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A reconstruction of Homo habilis. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Scientists Against Myths.

Watch the Evolution from Ape to Man in this Remarkable Animation (Video)


The journey of evolution has been a long one, spanning over millions of years, and our ancestors have survived some of the toughest conditions imaginable to get where we are today. Starting from the primitive fruit-eating creatures that lived in African trees called Proconsuls, we have evolved through many stages, including Ardipithecus and gracile australopiths, before ultimately evolving into the first humans, Homo habilis. With a growing brain size and new hunting tools, our ancestors thrived and evolved into Homo ergaster, which were the first humans to conquer new territories beyond Africa.

Finally, Homo heidelbergensis emerged as the first prehistoric humans whose brain size was comparable to modern humans, and this marked the dawn of a new era in human evolution. Through hardships and challenges, our ancestors' journey towards reason and intelligence has been nothing short of remarkable, and their legacy continues to shape the way we live today.

Top image: A reconstruction of Homo habilis. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Scientists Against Myths.

By Robbie Mitchell



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The better theory is that man evolved from a sea mammal, which is also suggested by the ancient Greek pantheon.  Life would have started inside the primordial egg shell that is the surface of Earth.  Inside, it would have been womb-like, comforting and nurturing, without harsh elements, heavy gravity or alien seeds.

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.

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