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Sebakhet Merytanpu

I've come to believe it is never too late to learn. Throughout a somewhat tortuous existence, I feel the genius of my youth was terribly underutilized. Now I am trying to live with a disability that causes often crippling pain, and I decided to start bringing that long-lost love of education back into the forefront of my life. I am buried in a full metric ton of student loan debt, incurred long ago, meaning an actual college classes are out of my reach, but I will find knowledge nonetheless. I'm a solo mother, and the 4 kids are growing up, so I'm not distracted by baby antics, and I devote a good deal of my day to studying and practicing my faith; that alone requires many hours of studying and learning about the culture of the ancients. With no prospects for a formalized degree, I refer to myself as an amateur Egyptologist (preferentially, a Kemetologist). If you'd like to know more, I'll be around!


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