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"Reserve Heads" of Old Kingdom Egypt: A Transitory Cult of Heterodoxy

The "Reserve Heads", also known by "Magical Heads", have been a mystifying phenomenon. It happened only once in the Old Kingdom, mostly at Giza necropolis, and silently disappeared leaving no trace of its essentiality. The subject we are investigating has been a challenge in Egyptology for over a century and none of the theories has gained common acceptance. It is in vain to solve such a long-term perplexity without the original codes already established in my research of 2014.

Ancient Egypt: The Primal Age of Divine Revelation Volume I Genesis (Revised Edition)

It is a pleasure to share the Revised Edition of the original work. When it comes to the ancient Egyptian religion, this research represents the beginning of an ethical and genuine discipline. 

It is available for free download at:



can someone educate me here?

Okay so I'm a big fan of the show Ancient Aliens. On the show I've heard them talk about the Mahabarata...India's Epic poem. Can this work be found in a book I could get online or at like a used book store? Would it be called the Mahabarata or is that part of a larger work under a different title?


The thing I fear the most about posting on forums and making comments on articles is that I am going to seem stupid. I know I'm not stupid; but some people on here seem to be highly I'm asking for help.