Sumerian king list

The Sumerian King List still puzzles historians after more than a century of research

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Out of the many incredible artefacts that have been recovered from sites in Iraq where flourishing Sumerian cities once stood, few have been more intriguing than the Sumerian King List, an ancient manuscript originally recorded in the Sumerian language, listing kings of Sumer (ancient southern Iraq) from Sumerian and neighbouring dynasties, their supposed reign lengths, and the locations of "official" kingship. What makes this artefact so unique is the fact that the list blends apparently mythical pre-dynastic rulers with historical rulers who are known to have existed. 

The first fragment of this rare and unique text, a 4,000-year-old cuneiform tablet, was found in the early 1900s by German-American scholar Hermann Hilprecht at the site of ancient Nippur and published in 1906.  Since Hilprecht’s discovery, at least 18 other exemplars of the king’s list have been found, most of them dating from the second half of the Isin dynasty (c. 2017-1794 BCE.).  No two of these documents are identical. However, there is enough common material in all versions of the list to make it clear that they are derived from a single, "ideal" account of Sumerian history.

Sumerian king listAmong all the examples of the Sumerian King List, the Weld-Blundell prism in the Ashmolean Museum cuneiform collection in Oxford represents the most extensive version as well as the most complete copy of the King List. The 8-inch-high prism contains four sides with two columns on each side. It is believed that it originally had a wooden spindle going through its centre so that it could be rotated and read on all four sides. It lists rulers from the antediluvian (“before the flood”) dynasties to the fourteenth ruler of the Isin dynasty (ca. 1763–1753 BC).

The list is of immense value because it reflects very old traditions while at the same time providing an important chronological framework relating to the different periods of kingship in Sumeria, and even demonstrates remarkable parallels to accounts in Genesis.

The ancient civilisation of Sumer

Sumer (sometimes called Sumeria), is the site of the earliest known civilization, located in the southernmost part of Mesopotamia between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, in the area that later became Babylonia and is now southern Iraq from around Baghdad to the Persian Gulf.

By the 3 rd millennium BC, Sumer was the site of at least twelve separate city states: KishErechUr,SipparAkshak, Larak, NippurAdabUmmaLagashBad-tibira, and  Larsa. Each of these states comprised a walled city and its surrounding villages and land, and each worshiped its own deity, whose temple was the central structure of the city. Political power originally belonged to the citizens, but, as rivalry between the various city-states increased, each adopted the institution of  kingship

The Sumerian King List , records that eight kings reigned before a great flood. After the Flood, various city-states and their dynasties of kings temporarily gained power over the others. 

Sumer’s mythical past

The Sumerian King List begins with the very origin of kingship, which is seen as a divine institution: “the kingship had descended from heaven”.  The rulers in the earliest dynasties are represented as reigning fantastically long periods:

After the kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridug. In Eridug, Alulim became king; he ruled for 28800 years. Alaljar ruled for 36000 years. 2 kings; they ruled for 64800 years.

Some of the rulers mentioned in the early list, such as Etana, Lugal-banda and Gilgamesh, are mythical or legendary figures whose heroic feats are subjects of a series of Sumerian and Babylonian narrative compositions.

The early list names eight kings with a total of 241,200 years from the time when kingship “descended from heaven” to the time when "the Flood" swept over the land and once more "the kingship was lowered from heaven" after the Flood.

Interpretation of long reigns

The amazingly long tenure of the early kings has provoked many attempts at interpretation. At one extreme is the complete dismissal of the astronomically large figures as “completely artificial” and the view that they are unworthy of serious consideration.  At the other extreme, is the belief that the numbers have a basis in reality and that the early kings were indeed gods who were capable of living much longer than humans.

In between the two extremes is the hypothesis that the figures represent relative power, triumph or importance.  For example, in ancient Egypt, the phrase “he died aged 110” referred to someone who lived life to the full and who offered an important contribution to society.  In the same way, the extremely long periods of reign of the early kings may represent how incredibly important they were perceived as being in the eyes of the people. This doesn’t explain, however, why the periods of tenure later switched to realistic time periods.


