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Drukpa Order Kung Fu Nuns. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Great Big Story.

The Buddhist Drukpa Order- Kung Fu Nuns (Video)

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In a realm where dedication knows no bounds, a group of remarkable nuns has emerged as a symbol of empowerment. This unique nunnery in Nepal boasts an empowering claim to fame—it stands as the only one where nuns of the revered Buddhist Drukpa Order practice the art of Kung Fu. Their commitment transcends the ordinary, as they channel their spiritual devotion into mastering the art of martial strength. These nuns devote three hours daily to their rigorous training regimen. The awe-inspiring culmination of their efforts? The ability to shatter bricks with their bare hands—an extraordinary demonstration of their unwavering determination and resilience.

Beyond their physical prowess, these women have etched a mark in the Himalayas as heroes of compassion. When the catastrophic earthquake shook Kathmandu in 2015, their strength took an altruistic form, as they courageously delivered supplies to remote villages, offering a ray of hope in the midst of devastation. Their influence extends beyond the nunnery walls. The Kung Fu nuns impart self-defense skills to women, nurturing empowerment and self-reliance. In a resounding statement against human trafficking, these fierce practitioners pedaled a staggering 14,000 miles, using their collective voice to protest the exploitation of women and girls.

Top image: Drukpa Order Kung Fu Nuns. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Great Big Story.

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