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Content written by Burl

Burl Hall is the author of “Sophia’s Web:  A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature.”  This book speaks to the unity of the various religions while also discussing the Feminine and Masculine as being reflective of cosmic process. He has another work titled “Lover’s Path Home” which he is planning on at least a Kinkle publication via Amazon. This book speaks more directly to the reader and places him in the seat of Dorothy of the “Wizard of Oz” which is then related to the spiritual path of returning to a land of non-duality, or unity, if you will, as reflected in the metaphor of Kansas.  Burl is also co-authoring a new book that is dealing with his Alzheimers alongside his wife, who is planning to write responses to his reflections on the disease. 


The Annunciation by Fra Angelico

Virgin Mothers and Miracle Babies: The Ancient History of Miraculous Conceptions

At the centre of the annual Christian festival of Christmas, particularly among those of the Catholic faith, is the sacred narrative of the Virgin Birth. In the New Testament Gospels of Matthew and...