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is it possible that at least for the mythical rulers, that the people lived under the guidance of this person for a long amount of time, then under another and another...while the actual rulers changed more frequently. I'm trying to think of a good example to use...okay this might not be the best example but in America, we have the democratic and republican parties, we could have elections resulting in one party winning several elections in a row, but under different President Grant took office in March 4, 1869 and we had 4 consecutive republican presidents ending with President Arthur finishing his term March 4, in that 16 years, we had 4 different presidents but all from the same republican could these Kings have done something similiar??? or am I completely out in left field? Just a thought...

love, light and blessings


I don't think that that is left field. Possibly they were family dynasties???

The life-spans listed for long-lived patriarchs in the bible line up remarkably well with Egyptian dynasties. The Egyptian stories make clear they are family names and not long-lived individuals.

It seems to defy coincidence but, to be fair, you have to accept the adjustments of dates for Egyptian regencies (where, say, a ruler did not officially reign until of a certain age so a 'regent' would belong to that ruler's reign or not, depending on who recorded it.)

What seems the best answer to me: Late Israeli retelling of Egyptian tales, replacing names with Israelite names (probably already famous individuals or mythic characters.)

Recall that, I think, in one of Joseph Cambell's Masks of God books. I'd like to see a 3 part comparison. Egypt/Summer/Biblical patriarchs (dynasties.) in a chart. Earlier Egyptian dynasties seem made up and may be stolen from earlier Sumerian lists.

Allen Austin has very interesting and compelling research on the correlation of this Sumerian kings compared to biblical record on his website Middle of the Earth ( He believes that these are the same people--the descendants of Adam through his son, Seth. After the confusion of languages at Babel the antediluvian patriarchs were known by different names. Allen Austin also goes on to explain that the difference in ages can be ascribed to a recording error between base-ten taken as base-sixty. Most creationist believe that there was an ice canopy that shielded the earth that was destroyed by the Great Flood which accounted for the long lives of the pre-Flood people. Allen Austin has books available on that discusses his research.

Half a century ago I read a book that professed we as pre humans were less physical and more spiritual and glided through a much 'heavier atmosphere'. It stated that time was not recorded as today and however our transformation came about it had something to do with the loss of that primordial atmosphere. It stated that the Flood was much, much older than we interprete it today. But stayed in our storytelling because of the physical world of today.
Yes there have been lesser local floods but the one that engulfed the entire earth goes millions of years.
Sorry I no longer have that book, but if anyone has read it could you post would love to re read, thanks.

Modern man has a problem with reconciling past 'larger than life' history/legend/myth with current conventional wisdom/scientific fact/dogma.

What if the earth was smaller, to the degree that rotational speed would be faster, meaning the day/night cycle shorter. Gravitational pull would also be weaker, (astronauts hop/bound on the moon), allowing for larger than life beings, let's call them giants and dinosaurs, I wonder if there are any ancient calendars correlating lunar cycles as longer than our current 28 days.

Let's assume a biosphere similar to what is currently on venus, a canopy of vapor, only not as hostile to life, shielding all life forms from cosmic/solar radiation. A true green-house with tropical flora and fauna where our polar caps now reside. With shorter days, greater health you have amazingly long life spans.

One only needs a cataclysmic event (a planet killer), such as a moon size (smaller is ok too) comet (lot's of dirty ice on them so I read) to hit the earth, say in the pacific...punching a bulge on the other side, leaving the Himalayas and expanding the previously smaller earth by whatever magnitude the object/s (shoemaker levy) may have been. The earth is popped like a popcorn kernel, all the continents fit exactly with each other..NO CONTINENTAL drift needed.

The resulting massive Tsunami that would bury any peak in it's path. Oh and once particulates hit the atmosphere, already saturated with moisture (high humidity) and the extra cosmic water, you could have a TORRENTIAL rain that would last say...40 days and 40 nights??

After a year or so, the water would eventually settle to the lowest depression on earth (Pacific?), fill in the spaces between the continents, creating tremendous pressure on the mantle which would of course raise the exposed landmasses more (exposing underwater land formations above water, like southpacific islands) and a NEW coastline all around the globe, burying ancient civilizations, etc. etc.

