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Aztec Death histle

Hi All,

Has anyone made an Aztec death whistle and would be willing to share the design/plans for it. They sound incredibly (ahem) Dead On.

Can’t be that hard to make, although ancients built many things we really can’t copy, so maybe thisobservation  is off base!


Azetc Death Whistles...make a bunch for Halloween/day of the Dead/Saturnalia  gift giving.


Rock mounds, carins or ?

On a hike recently, at a state park in southeast Michigan.

Prior to the hike, we decided to try out  gps waypoint markings of a high point hill peak. We found the hill peak with no problem near a hiking trail. The waypoint appeared to be 100 foot off the trail.


So, we decided to find the actual waypoint and bushwhacked it. Found a large pile of rocks in the middle of thick trees right off of the trail, thought must of been a landowner or the state clearing things out.

Out of Place Artifacts

I'm sure most of you here know that many ancient artifacts have been unearthed around the world that do not fit into the accepted theories of human history.  Take a look at two such artifacts found in Southeastern Arizona in the past decade at the link below.  They appear to be Oldowan Tools, ancient stone tools used by such proto-human species as Homo habilis and Homo erectus.  Yet, history says these species were never in North America.  So how do these artifacts get into a dry river bed in Arizona, USA???  I will be interested in reading your observations, theories, and opinions.


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