Evidence suggesting the possibility of giants in ancient Egypt.

The Giants of Ancient Egypt: Part 1 - A Lost Legacy of the Pharaohs

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A recent article titled Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh May Be the 1st Known 'Giant,' published in Live Science on August 4th, revealed that 3rd Dynasty Pharaoh Sa-Nakht, excavated from Wadi Maghareh (located in the Sinai Peninsula region), was a so-called “Giant” – the first known giant ruler of ancient Egypt. He was 5 inches taller than the robust Ramses II, and 8 inches taller than average man for that time. Although he was only 6ft 1.5in tall, this caused a media sensation, but please note that I am the same height as this ‘giant’!

Throughout Egypt’s past there have been numerous examples of much taller giants reported, excavated, depicted in art, and mummified examples that have been hidden from the public. We have uncovered accounts ranging from between seven feet (2.13 meters) and sixteen feet (4.88 meters) tall. Painstaking research of archaeological records, archaic texts, newspapers, and analysis of depictions of hieroglyphs and Egyptian art has started to shed some light on this phenomenon.

The whole area of the Middle East has strong legends of giant humans, along with references in the Bible - which include Moses fleeing from Egypt and being attacked by the mighty Canaanites in current day Israel and Lebanon. Newspaper accounts confirm the reality of these tribes, and skeletons and bones of enormous proportions have been unearthed in this area of the Bible Lands, and also in other parts of Africa and the Middle East.

The unfolding discoveries of ‘giant skeletons’ reported in America and other parts of the world has revealed a lost legacy of a race of colossi, who are now slowly starting to be included in the historical and archaeological record. Egypt is no exception, and my co-author Jim Vieira and I have been collecting accounts for the last few years that for the first time are revealed in this article.

Did Giants Build the Great Pyramid?

The ruling elite of prehistoric Khemit were always seen as super-humans, some with elongated skulls, others said to be semi-spiritual beings, and some described as giants. An archaic legend recounts that the Giza Pyramids may have been built by a race of giants. It was shared in a lecture by occultist and Freemason Manly P. Hall (probably recorded in the 1980s) and giantologist Kristan T. Harris put it out on a Youtube video. It was originally part of a lecture titled Atlantis and the Gods of Antiquity

We are told that in the year 820 AD …way back in the days of the glory of Baghdad, the great sultan, the follower and descendant of the great El-Rashid of Arabian Nights, the Sultan El-Rashid Al-Ma’mun, decided to open the Great Pyramid. He had been told that it had been built by giants, who were called the Sheddai, superhuman beings, and that within that pyramid and those pyramids, they had stored a great treasure beyond the knowledge of man .”

The massive casing stones of the Great Pyramid. In 832 AD the entire pyramid was still covered with them. (Author provided)

The massive casing stones of the Great Pyramid. In 832 AD the entire pyramid was still covered with them. (Author provided)

It is true that in 832 AD Al-Ma’mun traveled to Egypt and was the first ‘excavator’ of the Great Pyramid, at a time when it was completely encased in white limestone blocks. Who the Sheddai are is another mystery, but could be referring to another name of the Shemsu Hor , or ‘Followers of Horus’. It could also refer to Shaddād bin 'Ad (King of Ad), who was believed to be the king of the lost Arabian city of Iram of the Pillars , an account of which is mentioned in Sura 89 of the Qur'an. He is sometimes referred to as a giant.

The 'entrance' to the Great Pyramid that was entered in 832 AD.

The 'entrance' to the Great Pyramid that was entered in 832 AD. ( Olaf Tausch /CC BY 3.0 )

The Giants of ‘Ad and Megalithic Construction in Egypt

The Akhbār al-zamān,  also known as The Book of Wonders ​ (ca.900 – 1100 AD), is an Arabian compilation of medieval lore about Egypt and the world before the Great Flood. It claims that the people of ’Ad were giants, so Shaddad was most likely one, and it is said he “ built the monuments of Dahshur with the stones that had been carved in the time of his father .” Before this, the giant Harjit had begun its construction. At a later date, Qofṭarīm, another giant, “ placed secrets in the pyramids of Dahshur and other pyramids, to imitate what had been done of old. He founded the city of Dendera .” Dashur consists of the Red Pyramid and Bent Pyramid constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Sneferu (2613-2589 BC). Dendera consists of highly decorated pillars dedicated to the Goddess Hathor.

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