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AI illustration of a black pirate of the Caribbean. Source: frimufilms/Adobe Stock

The Real Black Pirates of the Caribbean (Video)


Beneath the surface of pirate history lies a neglected narrative – the existence of black pirates in the Caribbean. Contrary to popular belief, many Africans on pirate ships were not voluntary adventurers but rather enslaved individuals. Spanish colonial society holds the key to unveiling these forgotten tales, with figures like Diego de Mulatto emerging from the shadows.

Diego, born in Havana during the 1610s, faced discrimination due to his mixed heritage despite his aristocratic lineage. Seeking vengeance, he aligned with the Dutch under the alias Lucifer, orchestrating a daring attack on the city of Campeche in 1633 that showcased tactical brilliance and a thirst for retribution.

Diego's career spanned decades, marked by a reputation for mercy amidst the cruelty of his Dutch allies. His complex persona, clever disguises, and acting prowess added layers to his enigmatic character. By 1673, Diego faced relentless pursuit, culminating in a dramatic showdown reflecting the ruthless world of piracy. While Diego's narrative echoes through time, other black figures like Francis Fernando, Abraham Samuel, and Nicholas the Concepcion add depth to the untold stories of black participation in piracy. These tales underscore the intricate dynamics of race, power, and opportunity in the pirate-infested Caribbean waters.

Top image: AI illustration of a black pirate of the Caribbean. Source: frimufilms/Adobe Stock

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