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Sea Peoples of the Levant

Sea-Farers from the Levant the first to set foot in the Americas: proto-Sinaitic inscriptions found along the coast of Uruguay

This article adds a new dimension to the age old conundrum, was Christopher Columbus, or was he not, actually the first to set foot in the Americas? A Movement currently actioning much debate in the...

Time machine destinations

I'm somewhat new here and I'm thinking many other history fanatics THINK LIKE ME....I know my semi-grown kids and siblings do not.

I spend a lot of time dreaming of visiting the past and planning where I'd go....Anyone else think like that? Where would you go? What mystery would you solve? What wrong might you undo... If you could go anywhere, anytime back to the creation of the universe...and come back with that knowledge, intact. Only 3 stops, taking one thing back or one thing forward.. carry-ons only

I have a long destination list that I've considered such as....  

Stoneage diet

I was wondering if anybody else was interested in diets on this site. Whilst researching the plethora of diets available it seemed to make sense to go back to see what modern man was eating before all the revolutions in agriculture and industry. From what I have read cereals did not form any part of the stoneage diet because they hadn’t been developed yet. However in today’s world many people on a diet of rice, which is a gluten free cereal, live long and healthy lives.


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