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Content written by Naoki Kato

Naoki Kato's pictureI am an engineer in Japan. About my hobby, I am studying DNA and molecular biology in the university medical textbook, textbook about the origin of humanity. The motivation for learning is what we wanted to confirm at the genetic level whether human beings mated with past, advanced species. Research results, human beings are convinced that changes in genes will occur as a result of confronting severe environmental conditions such as the ice ages.
I am interested in Gobekli Tebe and the underground cities in Turkey. It is estimated that underground cities were abandoned for some reason for over 10,000 years ago, drilled by advanced species, and then humans reused for overwintering in the ice age, but there is no evidence。

私はGobekli Tebeとトルコの地下都市に興味があります。1万年以上前に何らかの理由で地下都市が放棄され、先進種が掘削され、その後氷河期に越冬するために人間が再利用されたと推定されていますが、証拠はありません。

Archimedes Mirrors, modern research

Many of us know the legend of the burning mirror of Archimedes. When Marcellus [The Roman General] had placed the ships a bow shot off, the old man [Archimedes] constructed a sort of hexagonal mirror. He placed at proper distances from the mirror other smaller mirrors of the same kind, which were moved by means of their hinges and certain plates of metal. He placed it amid the rays of the sun at noon, both in summer and winter. The rays being reflected by this, a frightful fiery kindling was excited on the ships, and it reduced them to ashes, from the distance of a bow shot.

‘Ancient Alien Expeditionaries’ Reality Check

‘Ancient Alien Expeditionaries’  Reality Check

To begin, I am a realist; presenting a realistic theory of plausible explanations of alien contact an influence in one section of Earth known as Mesopotamia prior to and during the ‘Great Flood’ and impact of both in the aftermath.



In 1968... von Däniken articulated and expounded upon much of what I'd held privately for ten years prior. I've been a student of history for most of my life. (The truth, not revisionism or popular legend.) 'Chariots of the Gods' put it all on the public table. 

SciFi and the Para-Normal aside, these  E.T's, (whatever their names or origins) for all intent and purpose seem to have been inter-stellar Missionaries from an obviously advanced civilization during the Neolithic period of Earthly man. 

Why are we here?