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Ways to Decor A Room Around A White Platform Bed

Platform beds are low profile beds with slats instead of box springs as a mattress support. Modern decorators use platform beds as the centerpiece of modern and contemporary bedrooms. When decorating a bedroom with a white platform bed, there are few basics to follow. A white platform bed in the bedroom is a timeless choice in creating a calming background to any style. However, a white platform bed without the right accessories and a functional furnishing are worthless. The tranquility and soothing shade brought by white in the bedroom is warm and inviting. When it comes to white, fine details matter a lot. Avoid stark and sterile designs. Visit the link to find the best twin platform bed for home decor.

1. Keep every space brilliant white

Small dull bedrooms are boring places to live in, hence painting them white illuminates the room. When nature is the source of light, the blend Brilliant white wall reflects any light hitting it, thus helps brighten the room by reflecting light into its shadows.  With sloping loft rooftops and large transparent panes, enough light gets into the room.

2. White appliances beside the bed bring a cohesive look

Keeping an all-white taste is a classy and classic way to create a serene and relaxing bedroom environment. Apart from achieving uniformity, matching furniture also makes the room neat. With all-white general furniture, a dull wooden floor breaks up the ‘white monotony.’ such dark flour blends perfectly with the all-white tone.

3. Go for a whitewashed wall to add a rustic touch to the bedroom

With a variety type of white, Finding the correct shade is essential for an excellent décor. This is because each décor has its tone. A little mess can mess it all. Wooden whitewashed walls make the room warm and add a more realistic feel in a bedroom. To give it a more timeless appearance, blend it with classic checks. Consult an expert or use the internet to check which color goes well with white. 

4. Soften the look of any exposed brick with white

Bare brick walls appear rough and jagged, making them look cool, making most rooms look good but rarely works for bedrooms since it brings an overwhelming and dull look to the bedroom. Such a rugged wall brings about an excellent taste, which is seldom appreciated in the bedroom. Softening the rough textured feel with a generous layer of brilliant white paint makes the wall stand out. This works well with industrial décor enthusiasts. Coating the wall and painting it makes the wall ageless.

5. To soften the white wall, use blue to add a coastal vibe to the bedroom

The coast is an excellent place to relax. A bedroom should also have that relaxing tone, and a unique way to achieve that is introducing accents of sky blue. This brings about a coastal sense in an all-white bedroom. Comfortable furnishing and panorama wall art are suitable accessories to bring seaside taste to the room. These accessories should have a general blue tone to achieve this correctly. Cosy and soft bed covers and pillows elevate these coastal tones even more. Read more our post about

6. A pop of color will add a striking contrast to the room

For a present-day bedroom, a splish-splash of citrus makes a fabulous blend of colors. The define contrast highlights the bright glare of white, hence bringing out the much-needed vibrancy and jolly feel expected in a bedroom. With such a glaring mood, you are always assured of rising to peaceful mornings. What more do you need after waking up in a good mood? The color of your wall will depend on your taste. However, go for a color that compliments your white platform bed.

7. Seasonal shades add freshness to the bedroom

White is timeless, and since we live in a fast-changing world, white is the real deal. Trends change with the ticking clock. With a primarily white bedroom, updating it to suit current trends is simple. Integrating timely and on-trend accessories serve the purpose. The room, therefore, looks fresh, new, and ever on point. Playing with accessories is way cheaper since the wall is never painted.

8. Slight off-white adds a warmth look to your bedroom

White has a variety of hues, which is, at times, hard to differentiate. Various sorts of colors appear grey to our eyes but are white. These greyish shades still paint a gorgeous warm blank canvas. Off white surfaces and sheets blends beautifully with navy blue and muted red accessories in a stylish bedroom. Be careful not to dominate the white look of your platform bed.

9. Let no any color dominate the white look

In modern spaces, white highpoints beautiful architectural specifics, for example, high ceilings and skylight windows. White walls highlight such cool features making the room presentable. It also works for more ancient structures in the place, for example, old modeled fireplaces, vintage windows ceiling roses. When choosing a different color to compliment the white look, select a color that is not too dominant.

Give your room a touch of elegance by setting accessories near the smooth-textured or curved shape. Go for flowers, silver candle holders, and picture frames. Also, adding silk to your twin platform bed gives your casual paid couch an elegant look. If you go with a neutral-colored wall, you will have to carpet your room elegantly with fabric linen. In such a setting, mahogany, rosewood, or cherry furniture will upgrade the look of your bedroom. Read more


Choosing décor for your bed should be fun. Don’t be afraid of exploiting new ideas. There is an infinite number of exciting ideas. Let your creativity and imaginations flow as free as possible. While borrowing ideas from others is a good thing, this is your bedroom! Whatever is inside should be of your test and likeness and not of others.  The texture is another way of complementing your white platform bed. Some of the suggestions that add touch are thick rugs, knitted cushions, and sheepskin throws. Mirrored furniture and chic lamps are a smart way of adding a classic style to your bedroom. Have fun as you decorate your bedroom!


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