The new 'clear skies' would expose all life to 'radiation', the first obvious sign of this light would be a rainbow' and because of it...increase sugar content in grape juice, which would have given our Noah such a hangover (not used to the extra kick/alchohol) and made him a little hot/sweaty and a little crazy. (this would btw also render carbon dating prior to the flood invalid, since radiation would not have been constant).

With shorter life spans and longer days and greater gravitational force dragging us down. The former giants shrink/dissapear/go underground? , we get a redo and life goes on......until.......the BIG ONE

Just an assumption

The Bible's account of the earth separating from the atmosphere is almost identical to science's. There are numerous stories from around the world, not just of Jewish/Christian origin, that specify the rainbow as a new, never before seen phenomenon having shown up immediately after the deluge. An ultra humid atmosphere would indeed have protected life from cosmic radiation, reasonably indicating longer life spans as constant bombardment from radiation is a distinct part of the aging process.
To put this in perspective, imagine a large radioactive body impacting the earth, exploding and spreading its radioactivity over the entire surface. Those who survived the initial impact would likely still be able to breed but with the new planet wide radioactivity levels, lifespans would be significantly reduced. After thousands of years, the new shortened lifespan would be the norm and it would be difficult for people to accept that their ancestors were once something more than they are. Records, from the "before" time, would eventually be dismissed by those in power as myth and thus dismissed by the masses. People would, as we are today, be ridiculed for believing in magic and fairy tales. However, as science progresses, we are beginning to understand that not only are these magical feats possible but that it's probable that they actually happened.
Back to the rainbow. There's an American Indian legend of the before time that tells of another people who had many large fires, fires larger than any that the ancient Indians ever had. Either the fires caused the flood or the flood was devised to extinguish the fires, I don't remember but as the waters rose, all people sought higher ground. A great chief eventually stretched a buffalo skin from mountain to mountain, protecting all under it from the water. As the waters receded, the skin dried and shrank until it was a thin band, stretching across the sky and had turned from white to all of the colors of the flowers. They understood this new development to be an indicator that this kind of destruction would never happen again.
The atmosphere and/or solar output of today is evidently very different than it was then. We should expect that life is probably very different as well. Don't get me started on what we used to be before our current "perfected" version. Oh, and yes, the remaining giants have indeed gone underground. I could go on and on but won't. Enjoy your lives. I will enjoy mine.

They are underground....because they are dead.

You're probably right. I should have said that they "went" underground. Mention of actual giants has dropped off over the last thousand years. The last reasonable documentation of an actual, living "double toothed" giant was written hundreds of years ago.
When people claim to have found giant remains, the follow-up claim is then, that the remains have been stolen or otherwise relocated, delegating the claim to the realm of urban myth. If false, then oh well. If true, I shudder to think what geneticists are doing with the dna.
When I was a child, I was exploring some cliffs with friends in upstate NY. We found a big rock that had been pushed up by the roots of a large tree. Air was being sucked inward through a hole next to the rock. We dug until we fit through and found ourselves in a cave. The walls were high and unusually smooth. 40 or 50 feet in, the cave ended at a rock that appeared to have been cut to fit the cave exactly. We played for a while, then left and went fishing. That night at around 1:00 in the morning there was a loud boom that rattled cups and Windows and such. Three days later, we went back to explore the cave but the opening, including the big tree, had been buried by earth and boulders. Too much weirdness, too many coincidences.
Stories like these mean little to most but to the teller, they are evidence of questions that are screaming to be answered. Consider the urban myth of the Denver airport's astronomical construction costs and duration and the claim that there are giant tunnels underneath. If there are still giants, they likely would have a hard time surviving on the surface. It's not unheard of that some people are forced to live inside due to the harsh conditions of their environment. It is good that you have, at least, acknowledged that they did indeed exist.

For example, how many Kings in England under the House of Windsor? They changed their House name for political reasons, too.

If a King's birth name is Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, House of Windsor, and his King name is Edward VIII, but his everyday name is David, maybe that's why the confusion between the historic, archaeologic Kings' list and the Bible.

