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Geoffrey Brooks

Geoffrey Brooks is a UK pensioner 76 years of age. He is not an academic. Since having his first book published in the 1990's he authored two more, and has translated about ninety military memoirs and political-historical books from the German language.


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Viking longship replicas at Catoira, Galicia. Did the Vikings also make it to Madeira?  Source: CC BY-SA 4.0

Mice Remains Indicate a Viking Visit to Madeira

In a recent article on the Vikings in South America , it was indicated how scientists had put forward an untenable theory to account for the presence in Chile of the Bundsö dogs from Denmark before...
Representation of Vikings in South America. Source: Nejron Photo / Adobe stock

Were Vikings in South America Over 400 Years Before Columbus?

Here is presented the widely dismissed account that probably sometime in the mid-11th century, Danish Vikings from Schleswig and the Danelaw (as ascertained from runic rock inscriptions) arrived at...
Depiction of the German Knights Templar.    Source: vukkostic / Adobe stock

The Curious Apparitions of Pagan Goddesses to the German Knights Templar

The Untersberg is a great mountain straddling the Austro-German border opposite Salzburg. It was reputed in local legend to be the seat of the god Wotan and to be haunted. The Knights Templar of the...