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Winston Hall

Winston is a researcher and editor for He specializes in the study of ancient history, as well as the study of comparative mythology. Through his work, he hopes to bring a greater understanding of our ancient world to as many people as he can.




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The ruins at Yangshan quarry. Source:  Vmenkov/Author provided

Fathoming the Ruins of Yanmen Shan Mountain and the Biggest Cut Rocks in the World

Along the side of Yanmen Shan mountain, located twenty kilometers to the east of Nanjing, China, the legendary Yangshan quarry can be found. Although it is believed to have been in use from at least...
Old books

A Masterful $2.5 Million Dollar Rare-Book Heist Stuns Community

In an unprecedented incident in 2017, a group of unknown thieves rappelled down into a specially secured warehouse in Feltham, Middlesex in the early hours of January 30 th and made off with 160 rare...