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Char Burns

Char Burns has always had an interest in ancient cultures and human diversity.  Traveling in Mexico with his family as a child, he learned there were Aztec as well as Mayan peoples just as both Romans and Greeks filled our history books.  He began to appreciate the Dionysian as well as Apollonian cultures of man and eventually recognized this whether Navaho or Hopi, Shiite or Sunni.  He has always wanted to find, "those stone steps leading down to some gate of graven dolomite where abodes eternal night," to follow Schliemann and Carter and once more bring to the sight of man our ancient past. While always an 'on your knees in the dirt' archaeologist, he feels technology such as Lidar imaging will revolutionize the field and he does much hunting and tracking from satellite photos.

After retiring from the Minnesota Fisheries Department in the Arrowhead region of the state, and realizing the importance of pure copper to Bronze Age man, he recognized evidence of the megalith culture abounded on both sides of Lake Superior and Isle Royale.  While the First Nation has used copper throughout history, a flourishing took place from 2,500 to 500 B.C. known as the Old Copper Culture.  Char is focused on this period and tries for greater resolution of this activity in the Quetico/BWCA wilderness.  Contact is maintained with other Archaic sites such as Poverty Point, LA. & Tick Island, FL, and the copper trade has been followed to the east down the Ottawa River.  Now he wants to establish a connection to the megaliths of Carnac and the Orkney Islands of Scotland.


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