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ArticleMedical Astrology: Moon Fever and Diseases Sent from the Skies Caleb Strom12 years 11 months ago
ArticleGarshu, Gerasa, Jerash: the Everchanging City of the Ancient World Caleb Strom03 years 2 months ago
ArticleViruses Sleeping in Mummies—Could Ancient Corpses Lead to Modern Epidemics? Caleb Strom03 years 5 months ago
ArticleDavid and Jonathan: A Secret Biblical Bromance? Caleb Strom23 years 6 months ago
ArticleReviving a Leafy Dinosaur: The Wollemi Pine Caleb Strom03 years 6 months ago
ArticleThe Sunghir Burial Site: Were these Two Children Sacrificed in a Form of Prehistoric Scapegoating? Caleb Strom13 years 7 months ago
ArticleTaos Pueblo: Evoking the Story of Ancestral Puebloans for 1000 Years Caleb Strom03 years 8 months ago
ArticleDivine, Demonic, or Something In-Between: How the Changing Face of Elves Reflects the Zeitgeist Caleb Strom13 years 8 months ago
ArticleThe Amazing Story of Yasuke: The Forgotten African Samurai Caleb Strom13 years 8 months ago
ArticleParallel Worlds – Events in Game of Thrones Based on Real Historical Events Caleb Strom33 years 9 months ago
ArticleThe Philae Obelisk, Hieroglyphs and Understanding a Vanished Culture Caleb Strom13 years 9 months ago
ArticleKazakhstan Valley Filled with Giant Balls Has Geologists and Fringe Scientists Butting Heads Caleb Strom03 years 9 months ago
ArticleMerv: In Ruins Today, How Does the Eternal City of the East Live on? Caleb Strom03 years 9 months ago
ArticleMysterious Underwater Ruins in Turkish Lake Found To Be A 1,600-Year-Old Basilica Caleb Strom13 years 9 months ago
ArticleLiving Remnants of Early Christianity: The Mar Saba Monastery Caleb Strom03 years 9 months ago
ArticleOval Huts, Dairy Temples and Holy Milkmen: How a Secluded Existence Produced the Idiosyncratic Toda Traditions Caleb Strom23 years 10 months ago
ArticleThe Badlands Guardian and Other Uncanny Products of Pareidolia Caleb Strom03 years 10 months ago
ArticleMerrylin Cryptid Museum: Proof for the Existence of Mythical Beings or Elaborate Hoaxes? Caleb Strom23 years 10 months ago
ArticlePerfected Designs 1000 Years Ago? The Mastermyr Chest and the Timelessness of Everyday Tools Caleb Strom13 years 11 months ago
ArticleDid a Welsh Prince Reach the New World Before Columbus? Caleb Strom24 years 3 weeks ago
ArticleThe Carlingford Leprechauns: Protected by the European Union, But Are They Real? Caleb Strom24 years 3 weeks ago
ArticleAre Humans Just Self-Domesticated Apes? Caleb Strom04 years 4 weeks ago
ArticleShennong: The God-King of Chinese Medicine and Agriculture Caleb Strom04 years 1 month ago
ArticleWomen Without Virtue Need Not Apply! The Medieval Nine Worthy Women Caleb Strom04 years 2 months ago
ArticleKivik Kungagraven: A Tomb Fit for a King Caleb Strom04 years 3 months ago