Those ancient Sumerian rulers really lived that long, and yes, the atmosphere was a much favorable thing, but nothing to do with it, it is written in the cuneiform tablets that " the Gods that came from the sky" were takin turns at reigning over this planet for long periods of time, but then those beings started taking human women for their pleasure, and having children with them, that event was not seen with good eyes by God, who then wanted to erase all that they created because the blood of the Gods was contaminated, but one of God's sons whose name was ENKI, came to one man , whose name was Ziusustra or Unapathsin , ( Noah ?), And warned him to build a wooden ship to save himself, his family and all the animals that he could carry on that ship, so, after the big destruction, God's other son, ENLIL, did not like that humankind was still alive, so he did give humans a very short lifespan, after that, God's two sons, ENKI and ENLIL have been fighting each other, ENKI trying to help us, and ENLIL trying to f***k us up, I know, it seems like I'm in left field, but that's my story,

I agree with your statement. I have long believed that what we're actually seeing is the names of clans in cases like this.

And any story out of Sumer should relate to the Bible at some level. After all, Abraham was a Prince of Ur. Most likely the Sumerians and the Hebrews were the same people.

Did the Kings believe in reincarnation? If so maybe their children were considered the living incarnation of the residing king.In essence the child would continue the kingship without interruption in this way the king lives on until there is no heir.

Why do scholars insist on assuming that the earlier parts of the scrolls are mythical? The first thing the ancients say, is that the gods descended from heaven. Heaven would be the skies, and we know, the skies eventually become space. In an age where man has gone into space, why is it so hard to believe, that the gods were entities from outer space? That, even in times which are ancient history to us, entities from another world, could not have space travel with technology that is still far ahead of ours? We imagine all kinds of advanced technologies, warp drives, star gates, etc. and yet, we can not believe entities that have existed far longer than the human race, could not have developed what we can imagine, or something even better? What is there in natural law, that would prevent such entities from having longer lives, particularly if they come from a different world? What is there in science, particularly genetic science, that would prevent such entities from creating a hybrid race on Earth, combining their DNA with hominids native to Earth? These king lists, and even passages from the Bible, confirm that there were entities that lived much longer lives, in the days of our early civilizations. Around the times when human kings took over ruling from the gods, lives became increasingly shorter. Could this be because of the combination of the hybrids lives being shorter to begin with, and a lack of interbreeding with the alien entities, because they returned to the stars? We always have choices. In this case, we can choose between the disbelief of scholars, that the gods were myths, or we can choose to believe that our ancestors knew the gods had descended from heaven, because the gods told them what happened, created us, ruled us, then used us to labor for them in their gold mines, then left, when they had enough of the gold they came for.

Way to think outside the confined limited mentality.

Thank you.

Thank you for this insightful thought.

You're welcome.

Completely agree with this. This is exactly how I bid my argument!

As to Sirwilhelm's comment on February 8, 2014, I disagree. His whole theory is not supported by substantial evidence. Show me the scientific proof of alien DNA in the gene pool the same way a geneticist can show me the presence of the Neanderthal DNA. I disagree with the forced choice you posit at the end of your comment. Much can be discerned by the tools of modern science and the scientific method.

I feel a little sad when folks rush to "Aliens!" to explain anything they do not understand in human history. There are so many other explanations, whether its an incomplete understanding of the linguistics shift over 2,000+ years, variations in explaining the passage of distant time, all sorts of explorable methods to figure out this mystery and instead, we get "Aliens!" To me, that is as valid as yelling "Unicorns!" or "Angels!" - it is a way to say "I came up with an answer that cannot be tested in any way." You can use that to explain why your car won't start or what caused an earthquake. I'd rather say we haven't figured it out yet, but we will continue to use our tools, our minds, and our understanding of our *human* ancestors to unravel the mystery. But if Aliens and Unicorns works for you, have at it. Just try to grasp that its a lame answer.

I feel oh so sad and lonely and even a bit weepy, not, when GPermann rushes to the conclusion that those who believe that the history of this planet has been concocted by those who control "His-Story"; that story of the pontificating ruminating gaggle of sheeplike characters always ridiculing and ignoring the evidence that partially and often wholly contradicts their "eggspurt" contentions regarding the history of this orbiting "rock". Lame indeed, GP.

