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Life, It only happened one time


Life only got started one time here on earth....."The most profound and true statement that ever was" Mr Byrne has expressed it..

Does anyone even dispute that?  If true, I believe it is, this seems to be the 800lb ‘gorilla in the room’ on many issues discussed here at AO... Why hasn't life happened over and over on a planet so perfectly suited for live?  Why not every day and in the creek behind my house?.  And why is this not the most important (and least likely) component in the Drake equation of probabilities for ETL? 

Awesome books

Hey, friends!

I just wanted to take the time to suggest the book Sacred Science of Ancient Japan: Lost Chronicles of the Gods by Avery Marrow. It is a very intrigueing look into Japanese parahistory and the mysterious tales of how some of this knowledge was brought to light. Avery Marrow does a good job of not shoving facts and beliefs down your throat. Instead, he shows you the information and lets you draw your own opinion from it. Its an excellent read for anyone into history's mysteries and/or Japanese culture.

Time machine destinations

I'm somewhat new here and I'm thinking many other history fanatics THINK LIKE ME....I know my semi-grown kids and siblings do not.

I spend a lot of time dreaming of visiting the past and planning where I'd go....Anyone else think like that? Where would you go? What mystery would you solve? What wrong might you undo... If you could go anywhere, anytime back to the creation of the universe...and come back with that knowledge, intact. Only 3 stops, taking one thing back or one thing forward.. carry-ons only

I have a long destination list that I've considered such as....