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Paul Devereux

Paul Devereux BA, FRSA, is one of the pioneers of what used to be called ‘earth mysteries’, a field that later morphed into ‘ancient mysteries’ and other terminology, having worked in the subject area for over four decades.

His main areas of research interest include ancient sacred places and landscapes, the study of sound at archaeological sites (‘archaeoaocoustics’), unexplained aerial phenomena (which he terms ‘earth lights’), the use of altered mind states by ancient peoples, along with general consciousness studies (including dreamwork at ancient sites).  He has conducted his work at ancient places throughout the United Kingdom, as well as in Ireland, Scandinavia, across Continental Europe, Egypt, Mexico, Australia, and widely in North America. His contributions to Ancient Origins will draw on the full spectrum of all these research interests. 

He has written 27 books over the decades and some of them can be seen on his Amazon author’s page and has written many dozens of articles for both popular and academic publications.

For 20 years (1976-1996) he was editor and publisher of The Ley Hunter magazine, but currently (and for that last 9 years) is the Managing Editor of Time & Mind – The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture (a Routledge publication:, which is an academic journal, full of what Paul calls “grown-up earth mysteries”. He lectures internationally, and is a research affiliate of the Royal College of Art (RCA), a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) as well as Director of the long-standing The Dragon Project Trust .

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