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Turkish meerschaum pipe. Source: l_cigarrito / Adobe Stock.

Why Turkish Meerschaum Pipes Cost a Fortune (Video)

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Meerschaum smoking pipes have been highly valued by collectors and smokers for centuries, but have you ever wondered why Turkish Meerschaum pipes are so expensive? These pipes are made of meerschaum, a mineral rock that is found in underground mines in Turkey and is locally referred to as "white gold" for its economic and cultural value. The most intricate pipes can take up to two months to complete and can be sold for over $7,000. The rarity of the "right" grade of meerschaum, which is less prone to cracking, makes it difficult to obtain and highly valuable.

Turkish artisans like Ertugrul Cevher, who has been carving meerschaum pipes for over 50 years, spend a great deal of time and effort on each pipe, and the final price comes down to skill and craftsmanship. Despite the high cost, meerschaum pipes continue to be in high demand among collectors and smokers alike.

Top image: Turkish meerschaum pipe. Source: l_cigarrito / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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