Giant Footprints in India

Giant Footprints in Rock Evidence of Ancient People from the Sky?

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In August 2013, in Piska Nagri village, on the outskirts of Ranchi City in Jharkahnd State, geologist Nitish Priyadarshi analysed a set of large footprints that, according to local legend, may signify the presence of gods from the sky landing on site. But is there any reality to the story?

The larger-than-normal footprints dating back to ancient times are not the first to be discovered.  In September 1925, a footprint of prehistoric origins measuring nearly eight feet in length was discovered by James Higgins high on the rock formations of Busy Peak in the US. In October 1926, Oakland newspapers reported a discovery made by Professor George Louderback of the University of California of prehistoric footprints on a cliff near San Jose, measuring about five feet in length. And last year a giant footprint about four feet long was found in rock near Mpuluzi, near the Swaziland border in South Africa, although like others its validity is hotly debated.

However, the latest discovery is somewhat different. The footprints, which also appear as a depression in rock, are of those wearing wooden sandals and not barefoot as the others.  One set of footprints measures 11 inches in length and 5 inches in width, and another set in the same area measures 10 inches by 4.5 inches.  They also appear to have been purposefully carved into the rock.

“It may have been made by the local people manually at that time in memory of the visitors,” said Priyardarshi.  "Seeing the weathering stage of the foot prints it can be said that the age of the foot prints may be thousands of year old."

Rather peculiarly, the ancient footprints are engraved next to a carved image of a mysterious flying object , which is also somewhat similar to a traditional depiction of an angel with wings. "The footprints and the flying object are on the same piece of rock on each other's side. Maybe they were engraved to show that the two king gods arrived at the place on a flying object," Mr Priyadarshi said.

There is a growing body of research in the field of alternative archaeology which presents evidence for a race of very large hominids once walking the Earth.  In the early part of the 20th century there were reports of fossilized giants being found in America. For example, the following comes from an article that appeared  in the Postville Herald  on November 7th, 1919….

“The fossilized remains of a giant measuring 32 feet 10 Inches in height were, according to a report recently discovered by workmen near the little village of Nanacamilpa, State of Vera Cruz.The natives, who still cling to many of the traditions of their Indian ancestors, declared the giant was related to the gods of their forefathers.”

Some amazing discoveries have been made in other countries as well. A 35-centimetre long mummified finger has been found in Egypt; A 23 foot skeleton was found in 1456 AD beside the river in Valence, France; a 19 foot 6 inch human skeleton was found in 1577 AD in the Canton of Lucerne; a 25 foot 6 inch skeleton was found in 1613 AD near the castle of Chaumont in France; a little over 100 years ago an entire fossilized giant was supposedly found in Ireland. In an article from Strand magazine in December, 1895, the author speaks of a fossilised giant discovered during mining operations in County Antrim, Ireland, which measured 12 feet 2 inches and which took half a dozen men and a powerful crane to move it. In Georgia, skeletons of giants were found at a cave near Gora Kazbek in the 1920s and, in 2000, a 13 foot human skeleton was found by two archaeologists near the village of Udabno. A 15-foot human skeleton was found in southeast Turkey in late 1950's in the Euphrates valley during road construction. Many tombs containing giants were uncovered there, which pertains to the picture of the man next to a giant human femur.

However, much of the evidence is dismissed today because the whole subject has been undermined by numerous hoaxes and photoshopped images depicting giant skulls or huge skeletons. Nevertheless, the fact that there are numerous 'jokers' out there who have made fun of the idea of a previous race of giants does not necessitate that the real findings are false. 

As geologist Priyadarshi said: “We live in a highly advanced, technical world, but there are nevertheless a great many mysteries all around us. Ancient places and mysterious beings, sunken worlds and cultures, landscapes imbued with symbolism, unexplained apparitions, and unbelievable finds from ancient times—all of these remain mysteries for humankind, despite intense investigations.”


all very interesting

Good article. Although most remains have mysteriously vanished, there is little doubt that giants had existed since before the Cataclysm (Great Flood). What is not discussed much is the existence of many giant insects, animals, and plants in what I call "protohistory". Due to present gravitation and biophysical constraints (square-cube rule), such giantism can no longer happen. Therefore, gravity must have been attenuated. I believe the "Paracas skulls" show a hybrid of the "Nephilim" variety. Thank you.

As to the 13ft. skeleton found in 2000. Was any further research conducted(tests ect.)?
Also when I was a teen( late 1970's,early 1980's). I used to hike with friends in the hills around chatsworth park ( chatsworth California), up near the railroad tracks and that tunnel up there. We several times we saw very large footprints in rock. Everyone saw them, it was common in the area. Since then the area has been fenced off due to mountain lions. Legally no is allowed to be there anymore.
I was told the same is true of a location in tehechappi California( near the state park and a reservation), appartly there many interesting finds in the area. But that's just southern California, people always find things out here.

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