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Out of Place Artifacts

I'm sure most of you here know that many ancient artifacts have been unearthed around the world that do not fit into the accepted theories of human history.  Take a look at two such artifacts found in Southeastern Arizona in the past decade at the link below.  They appear to be Oldowan Tools, ancient stone tools used by such proto-human species as Homo habilis and Homo erectus.  Yet, history says these species were never in North America.  So how do these artifacts get into a dry river bed in Arizona, USA???  I will be interested in reading your observations, theories, and opinions.

Geography, Middle East, War, Ancient Sites

Anyone out there wayyy better at geography than me? I am wondering with all of the war-torn areas in the middle east right now...are some of these ancient sites being ruined? i can't imagine my own government would really concern themselves that much with preserving them considering i feel like we are pretty much war making bullies (MY OPINION!)...any insight?

Tomb of Alexander the Great - Siwa Egypt

Tomb of Alexander the Great already found, archaeologist claims, but findings have been blocked by ‘diplomatic intervention’

The final resting place of the Macedonian king, Alexander the Great, has been one of the biggest mysteries of antiquity, but is it one that has already been solved? Archaeologist Liana Souvaltzi...

can someone educate me here?

Okay so I'm a big fan of the show Ancient Aliens. On the show I've heard them talk about the Mahabarata...India's Epic poem. Can this work be found in a book I could get online or at like a used book store? Would it be called the Mahabarata or is that part of a larger work under a different title?


The thing I fear the most about posting on forums and making comments on articles is that I am going to seem stupid. I know I'm not stupid; but some people on here seem to be highly I'm asking for help.