Icelandic family in kvöldvaka, by August Schiøtt (1823 - 1895)

Painting of Icelandic family in kvöldvaka, by August Schiøtt (1823 - 1895) ( Image Source )

Yet that was not the only way in which the hidden people stories served to ease the lives and emotional trials of the Icelanders. They also helped them deal with loss and grief. Many hidden people stories involve them abducting the children of mortals and taking them to the hidden world, where they raised them well. These stories, it is now believed, bely a tragic reality. Many children in the Iceland of old went missing. Perhaps their parents did not keep watch over them—after all, people worked up to 18 hours a day in the summer, trying to get the most out of the short season, and children were left more or less to their own devices. Or the children would themselves be working, often alone, as they were sometimes put to work as early as the age of five. Whatever the cause, they often went missing, and given Iceland’s dangerous landscape it is not hard to imagine that they frequently met with accidents: falling into a river, or off a cliff, or into a deep lava crevice.


I am sure that some of the elf qualities evolved through time but can't help thinking there were actual species of hominids that coexisted with saoiens in the distant(10,000yrs or more) which is a primal basis for "elves"

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This is very similar to the Celtic tradition about elves. For us, elves, originally were ancestors who retreated into the forests and underground to survive. They were full human size. It was only at the hands of the Church that they became diminutive as a way survive.

The hidden magical realms of mother earth and mother nature exist and shamans have the ability to tap into the magical realms. As a shaman I have tapped into the hidden magical realms that exist in other dimensions of reality and vibrate at different vibratory rates to that of the physical realms. In one of my crystals lived a mineral elemental fairy, she was beauitful, but did not in anyway strike any bargins with me, in fact she was and is a healing fairy and attends sacred ceremony with me. I have also done healing work in the magical realms of mother earth linked to mother nature and ridden on the back of a dragon whilst once again doing healing work in the magical nature realms of mother earth, once again no bargins or bindings were made between the magical creatures I worked with, we simply worked together for mother earths healing process. It is the scientific world view and the Christain church and the realities it teaches that prevents one from experiencig the magical realmes of mother earth and mother nature. I think what you have said about the probable causes of childrens misfortune is true and the explanations you have given are more then likely accurate, I do not question your human understandings of the situation. I have never experienced anything with the creatures in the magical realms other then their desire to help with the healing process of mother earth and mother nature and that is what they exist to help us with as well as keeping the inner child within humanity alive and thriving. The more of the inner child that thrives and is alive the closer one comes to experience the spiritual dimensions and other dimensions of reality. All humans have psychic abilities to percieve other dimensions of reality. The universe is much greater and has far more happening in it then what can be observed, monitored and measured with the five physical senses. To live and experience only what one can percieve with the five physical senses is truely a tradgey of our dark spiritually dead time period.

Ireland has similar legends. Trying to explain those stories and fit them in current reality kind of spoils the stories. Native americans also have similar legends. Hyperborea, Hi Brasil, Aghartha, Shambala all stories about hidden lands. Thor also said to have come from another dimension that temporarily shared the same space as earthdimension at that time. Humans have very little sacred knowledge about our existence, our planet. And of course those legends may have been abused. But that does not mean they do not have a basis in truth. In Russia it is said that there are a people living under water. And all over the world people see ufos, sometimes rising out of the ocean up north. Spirituality also knows the concept of people ascending into a higher dimension, which could render them invisible for normal people. King Nimrod is said to have owned a cloak that made him invisible.


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