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Steve Neeley


I am not here for fame or fortune.

I am retired. 60 yrs young.

Saw Lights in the sky and objects several times in young childhood.

Lots of paranormal electrical disturbances.

At age 45 had encounter lasting 6 months resulting in orange balls of light following me home from work at night.

I still have many photos of lights but sadly no objects.

Balls of light expanding and dissolving then about three times maybe more lighted triangles treetop level over our farmhouse in Ohio

65 miles north of Wright Patterson Dayton.

Question remains What was a secret govt aircraft doing following 

a Ford worker home for?

Answer Wasnt a govt aircraft.

Question Who was it?

Answer  Annunaki.

Watchers  See Sitchin.

So glad I just ran across your great website.

I am more afraid of the fed than the lights and triangles.

I am peaceful pacifist, Just watching it all from my laptop and tv.



Lochawk Onewolf



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