"Aliens" as an explanation for mysteries has been scoffed at for decades now. It's not an answer that defies testing, as you posit, but a viable explanation that tidies up a lot of unanswered inconsistencies, which are called "mysteries" because until the correct explanation is finally deemed worthy of study and examined openly by academia, those tantalizing mysteries will continue to tantalize. Equating aliens (whose DNA you may contain) with unicorns is Disney Speak, which is a new form of linguistics you employed rather childishly in your non-argument.

I don't think that this purports to be the only answer. Just as there is no 'missing link' and each new discovery could be said to be a missing link, there are so few discoveries that we can make at so long a distance in time, that almost any hypothesis is worthy of consideration. The book of Genesis clearly states that the Angels came and mated with the people of Earth. Yes, it is written evidence, laid down abotu 600 BCE and while it is Gospel truth it is not proof. Just a thread of evidence, to be included in our examinations of all other evidence.

O negative Blood type

And the so-called scientists (PhDs, stupid by degrees) would know if the DNA were "alien" exactly how, David Alan Tibbetts?

Why should aliens even have DNA? And if there are those that do have DNA, why should the code match in the slightest way to anything terrestrial? When it is said that a DNA sequence is unknown, today this stands for that there isn´t a perfekt match to any known species. Still it will be classified to some extent, depending on the length of the DNA fragment and so on, because it will still fit to present existing DNA by at least 90 %. The earthly organisms follow a certain structure of the code, which could have been totally different. This is already proven by the rather big difference between the three different classes of organisms present on Earth. DNA strands that would have no resemblance to anything known, I believe would be considered as synthetical, as extraterrestrials would not come to any "scientists" mind, at least not openly.

Inventor, on this hot summer night down south here in Africa, and as Meat Loaf sang it best, "You took the words right out of my mouth ...". Exactly: and thank-you.

No one here has thought of the possibility that the DNA was mixed but didn't make it to our gene-pool, as all their descendants were killed in any one of the countless Middle Eastern conflicts over the past few millennia.Propaganda certainly doesn't assist the historian, which has indeed been rife the whole time. Ever wonder what the Smithsonian Society et al keep locked away in their vaults? There is information to which the public are not privy, Æther for example. This has not been disproven, the idea has simply been swept under the relativistic rug.

Why is it so difficult to acknowledge the possibility that beings from another dimension came from "heaven" and, as per Genesis 6, had the technology to be able to mate with humans? After all, we, humans, are currently capable of doing some weird genetic engineering also. I think most of our scientist have swallowed the theory of evolution to the point where they can't think outside that box. So, anything that doesn't fit their timeline must be a myth and is relegated to the impossible. Conviction before thorough investigation, with a bow to the not yet knowable, is a fool's game.

I know a woman with deep red hair that's got copper based blood. Ours is iron based. So, is the copper based blood alien enough for you or do you need more to tell you that there's a huge difference there that needs to be explained.

I would love to see the medical proof that someone, regardless of hair color or RH factor, has a hemoglobin mechanism other than the changing state of Iron oxide to carry O2 throughout their body. (The change from arterial oxygenated red to the depleted O2 bluegreen of Iron oxide I'm the veins).
Copper based blood or any other besides Iron, if the person claims this, either they are speaking falsehoods or they and/or the person believing them are very gullible to fantasy to fit their narrative until proof is provided. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs, especially when contradictory to biological understanding pf human physiology and thrown out by strangers on the internet. Until that time, I call B.S. and you may want to call the psychiatrist.

For the "educated" science has more to do with defending the ayjiest/evolutionist juvenile theories, while rejecting any real inquiry out of hand, Todays "scientists" are the dark ages personified.
Did you know Darwin married his own cousin and produced ten offspring by her to promulgate his satanic theory?, she gave birth to ten,(Yes Ten, insanity kicks in at No2) inbred mongoloids who all died very young, His wife/cousins life ruined, this is the real father of eugenics.
Darwin was not only certifiably insane, he was evil too.
Some people here need to learn how to differentiate between science and politics, especially leftwing loony atheist Bee Esser's.

