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Io - A Black Sea/Egypt Link?


Io is known from the Greek tragedy Prometheus Bound.  She is a girl who is partly a cow and she is portrayed as a total victim.   Prometheus tells her fortune which involves great wanderings from the Black Sea down to Egypt where she gives birth to a boy who will grow up to be the first king of Egypt.  I find it fascinating he’s not the first pharoah but the first king which suggests his time was before the First Kingdom.  The Greek myths hopelessly muddy the story but that seems to be the essential fact.  Then I was reading up on the founding of Byzantium (the city that became Constantinop

The Green Sahara


Since learning about when the Sahara was lush and green and became the great desert due to a cyclic earth wobble that moved all the rains away, I’ve been fascinated by several questions.  Who lived there, where did they come from and where did they go?  The last question is answered by assuming they fled to the Nile area and jump started Egypt’s civilization.   So that raises the basic question of how high a civilization did they have?  Anyone else interested?  I’ll confess to superficial knowledge based on You Tube videos on the topic of the Green Sahara.  I just can’t help suspecting that

What Do You Think About Atlantis?

What do you believe about Atlantis? Do you think the story is true of False? Was the story made up by Plato to make a point about morality? Is the story partially true? Where is Atlantis located and what makes you think so? Have you actually read Plato’s version of his story or you only read what others wrote about what he wrote? Do you think Atlantis will ever be found? What have you read lately and why should I read it? Do you think the story of Atlantis has been encoded because the language has changed over time? What size was Atlantis According to Plato?

New Megalithic Site Could Steal Title for Oldest Stone Monument


new megalithic site has been found in the near east and it seems to predate the pyramids of Egypt, and even Stonehenge.

A pretty exciting statement in any sense, but let’s not get ahead of things.