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Forrest Fenn - A poem that leads to hidden treasure!

I feel like the community here will like this story, and someone is welcome to write up a proper article on it as i am just giving you the bare bones.

A wealthy man from New Mexico, by the name of Forrest Fenn, filled a treasure chest with aprox. 2-3 Million dollars worth of loot (raw gold nuggets, old coins, Ming dynisty jade, presious stones, etc) and then burried it somewhere in the Rocky Mountian Range in the United States.

The clues to find the treasure are hidden in a poem written by Fenn, inviting all who wish to join the search. The poem is as such:

Battle in Ancient Egyptian Temple



I’m trying to get some information on such a battle or dispute.  I read about this 25 years ago in a book on Ancient Eyptian history.

Does anybody know of such a battle?  In the account I read, the losers fled to China, and there was a  discussion about the similarities of the eyes painted on Chinese boats to Ancient Egyptian eye symbols.

My thanks for any information.

Nazca Lines DECODED as Great Pyramid Blueprints - Epic Discovery!

For all those wishing understanding and TRUTH - this is my PERSONAL decoding of the Nazca Lines coming to life in full color through the use of Google Earth showing them irrefutably to be the hidden Great Pyramid of Giza blueprints.

This disclosure shows things we as of yet do not know about the Great Pyramid. It is a time for truth, a time for a different world.