Wingnut incredulously claims that Darwin produced 3 mongoloid children with his first cousin which is a gross lie. First of all, while I am agnostic, I do acknowledge that the Bible offers no objection to marriage between cousins so calling Darwin evil is unjustified on that basis. Darwin and his cousin produced 10 offspring, of which 3 died in early childhood - quite the norm back in those days. TB and scarlet fever have absolutely nothing to do with genes and to assume these children became ill because of inbreeding is preposterous. Wingnut failed to mention that three of his sons were highly successful and acclaimed scientists on their own right and were granted knighthood.

Dude. Dna? Are you serious? That is your best? Hahaha. What about junk Dna? The theories on what that is change every other week. Why then could they not be alien? There is a gap in human evolution of hundreds of thousands of years. I.e. How come the possibility that an alien life form has intervened within our genetic code is not an option? The funny thing about science is it changes all the time the more we know. Remember when the speed of light was the best ever, well they just broke it. again.. and it will be broke again. The law of physics are crumbling join the party man. Yale University Physics department at Brookehaven National Laboratory are doing with gold particles breaking the laws of Parity. Thanks for your time use your limited science knowledge to understand there is more left to learn that science will never explain.

Actually, the DNA of unknown humanoids is coming to light. There are a couple of articles on here about that. The Paracus skulls are not "human", the article is on this site. And another article about Neanderthal has some info about the DNA findings of an unknown "humanoid" mixed in there.

Aliens, just another way to explain beings who are different from us humans. They may indeed have part of or most of our DNA, do geneticist already know "the so-called aliens" have a completely different set of DNAs than us?

Science is still very young, 2000+ years? all of existence probably millions if not billions of years. of course there is a Lack of substantial evidence, or the proof you need to see with your own two eyes in order to understand. . You just lack the capacity to be open to the possibility.

as always with , science, most scientist have to follow the mainstream, or politically correct way in order to unearth the truth. Thats how mainstream media and the gov, control the masses... don't expect the real ugly truth to be released to the public anytime soon.

As to Sirwilhelm's comment on February 8, 2014, I disagree. His whole theory is not supported by substantial evidence. Show me the scientific proof of alien DNA in the gene pool the same way a geneticist can show me the presence of the Neanderthal DNA. I disagree with the forced choice you posit at the end of your comment. Much can be discerned by the tools of modern science and the scientific method.
David Allen Tibbetts.
although not proof per se but as close as can be offered the existence of Rh negative blood and various haplo groups related, could go some way to offering you the proof, as for the DNA side, well we have more implied junk DNA than can be attributed to natural selection those 2 anomolies are proof of something maybe a something out of this world. the worlds best scientific researchers have no answer and some say (those not encumbered with tenure) Rh negative is for all intents "alien".

I agree with your take on this. I consider Sitchin's work to be on the money for the most part!

As do I. We should not be so close minded to think that we are "it" when it comes to beings in this vast universe. We are a relatively new species in an ancient world. Our ancient history is but a blink of the eye in the existence of the universe.

Thomas David Hensley

As do I. We should not be so close minded to think that we are "it" when it comes to beings in this vast universe. We are a relatively new species in an ancient world. Our ancient history is but a blink of the eye in the existence of the universe.

Thomas David Hensley

I couldn't have said it better myself, It's obviously possible from what we can know today but it feels like everyone just want to dismiss this. If one would change the word (and meaning) "God" with, let's say "People from above, (meaning rather older than us)" it would still fit pretty good into Ancient History and in a way even to science, how old Universe is and the possibility that beings out there have lived for far longer then Humans.

This possibility should be taken seriously, as any other theories.

Sorry, but from where did the "People from above" originate? The Big Bang? Hmm, something out of nothing is rather lame. How about the scientifically proven multiple dimensions? How did they come about? Too many "not yet known s" ... why are you limiting yourself to Star Track?

Who created these "gods"?
Who organized and envisioned such a wondrous creation?
Blessed be The Creator the One God for ever !

And the God made a pact with men, never to destroy the humanking with flood.

Gods simply withdrew from official live, they passed the rule to the people, humans. They are still present but do not interfere, oficially. What's behind the scenes, nobody can imagine.

