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Fort Fincastle

Fort Fincastle, The Small But Mighty Flatiron Protector of The Bahamas

The Bahamas is comprised of 700 islands as well as thousands of rocks and cays (low banks of coral reefs) spread out over 100,000 square miles of ocean. It’s an ecological paradise with some of the...
The Christian letter - papyrus P.Bas. 2.43 has been in the possession of the University of Basel for over 100 years. Source: University of Basel / Fair Use.

World’s Oldest Christian Letter Found On 3rd Century Egyptian Papyrus

Egypt played a very significant role in the history of early Christianity . A researcher has announced that she has found the earliest known Christian letter, that was written in Roman Egypt in the...

The ancient pealazg people comes from Atlantis


Pelazgi, who in ancient times founded civilization in Crete and floated on the Mediterranean Sea, settled in Italy, in North Africa, and then on the territory of Spain and beyond, the Canary Islands where the Guanchi people left them, Britain where they built Stonehenge, and then America where they were brought the Kutur to Neolithic landowners. Thus the civilization of omeks emerged. We find their settlements in Brazil. The plains are the very Atlanteans, who, according to Plato, were driving along the other side of the Hercules pillars. But the Atlanteans are in a relative sense.

Artists impression of the bird with a third toe 41 per cent longer than the second toe. Source: Zhongda Zhang/Current Biology

Unique Bird With Bizarrely Long Toe Found Fossilized in Amber

Meet the ancient bird that had toes longer than its lower legs. Researchers have discovered a bird foot from 99 million years ago preserved in amber that had a hyper-elongated third toe. The study,...
Red Square in Moscow by Fyodor Alekseyev  (–1824)(Public Domain)

Russia’s Wealth of Archaeological Wonders

The treasures and ancient mysteries of Russia provide evidence of vital stages in not only human evolution, but the very origins of life on planet earth. Although archaeology was practiced in the...
The glass jewel with the encoded message

Coded Jewel Found in 300-Year-Old US Tavern Has Secret Message to Overthrow British King

Brunswick Town, in North Carolina, was once ‘a hotbed of anti-crown sentiment’ where rebellions were plotted and planned. Now archaeologists have made an amazing discovery in a once razed tavern that...
Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta: Spirits and Danger on a Sacred California Mountain

Mount Shasta, located near the Oregon border in northern California, holds the distinction of being one of the world’s preeminent sacred mountains. It is recognized as an eligible Native American...
1:12 scale model to explore how Stonehenge acoustics would have been in 2200 BC. Source: Trevor Cox / University of Salford

Accurate 3D Model Of Stonehenge Proves It Had Great Acoustics

Researchers in the UK have created a mini model of one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world in order to understand its acoustics . They have built a replica of Stonehenge and have...
The tower where the looting tunnel was discovered. It is actually much bigger than this and more needs to be uncovered.        Source: Plovdiv Museum of Archaeology

Burying A Thracian Tower-Tomb In A Huge Mound Didn’t Deter Ottoman Grave Robbers!

Bulgaria is a land that is blessed with a great many important historic and archaeological sites. However, in recent years much of the heritage of the country has been systematically stolen by...
Representative image of a Denisovan. Several studies have recently explored the spread of Denisovan genes. Source: ginettigino /Adobe Stock

March of the Denisovans: Evidence of Archaic Human Gene Now Detected In the Orient

The Denisovan story keeps evolving. This group of ancient hominins has been something of a mystery ever since they were first discovered in 2010 as an extinct sister group to the Neanderthals. Bits...
Tel a-Rai, site postulated for Ziklag, where David found sanctuary under the Philistine wing.

Lost Biblical City Where Philistines Gave Refuge to King David Found, Archaeologists Say

Archaeologists digging in southern Israel near the modern city of Kiryat Gat claim to have found an ancient biblical city from the time of the legendary King David. The ancient Philistine city was...