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The Shigir Idol - A wodden statue twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt

Ive been doing some research lately and I cam across the "Shigir Idol" which was discovered in 1890 near Kirovgrad. According to experts this wodden statue is at least twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt. 

The Shigir Idol is overed with Mesolithic era symbols that have not yet been deciphered. At the moment it is located in Germany where further research is being done.  

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What are you thoughts, theories and ideas about Atlantis? Are the Atlantians the original teachers of how to build pyramids? Where is the remains of the city? Is it lost to all time or until someone grabs a book and hunts it down like Troy? What about their disappearence....the depths of the ocean or did they blast off to space? I've been on a big Atlantis kick right now...I've watched several documentaries so I wanted to see what your ideas were!!! Please share! And if you know a good documentary, let me know that too!!!

Need help identifying gold item

Hi Everyone, 

Occasionally we receive requests for help identifying an artifact of unknown origins, so we are hoping some of you may have expertise that could help. 

The below item is a small gold wrought object that appears to depict an eagle that has been shot through its head causing the eyes to be displaced. The feet are bound and it may once have opened to be some kind of cuff ornamentation for a bow or something else. 

The item was purchased from a seaman over 100 years ago, but its origin is unknown. 

Lascaux Cave Speaks....


The numerous enigmatic symbols found in the caves of Lascaux and Chauvet have long defied explanation. Some contend that they are drug induced doddles, other argue they were parts of a game board, but most think they are untranslatable, drawn as doodles by a bored Stone Age artist.

Now the mystery of Lascaux now appears to be finally solved by the discovery that all geometric patterns drawn at Lascaux and at Chauvet Cave align to the same set of astronomical values, values that astronomers use to predict the occurence of eclipses and measure time.


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