Acording do Indian books, Summerian, Egyptian, all gods were power mongers, they waged wars between them, changed allegiations, betrayed... Same as modern days politics :)

Well if we are "alien hybrids" why don't we live even half as long as these so called Gods if the context of longevity in text was in reference to individual kings, and not in reference to reincarnation...It seems to me that we are not "alien hybrids" at all (even though we would like to think that we are not limited to our brain capacity, and our reptilian like instincts, but have a hidden genome that we can tap into)...But we are just a result of a genetic evolution due to constant cosmic ray bombardment, and consumption of chemicals from food, and water over a period of millions of years. We see evolution as meaning an improvement, but the sad fact is all evolution really means is a change in DNA just like cancer, and retardation...The way we consume food these days will have a huge effect on our 'evolution' but more than likely will result in more genetic defects, than any significant improvement ...Maybe the so called Gods, and Kings of Suma are aliens, but it does not mean that we are alien hybrids...But also it doesn't mean that a one true God doesn't exist either...There is some strange shit going on in reality, and things are definitely not as they seem...Just try to remain objective, that's my advice

(not a mispelling). Several reasons why the ancient astronauts visitations to Earth are of extremely low probability:
1. Even if they were "giants" they would not have been humanoid, thus incapable of procreation with humans, who are in the very Terran ape family!! Think 99% DNA similarity to chimps and bonobos and just slightly less to gorillas and orangs. Think the over 80% similarity to other Earth lifeforms. Think of the early stages of embryonic development that even look like fish!).
2. Even if their need for gravity and atmosphere and light and temperature approximated what Earth has (had), there remains the question of biological compatibility with Earth creatures, from plants and animals (as food), to microbes.
3. Earth land animals of today have a head+body+limbs+endoskeleton structure, but was it always that way? A: no it wasn't. It took a major dieoff to have the current Terran shape predominate. Can we expect extraterrestrial beings to have evolved the same body structure? Even we have turtles with exoskeletal components to the endoskeleton, yet remain loyal to the same fundamental plan. Who is to say this chance evolved form is universal, let alone Universal?
4. Extraterrestrials communicate(d) among themselves, that's a given, but who is to say that their means of doing so were(are) similar to ours? (Sonic in the frequency and loudness as ours; visual in similar wavelength/intensity ranges; how about electrical fields?; other sensory perceptions ?)

The probability just from the above alone, approximates zero!

johnblack's picture

Saefan, all 4 points you mention above are assumptions ... Get your facts straight first. I will only comment to the 99% DNA match with chimps which is not true.

If you do a better research we could have a more in depth discussion ...

The fact that you're drawing your information from the creationist quacks at Answers in Genesis says all that need be said.

Like it or not, there is in fact something close to a 99% match between human and chimpanzee DNA. (Depending on which studies you read, it can be as low as 96%--the differences have to do with the exact techniques used in sequencing chimp and human genes. No credible study has it much lower than that.) If as a creationist you're uncomfortable with this, you have an out: why shouldn't the Creator have made humans similar in DNA, since we're so similar in anatomy? A common design would use common parts, right down to the molecular level, wouldn't it?

A quick disclaimer: I'm not a creationist myself. But those who are needn't run screaming from DNA similarities between humans and other creatures. There's plenty of other evidence they can panic over instead.


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At Ancient Origins, we believe that one of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue as human beings is our beginnings. And while some people may seem content with the story as it stands, our view is that there exists countless mysteries, scientific anomalies and surprising artifacts that have yet to be discovered and explained.

The goal of Ancient Origins is to highlight recent archaeological discoveries, peer-reviewed academic research and evidence, as well as offering alternative viewpoints and explanations of science, archaeology, mythology, religion and history around the globe.

We’re the only Pop Archaeology site combining scientific research with out-of-the-box perspectives.

By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. We seek to retell the story of our beginnings. 

Ancient Image Galleries

View from the Castle Gate (Burgtor). (Public Domain)
Door surrounded by roots of Tetrameles nudiflora in the Khmer temple of Ta Phrom, Angkor temple complex, located today in Cambodia. (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Cable car in the Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon (CC BY-SA 4.0)
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