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Morgan Smith

Morgan Smith is a freelance writer and researcher with a longstanding interest in ancient history. She graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Letters, focusing on classical civilization, Latin language and literature, and anthropology. Her current research explores the astronomy, sacred architecture, and religious philosophy of the ancient near east, particularly of Egypt, but she regularly delves into the origins of Christianity, hermeticism, and Gnostic philosophy.


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Mysterious Monk Walking Alone During Sunset. Source: Igor Ovsyannykov / CC BY 2.0

Italy’s Ancient Benandanti: Harvest Rites and Ghostly Battles

In the Friuli region of Italy in 1580, during the peak of the Roman Inquisition’s foray into witchcraft, an inquisitorial examination of a local town crier produced the following eerie testimony: “…...
cosmic ocean, primeval waters, creation, religion, mythology, spiritual, universe, primordial waters Facebook: Primeval water is a consistent concept across ancient cultures and played a critical,

Cosmic Oceans: The Primordial Waters of Ancient Creation Myths

Almost without exception, mythological and folkloric traditions around the ancient world were concerned with the matter of deep time and the earth’s creation. While creation myths exhibit great...
Temple of Edfu illustration by artist David Roberts.

The Grand Architect: The Sacred Link Between Architecture and the Divine Across Ancient Cultures

In 1892, architect W.R. Lethaby wrote: “The main purpose and burden of sacred architecture - and all architecture, temple, tomb, or palace, was sacred in the early days - is…inextricably bound up...
Giza pyramids where the Dixon relics were discovered. Source: kanuman / Adobe.

Lost Artifacts of the Great Pyramid: The Mysterious Case of the Dixon Relics

There is a certain perception of the Great Pyramid as an utterly void arrangement of empty halls and chambers, strangely bereft of artifacts and inscriptions that might offer clues to its...
Colored Giza Casing Stones, Menkaure's Pyramid.

Stones of Diverse Colors: Symbolic and Astronomical Significance in the Very Fabric of the Giza Casing Stones

Most casual students of ancient history know that the outer casing stones of the Giza pyramids were constructed of highly polished Tura limestone blocks that caused them to gleam like a trio of...