West Kennet Long Barrow

Avebury Stone Circle and Henge at sunrise Wiltshire England UK By Gail Johnson (Adobe Stock)

The Power of Sound Rediscovered in Prehistoric Barrows and Coves

The science of archaeoacoustics reveals that some prehistoric barrows were potentially used for frightening and mysterious rites. Surrounded by decomposing bodies, initiates may have been exposed to...
Deriv; Silbury Hill, Avebury, UK. Inset, the humble earthworm

Was Neolithic Silbury Hill Designed as a Welcoming Home for Omnivorous, Upwardly-Mobile Earthworms?

Silbury Hill, said to be the largest prehistoric man-made mound in Europe, looms over the landscape. Yet so little is understood about this enigmatic British site. However, surprising as it may seem...