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Article22 Ancient Gold Plates Inscribed with Names of Gods Unearthed in Stone Box in Java Mark Miller12 years 7 months ago
ArticleDurability, Power, and Imposing Public Edifices of Roman Architecture Mark Miller02 years 7 months ago
ArticleComplex Elevator and Trap Door System for Raising Wild Animals into the Colosseum Reconstructed Mark Miller02 years 7 months ago
ArticleAncient Babylonian Tablet Provides Compelling Evidence that the Tower of Babel DID Exist Mark Miller42 years 7 months ago
Article2,200-Year-Old Moat with Artifacts Linked to Hannibal Unearthed in Spain Mark Miller02 years 7 months ago
ArticleAncient Egyptian Texts contain Hangover Cure and Radical Eye Disease Treatments Mark Miller42 years 7 months ago
ArticleGold Pendant Found in Denmark Depicts Norse God Odin, and May Have Been a Sacrifice to Avert the Disastrous Weather of 536 AD Mark Miller02 years 7 months ago
ArticleSilver Treasure Hidden During a 17th Century Bulgarian Uprising Uncovered Mark Miller02 years 8 months ago
ArticleRock-Cut Tombs in Turkey May be Part of Largest Necropolis in the World Mark Miller12 years 8 months ago
ArticleAncient Maya citadel discovered in Belize is an anomaly Mark Miller32 years 8 months ago
ArticleRitually Motivated Traditions May Be Behind Holes Drilled into Skulls in Prehistoric Russia Mark Miller12 years 8 months ago
ArticleMedieval man with facial deformity may have had head drilled in an exorcism Mark Miller42 years 8 months ago
ArticleHow (Most) Humans Lost Their Tails - From Fish to Tetrapods to Apes to Homo Sapiens Mark Miller102 years 8 months ago
ArticleMetals in Bronze Age Weapons Discovered in Sweden Came from Distant Lands Mark Miller22 years 9 months ago
ArticleResearchers locate Submerged Lost Ancient City where Athens and Sparta Fought a Battle Mark Miller12 years 10 months ago
ArticleAdvanced Hydraulic Engineering made Desertified Peruvian Valleys Livable 1,500 Years Ago Mark Miller22 years 10 months ago
ArticleDid light-skinned, redheaded Neanderthal women hunt with the men? Mark Miller102 years 11 months ago
ArticleAncient Egyptian Makeup: Beauty and Protection with Poison Mark Miller12 years 11 months ago
ArticleViking Chief Tore Hund and his successful resistance against Christian conversion Mark Miller162 years 11 months ago
ArticleThe Justinianic Plague Wasn’t as Bad as Many Scholars Think Mark Miller22 years 11 months ago
ArticleMedieval Ring Found in Robin Hood’s Forest May Net a Small Fortune Mark Miller43 years 1 week ago
Article5,000-Year-Old Unlooted Tomb of Thracian Warrior is Biggest Find of the Year in Turkey Mark Miller53 years 3 weeks ago
ArticleCreek Tribes Were Decimated by Disease but Thrived Through Skin Trade Mark Miller23 years 2 months ago
ArticleKhoisan people of South Africa were once the most populous humans on Earth Mark Miller273 years 2 months ago
ArticleNew study reveals trepanation surgery in ancient Siberia Mark Miller63 years 2 months ago


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